Archive (old stuff)

Here’s the (almost complete) list of my old subbed videos (prior to Genkai – Katsu Karee). I made a separate list with them because I don’t like them that much both in terms of style / translation (I improved a lot). They were my first works prior to this wordpress’ creation, but I don’t feel like hiding them away cause it’s still (not-so-well) subbed content. That doesn’t apply to all the videos, though. Some of them aren’t that bad in terms of translation, others are kinda lousy at some points. But they’re still part of what I’ve translated up to this day, so here’s the list, you can find em all here!

[12/06/2019 update] links were all down before (channel got deleted), but they’re online again on VK and MEGA (links below)

Downtown Talk: “What Happens When You Die?” | MEGA
Downtown Talk: Matsumoto’s Occupational Disease | MEGA
Downtown Talk: Matsumoto’s Childbirth Technique | MEGA
Tanaka’s Furious Thai-kick | full episode here
Member’s First Contact With Pepper the Robot | MEGA
Airport Batsu-game Unseen Footage: Jimmy Onishi | MEGA
Cocorico Tanaka’s Shichi-henge | MEGA
Yamazaki’s Ass Magic | MEGA
Yamazaki’s Slap Collection | MEGA
Yamazaki Producer ft. Haruna Ai | MEGA
Earthquake during Downtown Talk | MEGA
A Hamashou-only Baseball Match | MEGA
Cocorico Presents “Chilly Chilly Contest” | MEGA
Volleyball Coach Hamada | MEGA

In case something happens to the following videos (or new uploads) they’ll be uploaded again (one way or another) and posted on this wordpress.
In case some links aren’t working and I haven’t noticed it, please let me know it! I’ll fix them as soon as possible.
Same goes for the new uploads!