Curtain Call

Let’s be honest: we all knew this project wasn’t bound to last forever. Nothing is infinite. Except for the rewatchability of Matsumoto’s Haunted Hotel. I’d watch that shit for all eternity. Too bad I won’t be able to live that long.

I could give you lots of reasons for why I can’t do this anymore, but I’ll only give you one: time. Long story short, I don’t have a significant amount of spare time as I used to back then. Even writing and posting this thing here took me an absurdly long time, I was planning to post it several weeks ago but I just couldn’t do it.

I’ve been working as a freelance translator for more than a year by now, and I have lots of projects I’m working on and many others I can’t wait to begin and even find out about. Subbing Gaki used to be a hobby to me back then when I had different (mostly part-time) jobs and used to be an university student. I really enjoyed spending some of my free time translating and subbing content I really care for and – most importantly – people actually appreciated.
I haven’t lost interest in Gaki no Tsukai (even if, lately, I haven’t been following the latest eps) and it’ll always have its special place in my heart. It kept me motivated during my student years and made me even more passionate to learn and translate this language I love so deeply it’s ridiculous.

But, as of today, I’m working as a translator. I can literally say it’s a dream coming true (18-year-old me wouldn’t believe me if I’d tell him I’m translating stuff from japanese for a living). I do also occasionally work with subtitles, aside from other types of translation (such as novels, articles, etc.), and, at times, I’m not left with much spare time for my personal life. And, you know, how can I see subbing Gaki as a hobby if it’s translation again, something I do for several hours on a daily basis?

Not only that. The pandemic hit me pretty hard in a crucial moment of my life, and I can feel it made lots of things harder for me. Now that my job is literally doing what I used to do for free throughout all these years and that I’m left with not much spare time which I don’t really want to spend by staying behind the same ol’ computer screen, I think it’s the right time to call it a day. [update: and now there’s also a potential global war around the corner, oh geez]

This project gave me a lot, but now I want to focus on getting back something else, or something I don’t even know yet.
I don’t want to let it all slip by with the usual “ok, I’m taking a break, I’ll eventually post again, yadda yadda yadda” stuff, it’s stupid. I’ve never been that much active in the Gaki community nor even on the internet (seriously, I have no idea why I opened that facebook page I barely even used), there’s an infinite list of project I’ve promised to complete (Remember Isho Project? Or the Manzai Skits? What about Soramimi Hour?) but I’ve left behind, but I can see there are many talented subbers who are still bringing tons of subbed content online. You’re all in good hands.

And now, completely contraddicting what I just spat out, who knows! Maybe, one day, if my life will be different and I’d feel like subbing Gaki again, who knows, you know? Who knows. But I can’t put the effort I used to put in this website the way I did some years ago anymore, I just can’t force myself to think of it as some kind of duty I have to fullfil.
Of course, this website isn’t going anywhere: everything will still be available, and you can always reach me out (on twitter please, that’s the best way to grab my attention) for anything, from dead links reports to simple chitchat.

But this time, I made up my mind and I’m resolute with it.
After 8 years of activity, this is going to be the last year for Shion no Tsukai.

I want to thank everyone who watched and enjoyed the content I’ve subbed, everyone who donated on my ko-fi or subscribed to my patreon (by the way, feel free to unsubscribe), TofuPanda, WD Project, Team Gaki, Shappuri Agemasu Subs and every other Gaki project I’ve worked with, and of course all the typesetter who helped me bringing you all lots of content: Tiny_Paw, GakiDave, Amria, RIDDELL, Mattee53, WA and, last but not least, Kedomas, who helped this website so much I just can’t thank him enough.
Thank you so much for following, guys!!
I hope you’ll enjoy your life to the best of your possibilities.

Oh, by the way.
Pending stuff won’t be left pending. There are few episodes I still have to bring you before I’ll be done, They were kindly typesetted for me before I took this decision and I won’t let the typesetters’ efforts to go to waste.
So, within this year (2022, for those like me who can’t remember it), there are still going to be few new subbed episodes, but I don’t really know when I’ll release them (could be in a month, could be in 10 months). They’re definitely coming out, that’s for sure.

