Gaki no Tsukai – Matsumoto Technician: Hip-shaking Match

MEGA: Matsumoto Technician: Hip-shaking Match
VK: Matsumoto Technician: Hip-shaking Match

Hey there, guys! It’s been a while.
First off, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
Second, the reason why this video took me way longer than the previous ones is that I’ve been hella busy.
I’ve busy with university 5 days a week and working at the same time, and while right now I’m less busy that the previous weeks, I’m still pretty damn overwhelmed by all the things I have to do.
So, of course there’ll be new clips coming soon, but maybe not weekly as the first 4 videos I uploaded were.
Anyways, on today’s episode we get to see another great Matsumoto-Technician’s challenge, in which our heroes have to prove their manliness by shaking their hips and… maracas?
Who will win this challenge? And who will face the batsu game?
Some notes:
– Sometimes it was hard to grasp what they were saying while shouting altogether, so I simply put black texts with captions instead.
– I have no idea what the beeping section is about, the censors were so uncalled for!
Also, last thing I wanted to say, next videos could also be Gottsu Ee Kanji clips, I still kind of count them as Gaki no Tsukai (I haven’t planned them yet, though).——-
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…Also, the new batsu game bus has been spotted in Japan! That means the “no laughing” series is not over yet! This year’s theme will be “Science Laboratory”!
Read more on this reddit page: Here.
See you (not too) soon (but not too late) with a new clip!