Absolutely Tasty Tapioca

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Again, this episode wouldn’t be online if it wasn’t for RIDDELL‘s amazing typeset (& QC!). So before anything else, here’s yet another huge THANK YOU for your work!
Today’s episode is the latest one from the popular Absolutely Tasty series, which is (together with Limits, Silent Library and Kiki) one of the first Gaki no Tsukai series I discovered back then in twothousand… something I don’t remember I don’t even know what year am I in right now to be honest (I think I’m still in 2016, mentally speaking).
Anyway, it’s an absolute (pun intended?) honor to translate an episode from this series, it feels like a milestone for this website and I’m proud of its result.
What’s tapioca? Boring answer is “a starch extracted from the storage roots of the cassava plant” (wikipedia), fun answer is “those shiny balls drowned inside cold tea”. Here in Italy, there’s always been “tapioca” around in stores, and we call it “bubble tea”. Last year there has been a huge boom of “tapioca” (they use this term to refer to “bubble tea”, not the starch itself) in Japan, and I hated the hell out of it (I lived in Japan right in the middle of it).
What can our beloved Gaki members create with the tapioca pearls? Something edible? Some weird horror movie creature? Some fun theme park attraction? Watch this episode and find it out! And if you have time, I suggest you to read the following


– First off, I only translated some of the on-screen boxes, only those which add important info not said by the narrator. Untranslated ones are 85% same as narrator voice and 15% description of what you’re looking at (ex. “X adds the tapioca inside the frying pan” etc.). I also added few upper notes to quickly explain few dishes / names of food as they’re displayed / refered to.
– 1:09 Matsumoto says the verb “tapiru”, which is (god I hate this so much) the way young people in Japan refers to “drinking tapioca”. They made a verb out of it. 腹立つわぁー。
– 1:30 Hirunandesu is a variety show running since 2011 on NTV, with Endo Shozo as one of the regular cast members; it focuses on popular places, fashion and reviews.
– 10:33 Yamazaki is talking about the “texture (shokkan) of the buns”, but then he gets confused and says “shoppan” instead, which is a shortened phrasing of the word “shoku-pan”, meaning “bread”.
– 13:07 Chad Mullane is a australian-born comedian who got really popular in Japan. Don’t know what Matsumoto is refering too, could be a recurring gag of him, some personal experience or just a joke. Wikipedia’s entry.
– 14:29 Matsumoto is refering to the tabletop game “Bellz“, which they played on the latest Let’s Play With Tabletop Games From Around The World series episode (which has been subbed by someone else).
– 21:40 “Sworn enemies, same boat” (呉越同舟) is a yoji-jukugo (4 kanji compound) sentence in japanese. Those are always hard to translate in other languages, but the meaning is pretty much that. It’s used to refer a situation in which two things which are in conflict between them are forced to be together in a same environment / situation.
– As explained on an inside note, the last “dish” Matsumoto prepares is a variant of the popular nagashi-somen way of eating noodles. Read more on this article by japan experience.

And that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this episode! I hope there’ll be more episode in the future, but I also hope the outside world returns normal soon. Those things could be… 呉越同舟, you know. But still, we’ll catch up soon. Smash that mofo like button on FB page or follow me on twitter so you won’t miss any update! Stay safe, stay absolutely tasty.


episode #1489, aired 2020/01/19

Limits – Omurice (ft. Tofupanda Fansubs)

・Stream it now on tofupanda’s website: Limits – Omurice

I just love this series. Ohh boy.
It was a pleasure to work with Tofupanda fansubs as usual, I enjoyed working on Monster House and I can guarantee there’s still more to come in the future.
Otviss from tofupanda worked on its typeset some time ago, and we decided to team up and finish this project just few weeks ago. And here it is!
I can’t get enough of this series, really. It’s a shame they’re not doing it anymore, it’s one of my most favorite gaki series ever, not gonna lie. Omurice’s episode is a bit different than its previous ones, and I must say, I really liked the new set of rules they made.
Let me leave few notes here so we can call it a day. Huge shoutout to Tofupanda Fansub for making this subbed episode possible. Have a nice day and stay safe!

