Gottsu Ee Kanji – Mr. Customer

[edit 14/12/2018] Youtube took down my channel, so every old video is currently being re-uploaded elsewhere. Here’s a Facebook link for this episode:

Gottsu Ee Kanji – Mr. Customer

Another Gottsu Ee Kanji skit for you! I’m almost done with my other full episode, I’m positive it’s going to be online within next week 😉
I love this show, its vibe is so good (I guess that’s a direct translation of “gottsu ee kanji”, actually) it’s even better than Gaki no Tsukai in terms of atmosphere.
It’s really ’90s in its style, and that means if anything like that was to be produced nowadays, it simply won’t work. Sadly. We have a goldmine of those, though. Hope this one wasn’t subbed by anyone else! If so, I’m sorry for translating it (give me my 20 minutes back).
Imada’s talking is so slangish it was a real challenge trying to figure out most of the things he’s saying. But he’s mostly rambling to be honest.
Just a small note.
He says at 0:12 “mushibande yaru”, which I’ve translated as “kick your ass”, but it’s actually “to (make you) be consumed / eaten by worms” (usually used for rotting corpses or stuff like that).
The verb “mushibamu” sounds like “mushiba” (decayed tooth), that’s why he says that next line.
Another thing, when Itao says “let’s wait for the other costumers” at 0:54, I think I made a mistake. I think he’s saying “ayamarimashou ka” (let’s apologize), I’m sorry for noticing this too late.
See you next video!

Cocorico Skit – Airplane (1992)

Good morning (or evening / or day / or wherever the Sun is in your country ATM)!
As promised, we have a new video today, which is not really Gaki no Tsukai, but it’s still Yoshimoto and it’s about Cocorico, our regular manzai duo with Endo & Tanaka.
First of all, I wanted to thank reddit user Tiny_Paw for typesetting (and letting me know about) this video: thanks a lot!
We both agreed to leave it 240p to keep the “old fashioned tv” style, anyway there wasn’t much we could do about it being recorded from the tv / having a lossy audio.
I love old comedy skits like this, and I wish to sub more of them in the future.
This was hilarious too: Tanaka is really good at playing the boke, and Endo works fine as his tsukkomi.

With that being said, I’m almost halfway through my next full-lenght episode, and hopefully there will be more short clips on youtube before it will be online.
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See you next video 😉

News (24/06)

First of all, I wanted to let you know that I just make an account on ko-fi.
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Here you can donate – if you want to – a small amount of money (worth a coffee) to show me support.
I’m doing this for free and always refused to take money from it even though there have been some of you willing to pay me, so I’ve decided to register here: you can donate me if you want to, but you don’t have to feel obliged to 😉
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Second, I’ll be releasing short clips such as Gottsu Ee Kanji, Downtown Talk, skits & shorter episodes regularly as you wait for new full-lenght episode to be completed (I’m currently working on one of them right now).
In case you missed it, you can watch my new very very short Gottsu Ee Kanji skit here:

Lastly, while you know I’m not really actually following any schedule, I can still draw you an outline on my future uploads I’m surely going to translate / upload soon:

– 25/06: Cocorico Skit (1992)
– June: Possibly other short skits / clips
– July: Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! Second Round
– July: New Shichi-Henge Episode (probably Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge)
– July: Possibly other short skits / clips
– TBA (probably August): Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! Third Round
– TBA (unconfirmed): Endo’s Bad Acting Screening

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow with a new clip 😉

Yamazaki’s Shichi-Henge

[edit 14/12/2018] Youtube took down my channel, so every old video is currently being re-uploaded elsewhere. Here’s a MEGA link for this episode:

