TKO Kinoshita’s Shichi-Henge

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Happy (?) New (??) Year (again?), folks!
And welcome to the first episode of 2021, a year which started… ok, no. This is not the right place to complain and stuff.
Today’s episode, another Kedomas production, is a new Shichi-Henge, a series which I deeply love and have subbed more than once. Again, fricked up 16:9 ratio, but only for MEGA streaming. Don’t know what I’m getting wrong, I even used my other PC to encode it and it never occurred before, and now I can’t get out of this hell. But it should be fine if you download it / stream it on vk, hope that’s not a big issue.
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Today is TKO Kinoshita’s turn, you may remember him from the Batsu Games (he often plays the role of the googly-eyed man harassing Matsumoto during the Onigokko segments) or from Documental S3 (probably the best season yet).
It’s a shichi-henge with a twist and lots of non-intended gags, which is one of the things I enjoy the most when it comes to j-comedy.
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I’ll leave few notes here, but stay tuned. We have more stuff which – hopefully – will be released soon. And even sooner on my patreon *wink wink*


– I guess “High Tension” at 1:12 is a series within Gaki no Tsukai, at least that’s what I read from Wikipedia. Don’t actually know much about it.
– On his second-to-last transformation, Kinoshita is refering to this song, the theme tune for Kani Douraku, a chain of restaurants specialized in crustacean dishes whose major feature is probably the moving mechanical crab in front of each store’s logo. Kyobashi and Grand Chateau are two places in Osaka. Every other aspect of that skit is obscure to me (who’s Taro? Who’s the little guy behind him? Is it a parody of someone? Is he making a reference to something?).
– I’ve noticed some really dumb translation errors I’ve made, I don’t even know how. At 21:47, he doesn’t say “That doesn’t give you the right to steal it!”, he says “Didn’t you see there was a dog inside it?”. Again, at 21:57, what he’s actually saying is “I’ve been raising Popo-chan (the dog) for eight years!” (I misheard “popo” for “papa”). Matsumoto even repeats its name at 22:57 “Popo-chan is really something”.


episode #1202, aired 04/27/2014