Extra notes:

– At 2:37, Matsumoto says “The bubble did burst”, refering to the japanese asset price bubble burst which had a big impact on Japan’s early 90s economy.
– 17:33 – couldn’t find a short translation to fit the subs for “sansai”, but it literally means “mountain vegetables”.
– There are few mistakes on some of Suga’s prices, as user Gao Dan made me notice. At 15:37 I mistakenly translated 10-man in 1 million yen instead of 100’000 yen (as it normally appears in 15:41). I also did the same with 30-man at 15:16, which is actually 300’000 yen, not 3 millions. Sorry for the mistake, I’m really bad at math and numbers overall.
– You can find every other “limits” series episode subbed online; between them, Limits – Cutlet Curry and Limits – Cold Noodles are available here on this wordpress!


episode #683, aired 2003/11/16

Let’s Play Nostalgic Arcade Games

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・Streaming on VK: Let’s Play Nostalgic Arcade Games

Once again, let’s start this post with a big shoutout to RIDDELL for typesetting / quality checking both episodes. Both? Why “both”? Because you’ll find more if you keep on reading, but let’s go step by step.
This episode has always been one of the most sub-requested episode ever in the Gaki community, and I can see why. I really enjoyed working on this episode, not only because of course I enjoy see a bunch of middle aged men being awful at playing games, but also because I got to see what an early 80s japanese game center used to look like, and that’s great.
Without further ado, I’ll leave few notes about the episode, but it’s not over yet: keep scrolling and you’ll find a subbed extra footage from the same episode as well!


– I left “Arcade Games” even if the word “arcade” itself can be confusing, most people would think of videogames. They actually call them “gee-sen geemu”, japanglish word for “game center games”.
– When they’re playing the Shinkansen Game, there are few words written on the board. They are names of places between the Kanto and the Kansai region, which represent the route of the Shinkansen (bullet train). That’s why they are refering to name of places as they play (Himeji castle, Okayama…).
– As you may probably know, lots of japanese candies have a lottery system inside. For example, the GariGari-kun popsicle‘s stick can have the word “ATARI” (“you win”) inside. If you’re lucky enough to get one, you can bring back that stick to the place where you bought it and you’ll receive one more for free. The same happens to Endo’s candy at 12:50.
– Lastly, here’s the list of the requested songs (with youtube link) + their boxes’ missing translations (again, thanks to RIDDELL for his help!):
・Song #1: Brave Raideen Opening Theme. Box text translation: “Brave Raideen by Masato Shimon. It’s the opening theme for the TV anime Brave Raideen, broadcasted from 1975 to 1976″.
・Song #2: Mineko Nishikawa – Anata ni Ageru (Giving Myself To You). Box text translation: “Released in 1974, this song once went to position #1 on the Oricon Chart, and it’s ranked number 35 on the overall top 100 Oricon songs”.
・Song #3: Junko Yagami – Mizuiro no Ame (Aqua blue rain). Box text translation: “Released in 1978, this song sold over 600’000 copies”. It also won the 11th Nihon Yusen Taisho for music”. | personal note: I really really like this song.
・Song #4: Johnny – James Dean no you ni (Just like James Dean). Box text translation: “Released in 1981, its record is #3 on the Oricon Chart. It’s the debut single for Yokohama Ginbae’s guitarist Johnny”.
・Song #5: Aladdin – Kanzen Muketsu no Rock’n’roller (Perfect, flawless Rock’n’roller. Box text translation: “Released in 1981, it’s the debut single of Aladdin”.

Let’s save a final comment for later, because it’s time for…

Let’s Play Nostalgic Arcade Games – EXTRA FOOTAGE

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Let’s Play Nostalgic Arcade Games – Extra Footage
・Streaming on VK: Let’s Play Nostalgic Arcade Games – Extra Footage

And here’s the extra footage for this episode, making the whole thing over 30 minutes long! Isn’t that great? Of course, our man RIDDELL typesetted this one too, and I’ll never get tired of saying thanks to him and his efforts.
Pretty much nothing to add here, we get to see some more games, more bloopers and more accidental injuries.
Hope you enjoyed today’s episodes, and I hope I can sub more stuff while the world is still under lockdown. It’s not much, but as long as my subs can make you laugh and forget for 20 minutes about the chaos outside (and inside?), it makes me happy. Oh, and by the way, thanks for all you kind words and everything else. I always read comments, but I rarely reply (sorry for that). But I really DO read them all, and I appreciate your support so much. Just wanted to let you know.
Stay safe, we’ll – hopefully – catch up soon!


episode #1183, aired 2013/12/08