Let me spoil them for ya:
Downtown trip do Amagasaki (short, coming most likely within this month)
Impromptu Shinkigeki (24 min. ep., TBA)
More Gottsu Ee Kanji (few skits, TBA)
Bikkuri Grand Prix pt. 2 (24 min. ep., TBA)

So… see you next time, I guess?
It’s not really the best way to end a LOLBYE tearjerkish post, but it is what it is. Gotta sub the stuff I promised I’ll sub. Gotta deliver. Gotta go fast. Gotta catch em all. Gotta no Tsukai.

Love love love love love love, my sweet, sweet gakifolks.

– Shion

Happy New Year from shionnotsukai!!

meme by u/adanteria, from r/GakiNoTsukai.

And here we are, at the end of a year we can all agree to be one of the worst we’ve ever been through.
I don’t even need to recap all the horrible things that happened, we all know them very well and this isn’t the best place to talk about them.

My experience? Well, I don’t really like to talk about myself, but as expected, it’s been pretty shitty overall. The worst thing I’ve been through due the pandemic is an alarming increase of my sense of distrust towards people and my whole country (Italy) in general, which proved (once again) to be full of irresponsible and dumb people.

People who deny the virus even exists while we’re one of the Country with the highest death count (still going), people who always feel the urge to remind everyone else that “everything is going to be ok” with this fake ass toxic optimism of someone who refuses to acknowledge how horribly everything is actually going, people who refuse to wear masks or don’t know that wearing it under your nose doesn’t do jack shit, people who couldn’t resist the urge to keep on doing every little useless and avoidable deed as if everything’s normal (‘cause it seems like having rules to follow is perceived as dictatorship here in Italy…) instead of realizing that’s not the best situation to do any of that and postpone plans to a better time and, most importantly, dumbf*cks who think that in a few hours, once we enter 2021, everything will be gone, the year is over, the pandemic is over, the world is a better place to live in, filled with better people with better new year resolutions and no problems whatsoever.

Well, (un?)luckily, I’m not part of this reckless bunch. I’ve seen this attitude everywhere around me during this year, be it on my workplace, on the news, by hearing people on the streets, reading articles, talking to people I know…

I’ve behaved responsibly since the pandemic started to spread, the thought of accidentally infecting someone else – being a family member or a total stranger – because of my thoughtlessness made me feel so anxious and guilty that I literally did my best to protect me and everyone else by constantly be vigilant of everything and everyone around me, while still working, doing the groceries and every other essential activity I had to do (sometimes unwillingly).

And you know what? Behaving correctly backfired me. I grew more anxious to the point I almost completely isolated myself, I felt enraged by everything I read online about how all the other people were underestimating this dire situation, I’ve felt rather alone and probably also misunderstood by all the friends that prior to this shit used to hang out with me regularly.

So yeah, I don’t personally think “2020” is over, at least not if we use the word “2020” not to refer to a year but rather to a “mental state” or “global situation” we’re still in and we still have to deal with (and with its consequences).

I went through a lot and stopped reflecting about everything more than once. Again, I don’t like talking about myself and that’s probably the first and only post I’ll make a post about this, but now I feel better, I feel like I have to tell you because you always backed me up and showed concern whenever I chose to take a break or such (thanks for that!).

Hopefully the global situation will get better soon with the vaccines and everything, but it doesn’t mean (most of) people is going to get any better or everything’s going to be easy (was it though?) as it used to be before. Still, I feel better than I used to feel months ago. Not because things are now completely fine, but because there’s always a bright side to everything, that’s how life is. I’m not here to deny all the bad shit I (we)’ve been going through, I’m accepting everything and I’m ready to move on.

Looking at the bright side, but while being conscious of the other side where the sunlight doesn’t reach, the side whose existence most people can’t even accept as a fact.


And now, finally, we’ll get to look at one of the best bright sides of this year: Gaki no Tsukai.

