Lots of people asked me about uploading the softsubs for my translations, for several reasons, mostly because I (almost) always end up uploading stuff in weird ratio / quality and people would rather watch it on a better raw.
I got you. You’re goddamn right.
Anyway, the reason I never actually uploaded softsubs it’s because… I was pretty bad at making them. Most of my old subs didn’t feature Aegisubs styles and were just a mess of wall-of-text-like codes and other eyesoring stuff like that.
Now, I care about how everything turns out, not how it’s made: that’s why I’ve decided to upload my softsubs for you to use (pls don’t judge my poor skills; I’ve improved, I guess).

All my softsubs will be uploaded on the following drive folder:


I’ll add every new episodes’ softsub on this drive some days after the hardsub file will be online. For informations about each episode (such as number, air date etc.) you can just check it by searching for each title on this homepage’s column on the right, or by checking out my complete translations list, where you can easily access to every listed episode’s wordpress post (containing the infos) by clicking the bullet symbol (•) on the left side of each title.

If some subs from my complete translations list‘s videos or old reuploads list‘s video are missing and you wish to have them, just write a comment or contact me: I’ll add them to the list below.
Softsubs for short clips such as Gottsu Ee Kanji short skits or Downtown Talk bits aren’t currently uploaded, but I can add them if you want them [18/11/2018 update] they’re now available on this following link due request [18/02/2019 update] every new short clip / manzai starting from “Suberanai Hanashi Clip – Anthony (Matenrou) & Sushi” on will be added to the softsub drive instead of the other, which is now only for full lenght episodes:


With that being said, hope you’ll make a good (and fair!) use of my softsubs!
And if you enjoy them, please keep on supporting my work!

– Shion