Shoji Murakami’s Class – Feudal Lords

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Shoji Murakami is a genius, but not everybody seems to realize it.
I personally love the Shoji Murakami Classroom series, and so does our typesetter Kedomas. I’m sure we’re not the only two fans around here!
This time, Shoji is going to teach our members how to become a Tono-sama, a japanese feudal lord from the Sengoku Era.
There’s an expression in japanese, 文武両道 (bunburyoudou), which literally translates into “walking both streets, that of military arts and that of literature”. That’s the path a Feudal Lord should follow, and the path Murakami-sensei is willing to teach to his pupils. Or maybe not.
By the way, this episode includes unseen footage from another episode, Music Memory Drive.

Also, in case you missed it, we’ve translated other Murakami Shoji’s episodes in the past. If you haven’t watched them yet, what the HECK are you waiting for?!

Ninja Classroom ft. Girolamo Panzetta (referred to in this episode)
Michael Jackson Classroom
Ghostbusters Classroom


– 4:56 “Hina Matsuri” is the traditional japanese Doll Festival, held in March. For this festival, dolls are displayed on a stand pretty much like the one appearing in this episode. For more, see Wikipedia.
– 5:08 Francis Xavier was a Navarrese Catholic missionary and saint who was a co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Wikipedia). He’s one of the pioneers who introduced Japan to Christianity. Also, in my subs it’s spelled as “Saverio” because his italian name is “Francesco Saverio”, and, as you may know, I’m italian, so… whoops (well, it’s not 100% wrong).
– 15:13 could be referencing to the Chairman and Representative Director Ryohin Keikaku Co., but I’m not sure. That’s the only thing I could find online. But it’s Shoji we’re talking about, it’s ok if it doesn’t make much sense.


episode #1058, aired 06/12/2011


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