I’ve recently been to Japan before the whole pandemic thing happened, and… yeah, that was a pretty difficult experience too, not completely (of course, I still miss the hell out of Tokyo) but I had to face several difficulties and I came out of it with lots of doubts, fears and a crippling sense of dread for the future (this time I’m not gonna talk about it) which only grew worse once the pandemic started.

That’s when I told myself: “you know what? Let’s sub more Gaki to forget about all of this”, and so I (and the other typesetters) did.

To me, subbing Gaki no Tsukai has been one of the biggest relief of this crappy year, and not only it helped me getting through each day, but it also helped me to remind me how important Japan and the japanese language are to me.

And reading all of your comments, receiving your donations, seeing how many people supported my subs and worked with me to release new stuff helped me to feel a bit better about everything, even if just for a bit.

While this year surely hasn’t been the best year I’ve experienced, on the other side… it has actually been the best year for this website in terms of views and releases!!

Just take a look at all the episodes we’ve released during this year:

#1051 – Burning Hot Tennis Lesson
#1004 – Bananaman Shitara’s Shichi-Henge
#337 – Limits – “Cold Noodles” (Hiyashi-Chuuka)
#1183 – Let’s Play Nostalgic Arcade Games + EXTRA FOOTAGE
#683 – Limits – “Omurice”
#1489 – Absolutely Tasty Tapioca
#1473 – Kiki Mentsuyu
#1276 – Let’s Play Nostalgic Super Famicom Games
# – Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Fifth Round
#1267 – World Ghost Stories Summit 2015
#1283 – Animal Acting Contest
#1080 – Bare Handed Hell – No-chopsticks Battle
[extra] Downtown’s SmartNews spots collection
#1447 – A Day With Mr. Freddie
#504 – Itao’s Guerrilla Shichi-henge
[extra] Downtown DX clip – Hama-chan is getting old
[Special Episode] 11th Silent Library
[Wednesday Downtown] Theory: Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian Spy
#1352 – 7th Silent Library
#905 – Shoji Murakami’s Class – Ghostbusters
#970 – Food Marathon: Gyoza – Part 1/2
#971 – Food Marathon: Gyoza – Part 2/2
[Wednesday Downtown] Theory: A person who doesn’t know golf rules will end up believing any rule they impose on him
#1396 – 9th Silent Library – Part 1/2
#1397 – 9th Silent Library – Part 1/2
[extra] Downtown Talk – “What if Hamada would 100% die tomorrow at 2 P.M.?”
#1109 – Tanaka’s Breakdown II
[Gottsu Ee Kanji] Cathy Tsukamoto & Gyoza
#1331 – Ask The Best 5 in a Town We’ve Never Been To – Part 1/2

Lately, at least mentally, things are going a lot better for me, and sadly I don’t think we’ll get to see as many subbed Gaki episode as this year, mostly because I have less free time, more translation jobs (actual paid jobs lol) to work on, more private things to deal with etc., but that doesn’t mean there will be nothing anymore.

So, here are my gaki-subs-plans for 2021 (more like a general idea which I intend to follow but don’t know if I can keep up thoroughly):

• More general Gaki episodes / collabs with typesetters. Of course there will be part 2 of my latest episode, but I’m also currently working on another episode and I’m sure there will be more yet unsubbed gaki episodes to come with our usual typesetter and, who knows, new friends.
• Batsu 2020 – Go To Las Vegas. Just like I did for Earth Defense Force, American Police and Treasure Hunters, I’ll be a part of Team Gaki again this year to translate some parts of the new Batsu together with other subbers. Hope you’ll be looking forward to it!
• Typesets ideas. I also want to keep on typesetting + subbing entire episodes without relying exclusively on other typesetters’ help, just like I did for the two Suiyoubi Downtown theories I’ve subbed this year. In fact, that’s what I’d love to do: to pick up the Wednesday Downtown Theories I’ve enjoyed the most and work by myself on their translation / typeset. I have few ideas and I hope I can release some of them during 2021.
• Other projects. Can’t really talk about it right now, but I think there will be other collaborations for a bunch of golden extra yet unsubbed content you’re going to love seeing. Also, I’m thinking about Gottsu Ee Kanji a lot, lately…
• Remember Isho? Me neither. I don’t really have time for it, I don’t think I’m qualified for a JP to ENG book translation (JP to ITA would be fine, but then again, who cares?) and I don’t think many people care that much about it, so for now it’s on hold and it’s still going to be for a very, very long time.

