Jungle Pocket Saito’s Shichi-Henge


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I know it’s been a while since last episode, but here we are again, with new Gaki stuff to watch!
First of all, in case you missed it, Team Gaki just released the first part of the new No Laughing Treasure Hunters Batsu Game and is currently working on the remaining parts, be sure to follow them so you always know when new parts will be released (I’m part of their translators team too)!
Now, back to today’s episode, I’ve always been a sucker for the Shichi-Henge series and it’s always a pleasure to work on a yet unsubbed one, that’s why I really enjoyed working on this episode.
I’ve also been watching Matsumoto’s Amazon Prime series “Documental” (I actually watched all the 6 seasons and can’t wait for season 7 to be released) and I’ve absolutely loved it. It also made me discover and like comedians I didn’t even know anything about before, like Saito Shinji from the comedy trio “Jungle Pocket” (his battle against Viking’s Kotohge in season 2 episode 4 is probably one of the most crazily hilarious thing I’ve ever watched).
His comedy style is pretty unusual compared to other professional japanese comedians, and it’s mainly because of his studies as an actor, as he states more than once in Documental.
Either way, I really like his style and I think this episode is really entertaining, I hope you won’t be disappointed!
One last thing before the notes. On my Facebook page (ps: like it) I’m currently having a poll about future uploads. I plan on translating more full-lenght Gaki no Tsukai episodes, but I’d also love to translate more short clips / manzai / contos / skits by other Gaki-related comedians as I did before with Bananaman, Cocorico, License, Kyaeen, Ameagari Kesshitai, Summers etc. (that means I’ll translate clips of – again – Jungle Pocket, Yasei Bakudan, Morisanchuu, Chidori, Robert, Audrey, Pre-gaki Downtown etc.).
It won’t overshadow my Gaki activity, but if you prefer to have more Gaki clips and less other comedians, I’ll stick to that. After all what’s the point of translating stuff if no one’s interested in it? So be sure to show your preference in my poll! There are still few days left to vote.
Veryveryvery last thing, I’ve subbed other Gottsu Ee Kanji clips on my facebook page, you can find em all here.
With that being said, here are today’s episodes TL notes:

– Matsumoto refers to another comedian whose name is Saito, from the comedy duo Trendy Angel. Then, Saito (Shinji) says he’s Saito, mimicking the gesture and way of speaking of the other Saito (from Trendy Angel). That’s what happens at 1:06.
ZIP! is a NTV show Tanaka is a regular guest in, and “Our Tanaka” refers to Tanaka’s angry character as featured in a episode I’ve previously subbed. Haven’t watched it yet? Go check it out here: Our Tanaka’s Unreasonable Thai-Kicks.
– Chidori is a manzai duo composed by Nobu (tsukkomi) and Daigo (boke). They also appeared on Documental Season 4 (both) and 6 (Daigo only).
– Not sure if Saito is trying to do an impression of a chinese man when he says “atasu”, either way it’s “watashi” (“i”, “me”) with a weird pronunciation. I’ve translated it in different ways.
– Saito’s third skit is about horse racing, as you can see in clips like this one. He’s basically mocking the dopesters who perform last-second gamble with stamps, something they also state is pretty common to see in Oi Racecourse (an horse track in Shinagawa, Tokyo). Also, fun fact: the name of his trio “Jungle Pocket” actually comes from a japanese 1998-born famous racing horse.
– I’m sure you already know, but Chicken Rice is a song written by Matsumoto and performed by Hamada. Soooo heartfelt.

That’s all for now, more news coming up soon on my FB page (and don’t forget about the poll)!
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Episode #1330, aired 11/13/16.

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