Suggestions / Typeset

[06/04/2019 update]

This page used to be only about suggestions (in other words, letting me know about yet unsubbed j-comedy videos you wished to see subbed), but some things have changed by now (read more about it here).

From now on, in this page you can still suggest me a Gaki / Lincoln / Suiyoubi no Downtown / Gottsu Ee Kanji / Any sort of Gaki-related j-comedy episode / clip to translate, but the whole typesetting process will be up to the requester: we can work together on a episode!

Before I explain you how it’s going to be, let me say this first: I haven’t chose to do this because I suddenly became lazy, my life just got really busier and typesetting isn’t as quick as translating to me, it takes me so much time I won’t be able to afford anymore and it’s not even an activity I really enjoy doing. I’d still like to translate more videos but I don’t want to feel demotivated and I don’t have much time to keep this semi-regular posting schedule I’ve been carrying on with me for the past few months, so I think this is a good solution to this problem, if – of course – is okay to you. If not, at least I’ve tried.

Anyway, this is how it’s going to be like if you wish to typeset a Gaki (or j-comedy) episode and want me to translate it:

① First off, let me know about the episode you wish to typeset and want me to translate; you can show me a raw video of the episode by commenting under this page or sending me a DM anywhere you want to (my e-mail, my Twitter, my Facebook page…)
② We’ll discuss the episode and see if it’s feasable (some possible issues: low audio quality, extremely specific context, part of a series which is currently being translated by someone else, part of a series of which previous episodes hasn’t been translated yet…); if so, you’re in charge of typesetting the whole episode.
③ Typesetting doesn’t need to be flashy: you won’t have to add any complicated animation or font styles or anything like that. You don’t even have to worry about few mistakes or things you’re not sure about (ex: who’s talking?): I’ll fix all the small issues myself. Your name as typesetter will be literally everywhere: on the encoded video as on-screen subtitles (at the beginning and ending of the episode), on the video’s description / post, on every platform on which I’ll post the episode (facebook / twitter / reddit / etc…).
④ You can take your time with it: we’ll keep in touch so we’ll both know the status of what we’re working on. Also, once the episode will be fully translated, you’ll be able to watch it before it will be online for everyone else.
⑥ Once it will be translated and online, it will be posted on my wordpress, but if you want me to credit your own wordpress / add anything in the post’s description, just let me know: we’ll write it together and fill it with every information you want me to add.
⑦ Remember: It’s not a job – just like my whole activity isn’t – so there won’t be any payment. If you have a patreon / ko-fi, though, it will be published too along with mine when everything’s done: donations are, of course, up to viewers, just like I always got mine.

I hope it’s clear enough, in case it isn’t, feel free to ask me anything.
Thanks for reading, I hope we’ll work together on some new Gaki stuff!

– Shion