Gaki no Tsukai – Yamazaki’s Shichi-Henge

I love old Gaki no Tsukai videos, I don’t know. Must be that popular “nostalgia for something you’ve never experienced” thing I can’t help but feel for stuff like this.
Anyways, this is the second ever “Shichi-Henge” (seven transformations) episode ever done.
I’ve translated Tanaka’s one some time ago (not that I’m particularly proud of my old translations), and lots of them are yet to be subbed.
I’m not really sure myself if this one has been translated or not, I think not (according to my researches), but I’m not sure.
I think the reason they’re not subbed it’s because you can enjoy most of them even without subs, but it was short and made me laugh, so I thought “why not subbing it?” and here we are.
I’ll aim on keep on translating both old episodes / new episodes (older ones on youtube if possible), but I’m still working with no schedules whatsoever: feel free to ispire me!
Few notes:
– First thing you’d probably notice is that even though it is a “shichi-henge” meaning “SEVEN transformations”, Yamazaki only performs 6 of them. The video has not been cut, it’s just the way it is.
– Noriyasu used to be Yamazaki’s partner, as explained on the portrait on the left
– What I’ve translated as “Popularity Contest” (“Motemote Daisakusen”), refers to this Gaki no Tsukai episode, in which Yamazaki didn’t took part in.
– Ohayo Asaten (full title: Asa Ichiban Tenki! Ohayo Asa-ten) was a japanese tv show focusing on weather forecast, broadcasted from 1991 to 1996.
– I’m not sure if Hamada has a tattoo or not (could be making a joke). I’ve read on some japanese blogs that he has one, but couldn’t find any official source on it. (Source)
– Last thing, my PC seems to be unable to save the correct time frames. Even though I make the subs disappear together with the japanese writings, they seem to be off a few frames when I encode them. Not that changes much, but it bothers me (it doesn’t apply just to this video).

Anyways, news on new vids are posted solely on my facebook page, so be sure to stay tuned to it!

Infos: aired 1995/11/05

Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! (Pt. 2/2)

And here’s the second half of it!
I had to split it in two halves, you can find the first one right before this post.
Or, alternatively, you can find the whole subbed episode available for both streaming & download here on MEGA.
Some notes for this second half:
– I’m not sure about the name of the German game they’re playing (Schlafmütze). I couldn’t find much online, but by looking at its katakana reading (shuraafumittsu) and the fact that the word itself means “nightcap”, I’m pretty sure that’s it.
– 5:31 – for this section I’d like to thank twitter user @317takuan0_0 who helped me figuring out what Matsumoto is saying. I could clearly hear “ore nanige ni” and “tsuyoi tte shitteta?”, but couldn’t figure out he was saying “OSERO” (Othello). Damn katakana. I don’t even know how to play Othello! It was pretty easy to grasp, but it left me way too perplexed. So thank you!
– Same thing as first note for the Russian game (Nanja-monja). I’m not sure about its real name, I based it off its katakana reading. I’m not as sure as I am with Schlafmütze to be honest though, so if you know what’s the name of that game please tell me! I’d love to know.
– About the nicknames, SAMUSA has been translated to “COLDY” (samosa = coldness, literally), OKUBO is left as it is (it’s just a name), HOMASON is rendered as “HOMA-SON” as if -SON is mocking -SAN (personal choice), GUUGARA is rendered as “GOOGALA”, ICHIMASO-CHAN is left as it is and, as explained on the note, it makes the members mad because it sound similar to “ICHIMATSU-CHAN” which could be a real name, but it’s not.
– I’m not doing the same thing I did with the previous part about the words appearing in top left / right corners: they’re just the description of the current game they’re playing, exactly as they were introduced before (why did I do it on the previous post…?).

That’s it for now, see you next clip / transation / news / whatever!
Keep an eye on my facebook page where I post every news about my upcoming translations!

Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! (Pt. 1/2)

The long awaited “Let’s Play with Tablegames from Around the World!” full episode I announced to translate some time ago on my facebook page is finally completed!
I had to split it in two halves, you can find the next one right after this post.
Or, alternatively, you can find the whole subbed episode available for both streaming & download here on MEGA.
In this episode, the five members tag along to play several tablegames from around the world, from U.S.A. to Russia to the Netherlands.
Hope you enjoy this episode, and remember to watch part 2!
Some notes for this first half:
– 0:36 – Yamazaki is talking about the 2018 episode of Goodbye Yamazaki, aka Gaki no Tsukai Yamahende.
– List of appearing untranslated Japanese writings:
・0:12 Upper left: “Gaki no Tsukai” logo / Upper right: “Let’s Play with Tablegames from Around the World!”
・3:48 Upper left: “Netherlands: Alladin’s Flying Carpet” / Upper right: “Place your items over the flying carpet; the person who will make it fall will lose!”
・7:23 Upper left: “Germany: Ghost Blitz”
・8:51 Upper right: “Look at the cards and choose between the 5 pawns the exact same piece OR the piece whose color or shape is not featured at all”