World Ghost Stories Summit 2016

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As promised, I’m finally back with a new subbed episode from 2 years ago. Think of it as a sort of Halloween special.
In this episode, our main Gaki cast will just stay silent and listen (or at least, that should be the rule) and listen to the scary stories 5 guests from around the world will tell them.
Will it be spooky? Will it be creepy? Will it be cringy? Will it be hilarious? All of them? None of them? You judge. And Hamada. And Matsumoto. Those two surely judge a lot.
I’ll leave few notes for this episode, but if you don’t want to read any spoilers about the guests’ identities, then just read them after watching the episode 💀
– This is actually part of a serie which I don’t know if has been translated before or not. I know for sure there has been a 2015 show with the same title (as shown on 0:31), but I don’t know whether there has been another episode after 2016. I think this one is the most recent from this serie.
– I wanted to make clear another thing as a disclaimer, because I happened to read strangely unreasonable comments over some gaki clips (some Yugawara skits, for example) revolving around the same topic (foreigners in Japan): no one is being racist in here. They laugh at the guests (just like in every other Gaki episode), but not to mock them. It’s much like a no-laughing situation: they know they shouldn’t laugh (whether it’s because of cliches, mispronunciations, facial expressions etc.), and that’s what make them laugh. They’re not being racist or anything at all. Just so you know.
– As explained on the notes, I don’t really know what’s the actual transcription of the names some of the guests say on their own language. If you happen to know them, please let me know: I’ll make sure to add them on the notes & credit you for your help!
– Wikipedia entry for Kokkuri-san.
– When Bobby talks about the monster from his story, I don’t know if he says it’s a “kyodai inu” (giant dog) or “kyodai ino” (giant boar). I think it’s “boar” (ino), but I’m not sure.
– Reddit user greytoshiaki made me notice that when Girolamo says “kaabu” it’s actually “curve”, and not “cabin” (from “cab”) like I’ve translated it. It makes WAY more sense and I’m sorry for this mistakes. Thanks for pointing that out!


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That’s all for today, happy Halloween!

Infos: episode #1319, aired 2016/08/28

Hamada’s AV Filming Location Report

(you can also stream / download this episode on MEGA <- just click here!)

I remember watching this episode some time ago when I was looking for drawing-related episodes (and it lead me to discover and translate the Master Painter Matsumoto episode), but I never actually got to translate this one.
Watching Hamada’s drawing is always hilarious, so that’s why I’m bringing it back once again for you to see!
It wasn’t easy to work on this episode, the audio for lots of its parts wasn’t really the clearest, and I had to listen to some parts over and over again.
In the end, I think the results aren’t bad, even though I still have few doubts on at least 2-3 bits.
I couldn’t find an higher-quality raw file. I’ve turned a 480p (I guess?) raw into a 720p 16:9 one, but it’s still pretty low in terms of resolution. Luckily, is decent enough to show Hamada’s masterpieces without problems.
If you know where I can get a better raw just tell me: I’ve recently opened a new page in which all my softsubs are stored, so now you can use them for other raws in case you have any.
I’ll upload this video’s softsubs file on next week so you’re forced to watch my hardsubbed video for now [evil laughter].
I don’t think there’s any need for notes for this episode, but here’s an update for future subs.

I’m currently pretty damn busy (work, thesis, JLPT N1, personal stuff etc.) so I don’t think how much I can keep the “fast” pace I had before. I still want to upload and sub more Gaki stuff and I’ll try my best to do so, but I can’t promise anything.
Also, I don’t currently have a schedule, so if you want to suggest me some yet untranslated episode you’d like to see subbed, just let me know! (read more about it on this page)
Lastly, I’ve started working on a sort-of Halloween special which I hope I could post within the end of this month, but can’t promised it yet. I’ll try to use my few spare time wisely.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you’ll enjoy this episode too! See you… soon, I hope.

Infos: episode #411, aired 1998/04/05