Our Tanaka’s Unreasonable Thai-Kicks (pt.1/2)

EDIT: I had to upload the video on Vimeo, because of copyright issues. Next part will be uploaded on April 10th.

For the first time ever it’s not actually been a long time since the previous video, but I intend to focus more on Gaki no Tsukai from now on, rather than other translation projects I’ve kind of lost interest in (like doujin music translations).
This is the first part of the episode from where my old “Tanaka’s Furious Thai-Kick” is took from, the second one scheduled to be released soon within the first half of this month.
I personally enjoyed this episode a lot, and it has been requested by lots of people, so I told myself “why no translating it?” and here we are, halfway through it!
While I personally don’t see this episode to be offensive in any sort of way, I think a disclaimer should be done anyways.
I clearly remember reading some comments of that one Gaki clip on Yugawara where Yamazaki was laughing out loud to a black sushi chef claiming that the scene itself was racist.
I personally never saw it like that: it was funny not because it was implying any sort of racism, but because it was unexpected.
Japanese comedy – at least Gaki no Tsukai’s – has never appeared to be offensive to anyone, if anything.
Anyone could be the subject for a prank / joke, whether it’s a Japanese person, a foreigner, a man, a woman etc.
So, I don’t think having Tanaka kicking a girl’s butt or a transexual’s butt to be offensive, neither are the other members commenting the current guest: everyone is treated equally, just for the sake of laughs. And the guests know that well too, so no one’s offended and everything’s nice!
I can see some people could still see this as offensive, but maybe it’s just the fact that me, along with other gaki fans, are more accustomed to this kind of humor.
Ok, now time for some notes for this episode:
– This episode aired in 2014, one year after the No-Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers’ Batsu Game.
– “WA GA TANAKA” – what appears on License’s shirt, means “OUR TANAKA”, but could also imply “I AM TANAKA”, giving that 我が田中 and 我は田中 (ware wa tanaka) are pretty similar.
– The original “100 things” show is hosted by Matsuko-Deluxe. They also made a sort of similar show in several Gaki skits where they asked 100~500 questions to someone from the crew.
– I’m thinking Katsumata Kunizaku is not really the answer Tanaka was expecting / maybe it’s an amateur comedian compared to other great names.
– Rubella is a type of measle. I don’t know the connection with what Kaba-chan said. Also, of course they’re talking about… genitals.
– On the upper-left section of screen several messages appear throughout the whole video. I preferred not to translate them in order to have the screen look clearer, but here’s the complete list:
. 00:07 – 00:46 – “That man has awakened again to anger”
. 00:46 – 03:11 – “The reason for the return of Tanaka’s fury is…”
. 03:20 on – “Tanaka will strike the unreasonability of thai-kicks in the arse of comedians who don’t expect it!”

UPDATE: you can stream / DL the full HD rendered episode HERE | thanks to Reddit user huh009 from Tofu Panda Fansub for adapting my subs into a HD raw!

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