…So, I hope you’ll stick with me some more for the upcoming year. This year it’s been tremendous, but not completely. High and lows (lots of devastating lows, few very brief highs), but I want to focus on the highs now. And one of the best highs was…

All the support you gave me, donations, collabs, nice comments, feedback, everything, I want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking around and showing support for this fansub project.

Before anyone else, thanks to Kedomas, one of the greatest typesetters I know and the one who typesetted the highest number of episodes for this project to this day (not counting my lousy typesets). I feel like this project of mine isn’t entirely mine anymore, but it’s also shared between him and between all the other typesetters who helped me out as well:

• Thank you, GakiDave!!
• Thank you, RIDDELL!!
• Thank you, WA (Shappuri Agemasu)!!
• Thank you, Otviss (Tofu Panda)!!
• Thank you, Mattee53!!

And of course, a big thank you also to Tiny_Paw and Amria for helping me on episodes prior to this mess of a year!

And here’s a huge thank you for everyone who liked my FB page, follows me on my Twitter and showed me support with Reddit comments, private messages, e-mails etc.

…And of course to all the beautiful people who donated on my ko-fi or subscribed to my patreon. I never got the chance to thank you as I wanted to (I’m shy as fucccc), but I’m really at loss of words whenever I get a donation notification, even if it’s 1$, it still leaves me speechless to this day to see how much support I’m getting. And so, I want to thank each one of you individually here and now (alphabetical order):

To my patrons (last checked 12/31/2020):

• Thank you, Abdulmalik!!
• Thank you, Alex!!
• Thank you, Andrew!!
• Thank you, b-4!!
• Thank you, Blaine!!
• Thank you, Brendan!!
• Thank you, Brett!!
• Thank you, Damon!!
• Thank you, Dan!!
• Thank you, Dave!!
• Thank you, David!!
• Thank you, Elena!!
• Thank you, Ethan!!
• Thank you, FruitPunchG!!
• Thank you, Jordan!!
• Thank you, Jotham!!
• Thank you, Ravi!!
• Thank you, Riccardo!!
• Thank you, Ronnie!!
• Thank you, Sean!!
• Thank you, tekno!!

To all my ko-fi donors (last checked 12/31/2020, hope it’s not incomplete):

• Thank you, Adrian!!
• Thank you, Akash!!
• Thank you, an actual body!!
• Thank you, Bokeh!!
• Thank you, Chris&Mono!!
• Thank you, Daniel!!
• Thank you, Dimmidice!!
• Thank you, Eduardo M.!!
• Thank you, Evilone135!!
• Thank you, Hudson L.!!
• Thank you, Imran!!
• Thank you, J!!
• Thank you, J.S!!
• Thank you, J_J!!
• Thank you, Janina!!
• Thank you, Jason!!
• Thank you, juanmaq8!!
• Thank you, Justin!!
• Thank you, Jyri!!
• Thank you, Ken!!
• Thank you, Kenny D.!!
• Thank you, Mike!!
• Thank you, Nasir!!
• Thank you, Pablo!!
• Thank you, Ronnie!!
• Thank you, Sabconth!!
• Thank you, ScroteDave!!
• Thank you, slackforce!!
• Thank you, Tim!!
• Thank you, Tom B.!!
• Thank you, Tymorafarr!!
• Thank you, whysochangry!!
• Thank you, yossi!!
…And all the other anonymous supporters, thank you!!

Lastly, a thought for all my friends who always supported me throughout this terrible year: thank you, me, myself, my mom, my other 6 personalities, that fish-shaped oven mitt I use as a puppet to talk to myself sometimes and, last but not least, my huge collection of Mlesna teas*.
*shionnotsukai is not affiliated by any means with Mlesna Tea Inc.**

Wishing you all a good New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year, don’t forget to check out Team Gaki’s 2020 Batsu Livestream: I’ll be there watching it while most likely getting drunk.

