Bananaman Shitara’s Shichi-Henge

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It’s been a whilen’t. Two episodes in a row; crazy, isn’t it?
Well, not as crazy as the situation the entire world is facing right now. Covid-19 is spreading fast and – I don’t know about you – but here in Italy we’re all pretty much locked up in our homes. Some of us are singing on their balcony, others are doing in-house flashmobs. I never cared much about this kind of stuff and I’ve decided to use this free time to bring some more subbed Gaki to you. A laugh may help you (us) forget for a while about the chaos outside our windows.
Anyway, today’s episode has been typesetted by GakiDave, who already helped me typesetting its prequel, Bananaman Himura’s Shichi-Henge (go watch it now if you haven’t yet)!
Shichi-Henge is a series I hold dear, is one of the first Gaki series I ever watched and I translated a significant number of those. As I said in other occasions, I also like Bananaman a lot, they always seem to have a lot of fun while performing, and I really like that.
Shitara’s Shichi-Henge is already pretty infamous in the Gaki community because of that fan meeting scene which you’re going to find inside this episode. Hope you’ll enjoy today’s episode, and I hope everything will be okay! Sit back, relax and, while you’re at it, check out my complete translations list: maybe there’s still some subbed Gaki episode you haven’t watched yet!


– I didn’t place the usual notes about on-screen texts. Like “meeting session” right after the opening, or “Shichi-Henge starts” when Shitara gets up, or “penalty” each time they laugh, or the usual note about how all the earned money are going to be devolved. I think you can all understand those even without subs, after all the shichi-henge episodes I’ve subbed so far.
– The zombie episode Matsumoto is refering to is 絶妙なタイミングでゾンビ登場 (“Perfectly timed zombie entrance”), which aired some time before Shitara’s Shichi-Henge. in this article, it is actually revealed that because of that experience, Matsumoto developed claustrophobia.

Again, thanks to GakiDave for his typeset / QC.
Next week there will be a new episode, one from the good ol’ 90s.
Remember: you can support my translation by making small donations on my ko-fi page, so I can afford hand sanitizer and toilet paper and disappear in my bunker forever.
Stay tuned next week for a new episode!


episode #1004, aired 2010/05/09

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      1. Grandissimo ahaha! 🙂 Grazie mille per il lavoro che svolgi e che permette a noi di poter accedere a Gaki no Tsukai 🙂 Sto studiando giapponese insieme alla mia ragazza (che è giapponese), spero, un giorno, di poter aiutare nel processo. 🙂

        "Mi piace"


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