Lincoln – No-SATNAV Rally II

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Hey there, folks! It’s been a while, right?
Needless to say a lots of stuff happened and for one reason or another I couldn’t find much time to work on a new episode.
That until I set myself to finish this pending project Kedomas, as always, kindly typesetted for us, and, oh boy, it’s a big one.
I’ve always wanted to translate an episode from Lincoln, a tv show I’ve always deeply loved and which I still miss a lot to this very day. Amazing cast of comedians, tons of hilarious skits and ideas, long formats for maximum entertainment… what a show that was!
Today we’re here to bring you No-SATNAV Rally II, second installment of one of the most popular Lincoln recurring series.
This episode would have been impossible to do without Kedomas help, and I’ll never stress this enough. Maybe we can talk more about it by the end of this year!
Anyway, I also edited this episode a lot, way more than usual. I wanted to make up for the recent lack of uploads, and we really hope you’ll enjoy this!
As for future uploads, don’t worry, they’ll come. We have a new Gaki episode scheduled to be released… hopefully within January 2022, if possible. The only thing we’re lacking is time, not motivation or passion for Gaki. We’ll try our best to keep on releasing stuff without having you wait several months between episodes.
That being said, I’ll leave few notes and… That’s it! Merry Christmas, folks! Hope you’ll spend some wonderful holidays, we’ll catch up soon enough, I promise.


– 25:43 may sound confusing, but “FUTAKO-TAMA” and “NIKOTAMA” are the same place, the latter being a different way to read its kanjis. The “correct” name is Futako Tamagawa, as you can see written in letters on the street sign.
– 37:53 this bit too may sound confusing, Mimura refers to “Tokoton Toshiko” as a manga “barber shops have”. Barber shops in Japan have shelves full of mangas, usually really old ones, much like we have magazines in any waiting room. In a way, Mimura says that to remark how old / unknown this serie is.
– 38:10 “My Neighbor Totoro” is titled “Tonari no Totoro” in japanese, so even by adding “My Neighbor” (“Tonari no”), the answer starts with the “to” syllabe.
– 38:40 Matsumoto is singing a parody of My Neighbor Totoro’s main theme, replacing “Totoro” with “Toshiko”.
– 39:01 they say that “Thomas (the tank engine)” doesn’t start with “to”, because in japanese “the tank engine” is “kikansha no”, but it comes before the word “Thomas” (“kikansha no tomasu”). That’s why they make that remark.


episode #270 (from Lincoln), aired 06/05/2012


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