May you spend a wonderful day and try your best for the upcoming year in spite of everything. And if today’s not your day, just remember: there’s always tomorrow.

Love y’all,

– Shion

The Future of Shionの使い [06/04/2019 UPDATE]

Important! I know it’s long, but if you care about my subbing activity, make sure to read this post, please.

Shion no Tsukai – as its stupidly narcisistic name suggests – was born as no more than a small archive for few subbed clips of my favorite japanese tv show I decided to work on while learning japanese – pretty much like a training. And I hope that’s enough to justify how crappy my first subs were (that probably explain why I didn’t bother reuploading old stuff, which is still online, uploaded by unknown third parts).
As time passed, I started getting better at it and making more subs. As a result, my website started to grow: people were talking about it on r/GakiNoTsukai, Team Gaki and Tofupanda knew about it and let me join them, and it even appears on Google’s search bar by now! I mean, that alone is kind of incredible to me.
But of course, the road this website has been walking on has never been the smoothest. There have been several different reasons for why I often thought about setting aside this Gaki no Tsukai fansub project of mine.
Like, so many reasons I could even put them in few categories:
– Technical difficulties (accounts being deleted / videos being removed / FPS and encoding issues / constant need to keep track of everything / lack of organization…)
– Personal issues (creating subs takes time / self-imposed-deadlines / personal matters / delays / schedule issues…)
– Personal butthurt (not receiving as much feedback as wished)
And I gotta say, the last one is the worst of them. I’m not joking around when I say I care about all of this and wish to translate Gaki no Tsukai so people would enjoy it (‘cause other subbers did the same before I could speak japanese), but it’s almost unavoidable to feel like you deserve more when you’re promoting yourself on the internet. And it’s fucking stupid.
Not some long ago, I remember posting a full lenght Gaki episode on reddit which only got like 60 upvotes, while a Gaki no Tsukai meme had like 300 upvotes. I thought like “I’ve been working on this fucking episode for weeks and that guy probably just opened paint and did that thing in like 20 seconds, and this is what I’m getting. It’s unfair.”… or shit like that. Again, it’s really fucking stupid, but I can’t deny I felt this way more than once.
I mean, it (probably?) does make sense, but do I really need to get this butthurt for such stupid reasons? What will some upvotes ever change in my life? How can this digital “popularity” actually make me feel better in real life? It doesn’t, in fact. All it takes for you to realize it is just taking few steps away from your pc.
It’s not about becoming popular, and it’s never been. This is a big reason for why I can’t keep on focusing so much on translating Gaki and expecting so much. I don’t want to, but I can’t help it. I need to move on with my life and head towards something more concrete and less abstract than this.
…And my life is actually about to change, somehow.
Starting from July, I’ll leave my country for [undefined timespan], and I’ll go study and work in Japan. So of course I can’t keep on creating subs for my website as regularly as I’ve been doing over the past few months. But hold on, this doesn’t mean I’m done with Gaki no Tsukai. Let me try to explain what’s going to happen soon.

