Yamazaki’s Shichi-Henge

[edit 14/12/2018] Youtube took down my channel, so every old video is currently being re-uploaded elsewhere. Here’s a MEGA link for this episode:

Gaki no Tsukai – Yamazaki’s Shichi-Henge

I love old Gaki no Tsukai videos, I don’t know. Must be that popular “nostalgia for something you’ve never experienced” thing I can’t help but feel for stuff like this.
Anyways, this is the second ever “Shichi-Henge” (seven transformations) episode ever done.
I’ve translated Tanaka’s one some time ago (not that I’m particularly proud of my old translations), and lots of them are yet to be subbed.
I’m not really sure myself if this one has been translated or not, I think not (according to my researches), but I’m not sure.
I think the reason they’re not subbed it’s because you can enjoy most of them even without subs, but it was short and made me laugh, so I thought “why not subbing it?” and here we are.
I’ll aim on keep on translating both old episodes / new episodes (older ones on youtube if possible), but I’m still working with no schedules whatsoever: feel free to ispire me!
Few notes:
– First thing you’d probably notice is that even though it is a “shichi-henge” meaning “SEVEN transformations”, Yamazaki only performs 6 of them. The video has not been cut, it’s just the way it is.
– Noriyasu used to be Yamazaki’s partner, as explained on the portrait on the left
– What I’ve translated as “Popularity Contest” (“Motemote Daisakusen”), refers to this Gaki no Tsukai episode, in which Yamazaki didn’t took part in.
– Ohayo Asaten (full title: Asa Ichiban Tenki! Ohayo Asa-ten) was a japanese tv show focusing on weather forecast, broadcasted from 1991 to 1996.
– I’m not sure if Hamada has a tattoo or not (could be making a joke). I’ve read on some japanese blogs that he has one, but couldn’t find any official source on it. (Source)
– Last thing, my PC seems to be unable to save the correct time frames. Even though I make the subs disappear together with the japanese writings, they seem to be off a few frames when I encode them. Not that changes much, but it bothers me (it doesn’t apply just to this video).

Anyways, news on new vids are posted solely on my facebook page, so be sure to stay tuned to it!

Infos: aired 1995/11/05

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