Special Skills Demonstration (part 2/2)

Update: Vimeo links are dead, but vk streaming links are now available and will be replaced to older dead vimeo links

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Special Skills Demonstration (part 2/2)
・Streaming on VK (new): Special Skills Demonstration (part 2/2)

Be sure you’ve watched part 1 first! You can find it here.

Following my previous post / episode, I’ve rushed to finish as soon as possible part 2, mainly because I didn’t want you to wait too long for it, giving that a lot of you seemed to have enjoyed it a lot (and I’m so happy for that).
The remaining challengers between our main Gaki cast (Downtown + Cocorico + Hosei + License) and guests (FUJIWARA + Ameagari Kesshitai + Hosshan) have still some more special skills to show us, in hope to raise the overall views-per-minute for the show.
Also, I’m glad you enjoyed the previous episode even though it featured a simple subs format, I think I’ll stick with that for a while.
That aside, I have some news about future uploads, but it’ll take me some time to write a clear and satisfying post explaining everything, which hopefully will be online next week.
For now, let’s just leave this aside: I hope you’ll enjoy this second half as much as I did!
But not before few notes about it:

– As you probably noticed, Yamazaki’s special skill is only featured on part 2’s preview on part 1, but it doesn’t actually appear in neither of them. It was most likely cut down from both of them, something I find both disappointing and hilarious. Poor Yama-chan.
– I haven’t added subs for the first part to save some time. They’re featured in part 1, so I guess it’s not a big deal.
– 6:10 – Hamada stutters “karate choppu karawa-wari”. Even before that, at 6:07, when he’s about to present the next special skill, he stutters slightly when saying “tsudzuite tsugi no tokugi wa kochira (here’s our next special skill)”, but I didn’t add that on the subs because no one seems to be pointing that out. Also, while “karawa” is more “tile” than “brick”, I kept “brick” on in order to have it sound like “break”, so his stuttering would make sense in english too.
– 17:00 – “SASUKE” is the original japanese version of tv show “Ninja Warrior”. If you watch Suiyoubi no Downtown, you’ve surely heard of that before more than once. Here’s a clip from it. No idea about Matsumoto’s comment “Adult! Cool”, though. Could be some kind of reference.

That’s all for today, we’ll catch up soon for few updates.
Hope you’ll enjoy this episode!

Episode #1089, aired 01/22/2012

Special Skills Demonstration (part 1/2)

Update: Vimeo links are dead, but vk streaming links are now available and will be replaced to older dead vimeo links

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Special Skills Demonstration (part 1/2)
・Streaming on VK (new): Special Skills Demonstration (part 1/2)

It’s been a while, isn’t it?
Today’s episode is actually pretty well known, even if I don’t recall seeing this translated in english by anyone else (strangely enough).
As you can see by its title, it’s actually split in two episodes but fear not: I’m already working on part 2 which I hope to upload within two weeks!
The plan is simple: our main Gaki cast (Downtown + Cocorico + Hosei + License) and few guests (FUJIWARA + Ameagari Kesshitai + Hosshan) will show us their own special skills they’ve never shown before on tv. Their objective? To make the show’s views-per-minute skyrocket!
For this episode (and same goes for part 2 when it will be released) I chose to use a simpler subs format (with few exceptions) for various reasons:
– It takes me less time
– Giving that I constantly face FPS problems when encoding, it seems less of a waste if I stick up to this
– I wanted to experiment a less japanese-telop-like sub format (with few exceptions) and try a more traditional one, to see if it could work.
I kept some of the usual strategies like positioning, gradually appearing texts, colored on-screen descriptions, notes etc., but I also avoided translating on-screen texts when already appearing as voices, I didn’t use colors like we subbers usually do with Gaki, and I tried to keep furigana and boten when I could, to give my english subs some of the actual features of the original on-screen telops.
It’s just an experiment, but if it’s not a problem I’d like to keep this style for future episodes.
About that, there’s going to be a big news soon, but not before this episode’s second half, so stay tuned for it!
Let me leave you few notes here and I’ll be done, hope you’ll enjoy this episode!

– 0:59 typo on “successfully”, I only realized it after encoding.
– 2:00: WOWOW is another television station in Japan. More info here.
– I didn’t add subs for on-screen words when the announcer describes what’s going to happen before they’re showing their special skills (like the part at 2:32), but I’ll add it here on the notes just in case. It’s using the same layout each time, and it’s like this: skill name as read by Hamada before (yellow font, center), “special skill” (white font, left margin) and contestant name (purple vertical font, left or right).
– 9:13 – I made a light translation mistake: giving the VTR Inomoto shows later, I’ve translated “petto botoru” (water bottle) as “water bottles”, while he’s not implying they’re more than one. So it should be “a water bottle”. I fixed this in his next line “I’ll hit it in one shot”, but forgot to do it in the previous one too. Same goes for the next line “I’ll hit them clean”, which should be “it” instead.
– The song Endo chose is Ano Kane wo Narasu no wa Anata by Wada Akiko, while Miyasako at 13:20 refers to Uchuu Senkan Yamato’s opening theme.
– 18:56 no idea what Matsumoto meant by this. I think he’s refering to some kind of chinese action movie or such. If you happen to know what it could be, please let me know!

Episode #1088, aired 01/15/2012