First of all, I think I still have some time to share with you one last 100% Shion-no-tsukai produced Gaki no Tsukai subbed episode (or at least some j-comedy subbed clips), which will probably be online before the end of June. But after that, things will change.
I won’t have time to create new subtitles or to stick to self-imposed schedules, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any chance for new content.
There could be new content, but that depends on your help.
As you may already know, the process of creating subtitles is composed of several steps, the first one being typesetting (aka: creating lines on assigned timestamps).
That’s the process which takes most of my time when creating subtitles anew, and it’s completely unrelated to translation itself (which is easier and way quicker to me).
I won’t have time to typeset and focus on any subtitles-related activity which is not purely translation. But you can help this activity by typesetting a Gaki episode yourself!
You can read more about it on the suggestion/typeset, but here’s how it’s going to be like:
1) If you want to typeset a yet-untranslated Gaki no Tsukai episode and – hopefully – see it subbed, you can write a comment on the “Typesetting” page or send me an email to this adress with a link to the RAW episode.
2) We’ll discuss the episode and see if it’s feasable (some possible issues: low audio quality, extremely specific context, part of a series which is currently being translated by someone else, part of a series of which previous episodes hasn’t been translated yet…); if so, you’re in charge of typesetting the whole episode.
3) Typesetting doesn’t need to be flashy: you won’t have to add any complicated animation or font styles or anything like that. You don’t even have to worry about few mistakes or things you’re not sure about (ex: who’s talking?): I’ll fix all the small issues myself. Your name as typesetter will be literally everywhere: on the encoded video as on-screen subtitles (at the beginning and ending of the episode), on the video’s description / post, on every platform on which I’ll post the episode (facebook / twitter / reddit / etc…).
4) It’s not a job – just like my whole activity isn’t – so there won’t be any payment. If you have a patreon / ko-fi, though, it will be published too along with mine when everything’s done: donations are, of course, up to viewers, just like I always got mine.
If I could work on already typesetted episodes, I think it will be way less stressful to me and the whole activity will be more focused on releasing new episodes for everyone to see.
And this way, even if I’d be far away or submerged with work or study, I think I can still manage to find some time to translate some more Gaki no Tsukai stuff for everyone to see.
In short: you help me, I help you. If we both feel like it, of course.
All of this doesn’t mean I’ll keep on translating regularly / I’ll choose to work on every possible typeset request I’m provided, but it’s the best I can do for now and it’s the only way I can keep on subbing videos, even if not as regularly as it has been until now.
I hope you understand this, and I hope everything I wrote in my sloppy-ass english is clear enough. If it’s not and if you have any question, feel free to comment this post or send me a PM on my facebook page, or twitter, or e-mail, anywhere is fine (links are on the right column of this website’s homepage).
I hope I didn’t let you down, and I hope you’ll keep on supporting this activity.
Some things will inevitably change, but nothing is really lost.

Sincerely yours,
– Shion

PS: Also, I’m currently looking for someone with a vk / dailymotion / whatever streaming website account to re-upload all my missing episodes deleted from my old vimeo account (those marked as “sorry – this video does not exist”), if you feel like helping me out just let me know! – Special thanks to M. Vooremäe for creating Shionの使い’s vk community!

12/12/2018 UPDATE

As you can see on this list, several videos are available for streaming on my youtube channel.
Well… it recently got deleted, just yesterday (11/12/2018), so if you see a youtube streaming link for a certain video, it won’t work.
While dealing with fansub, stuff like that can happen, and we do not own any sort of copyright on what we post online, so it’s not like I’m complaining about this, because it’s… actually right. Still, it saddens me to see videos such as “The Anguish of Endo Shozo” or “Matsumoto Technician’s Hip Challenge” getting deleted, they were really popular and had tons of views. They were my babieeeesssssss ;_;

Anyway, don’t worry about it. Every youtube-link will be fixed ASAP and reuploaded on MEGA or VIMEO as soon as I can. I’ll try to fix each post too, so even while searching for an individual video you’ll eventually find it.
As you can see, I already did this to the first two videos on the list, Limits: Cutlet Curry and Getting Closer to Dynamite Shikoku’s True Character, but at least right now, I don’t have time to do the same thing for the other episodes, mainly because I’m pretty damn busy, but also because the third episode of Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! is going to be released in 3 days and uploading new stuff on vimeo will compromise my new episode’s upload (‘cause there’s a 500mb weekly limit). In other words, we’ll have to wait until the next week to reupload everything else. But don’t worry: Everything’s safe and on my pc, so it’s not going anywhere. I’ll make sure to reupload em all within December.

