Yamazaki The Comedy Innovator

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Here’s a new full-lenght old school Gaki no Tsukai episode from 2004, back on the days when everyone still used to call him Yamazaki.
Also known – at least on reddit – as Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge, this episode focuses on Yamazaki, tired of the lack of innovation of modern comedians and ready to show everyone what is like to be a real comedian.
A chilly lame-comedy episode to help you overcome the high temperatures of this somehow still scorching hot late Summer!
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With that being said, I’ll leave here few notes about this episode:
– This episode is not part of the Shichi-Henge serie. Its actual japanese title is 破天荒芸人山崎邦正スベったらお金払います (“hatenkou geinin Yamazaki Housei subettara okane o haraimasu”, “Innovative Comedian Yamazaki Housei: If he fails, he’ll pay”. That’s why I chose “Yamazaki The Comedy Innovator” as my title translation.
– The first song Yamazaki sings is Love Is Calling Me by Judy Ongg, although he mistakenly swaps 2 stanzas from its lyrics.
– The second song Yamazaki sings is Hinageshi No Hana by Agnes-chan.
– The sounds / writings when Yamazaki starts to sing his third song are an announcement for a weak earthquake, there aren’t raw without it.
– The third song Yamazaki sings is Yogiri Yo Kon’ya Mo Arigatou by Yujiro Ishihara. The huge glass is a common gag when it comes to his parodies because of the title of one of his most successful albums, “Brandy Glass”. The man holding a gun is a tribute to his previous works as an actor for popular ’80s police dramas, such as Taiyou ni Hoero! and Seibu Keisatsu (they both appeared multiple times as parodies on Gaki no Tsukai).

That’s everything for now, see you next post (probably a skit)!

Infos: episode #729, aired 2004/10/24

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