Also, lastly, giving that the 3rd episode of our beloved Tabletop Games series is about to come out, make sure you’ve watched the previous ones, you can watch em here:
Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! first round
Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! second round (first half)
Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! second round (second half)

AND VERY VERY LASTLY (yeah, one more thing), I’m also releasing new subbed Gottsu Ee Kanji clips (almost) daily on my Facebook page (for this month only), so be sure to click like & don’t miss anything!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

News (24/06)

First of all, I wanted to let you know that I just make an account on ko-fi.
For those of you who don’t know, it’s pretty much like patreon.
Here you can donate – if you want to – a small amount of money (worth a coffee) to show me support.
I’m doing this for free and always refused to take money from it even though there have been some of you willing to pay me, so I’ve decided to register here: you can donate me if you want to, but you don’t have to feel obliged to 😉
You can buy me a coffee on this link or by clicking this image on the right side of my wordpress:

Buy Me a Coffee at

Second, I’ll be releasing short clips such as Gottsu Ee Kanji, Downtown Talk, skits & shorter episodes regularly as you wait for new full-lenght episode to be completed (I’m currently working on one of them right now).
In case you missed it, you can watch my new very very short Gottsu Ee Kanji skit here:

Lastly, while you know I’m not really actually following any schedule, I can still draw you an outline on my future uploads I’m surely going to translate / upload soon:

– 25/06: Cocorico Skit (1992)
– June: Possibly other short skits / clips
– July: Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! Second Round
– July: New Shichi-Henge Episode (probably Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge)
– July: Possibly other short skits / clips
– TBA (probably August): Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! Third Round
– TBA (unconfirmed): Endo’s Bad Acting Screening

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow with a new clip 😉

Facebook Page Opening

I’ve recently opened a facebook page for my wordpress, you can check it by clicking the following link:


Everything will still be published on wordpress / youtube, but giving that facebook is probably the most used social media, I think it may be better to have a page too, so in case anything happens to my clips, I can easily post informations about where to always find my uploads.
Also, all the informations about future releases will be posted here (I’m already working on a new clip!), along with other gaki-related contents, as well as surveys for translation requests & such.
But I need your support here!
If you enjoy my translations and are willing to supporting me, please click like on my facebook page!
It’ll really help a lot.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next video coming out “pretty soon”, and on my facebook page for any update!

Just a small notification

Just wanted to make this post to let the viewers know about what’s going on at the moment.
First of all, I’m speechless about the huge feedback (views, likes, subscribes, comments on yt / reddit etc. etc.) I got from everyone following my subbing activity, and I’m really thankful for that.
Reading comments where someone states my videos brighted up his / her day even a bit is what make me the happiest about this whole subtitling project!
With that being said, just few things about the next clip / the next ones coming up.
Right now I’m hyper busy, university lessons take me 5 days a week in which I barely have any time to go home and work on my clips, and depending on how things turn out, I may be busy on saturdays too (I’m currently trying to get in a museum apprenticeship and if I manage to be selected then I’ll only have Sundays left to work on my clips).
Next clip is about 30% done, and while tomorrow I’m pretty damn busy too, I have the day after tomorrow to work on it a bit more. If I manage to keep this pace, I think it will be done within next week / the week next next week (is that grammatically ok?).
I already have some in-list clips that I wish to translate / upload, so it’s not like I won’t bring new stuff online at all. I just need some time, which is the thing I’m lacking the most lately.
New clips may be also gottsu-ee-kanji ones, I still count them as gaki, at least in terms of “how I feel about them”. Next one is a Gaki no Tsukai 24-min episode, by the way.
By the time I’m writing this, I’ve translated / subtitle roughly 8 minutes of it, so while I can’t say for sure when it’ll come out, it’ll definitely come out, and pretty soon.
Thanks for reading / supporting my work, and see you soon with the next clip!
Write me anytime if you want, and add me on my twitter (@FGRNDNoises) if you wish to follow my translations updates! 🙂

Old Uploads: Update

In order to avoid copyright claims, I’ve put all my old uploads hidden again.
That means you can still watch them (the links are the same), but you can’t search for them / they won’t appear displayed on my channel.
Links available on this post and on this page.

Some of them have also been re-uploaded by other users, so if you search for them on youtube you can also find alternate links to watch them.
I don’t mind those reuploads, after all there was a period in which all my videos were gone, I’m glad someone uploaded them again.

As a side info, I’m working on another 19 minutes video.
I don’t feel like spoiling its content, let’s just say it’s a special episode in which we get to know more about a certain wrestler… (coming soon)