Somehow puzzled me on a japanese-language conference about japanese television entertainment / kansai-ben, Rome “La Sapienza”, 15/12/2017

Nickname Shion, I’m an italian 1993-born earthling.
I got a master degree with full marks in japanese language and culture at Rome’s University “La Sapienza”, and I’m currently keeping on my language studies on my own.
I started subbing Gaki-no-Tsukai clips mainly for fun back on Autumn 2014, and I’ve noticed that my videos were becoming quite popular among fans.
So I decided to keep on translating clips and uploading them on my old youtube account until I got two copyright strikes which kind of forced me to delete all my old videos.
I’ve uploaded them again and I’m currently planning on releasing new Gaki clips on this new youtube account.
This wordpress is merely an archive for my youtube account / gaki clips I’ve translated / helped working on / a journal for any gaki-no-tsukai uploads related infos. Meaning that if something happens to my uploads (removed, flagged, canceled etc.) they’ll be re-uploaded again in here, some way or another.
If you want to collaborate with me, just let me know!
I’ve collaborated with Team Gaki before (I helped translating roughly one hour of the Earth Defense Force Batsu Game) and I’m willing to give an hand (出来るだけで)for all the gaki fans around the world.
If you want to contact me, please check the “Contacts” menu on the right corner of this website. I suggest you to contact me via mail / twitter (‘cause I constantly keep an eye on them).
Nothing else to say, enjoy the clips!

All the updates on my videos / uploads will be published on my facebook page Shionの使い, so be sure to leave a like on it, I’d really appreciate it ❤

Special thanks to:

Tiny_Paw (short clips typesetter)
Huh009 (encoder & problem solver)
Otviss (collaborator)
– Martin Vooremäe (creator of Shion No Tsukai vk community)
– GakiDave (typesetter)
RIDDELL (typesetter)
– Amria (typesetter)
Mattee53 (typesetter)
Kedomas (typesetter)
– All donors on ko-fi (thank you so much!!)
– All donors on patreon (thank you so much!!)

…and to everyone who watches & enjoys my our translated episodes!

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  1. Someone needs to say this. I realize and respect that English is not your native language. But you DESPERATELY need someone to edit for you. It’s only to help you that I’m bringing this up.

    I just read Chapter 13, and I need to point this out: “Expecially” is NOT a word. It’s “especially”. And that’s only one of hundreds of errors you’ve made.

    “Yeah” is the correct spelling of the English-language slang for “yes”. “Yea” is strictly Biblical.

    I don’t have the time or the energy to point everything else out; I have a headache, I’m tired, and it’s THAT time of the month for me (to clarify, if you don’t understand the euphemism, that means I’m a woman). So, if this comes across in any way as me being rude or cranky, that is not the impression that I intend to make. I’m just a pretty blunt individual–which may be part of why I have a crush on Matsumoto-san; I see a lot of myself in him.

    I apologize for any perceived rudeness; I am not, in general, a rude or disrespectful person. But, as a writer, I get impatient with errors. Again, let me point out that I’m fully aware of the fact that you don’t have English as your first language, and errors are to be expected. But these are just a bit more irksome to me.

    "Mi piace"

    1. I apprecciate your comment and your frankness, and yes, of course english is not my mother tongue and I’m not even trying to pretend it is, I often make dumb mistakes and/or mispells but it’s also partly because this is just for fun, I’m not spending hours on each post and to me – giving that everything I do is for free and for fun – the actual content is slightly above everything else. I’m not saying I don’t care about having the final result being a clusterf@#k of errors and such, of course I do. It’s just that I don’t have time to spend on reviewing everything more than once. And my reviews are still reviews from a non-english speaker, so it goes without saying some errors are still going to stay there after I’m done. Again, I’m sorry for it and I apprecciate your comment. But I’m no writer and can’t deal with quality issues as much as I wish I could. Writing in english is not the easiest task to me (I’m way better ar writing in japanese just to give you an example), and being this a fanmade translation I’m doing for fun / to bring more contents to the community to the best of my limited possibilities, I can’t do much about it. As a cherry on too, I’m also writing from my mobile caus my pc is broken, so that makes everything harder. If you feel like it, you can take notes of every error or mistakes or such. I’m planning on reviewing the entire book once it’ll be done, and if it’s ok to you we can fix its issues and release a final updated version in which you will be credited as the editor. Again, think of this as fanmade works, for fans and for fun. But it seems you care about this, so give it a thought. It may be hard for me to do it on a weekly basis, but once everything’s done I think I can do something more concrete about it. You can reach me out via mail (right column) for anything, thank you for your feedback and sorry if my post upset you. Have a nice day.

      "Mi piace"

    2. This is the most annoying tone you could have possibly taken to give this critique, and what is most galling is that you don’t offer any solutions you’re willing to be a part of, only complaints. Saying you don’t want to make a rude impression doesn’t indemnify you, at all. Sending this kind of feedback to someone who does an incredible service FOR FUCKING FREE without offering to help is just counterproductive. I’m also a native English speaker and this kind of pedantic and imperious comment just makes things worse for everyone. If you find this kind of stuff so irksome, then maybe you shouldn’t consume it.

      "Mi piace"

  2. Hey Shion, I recently came across your translation for the Mass of the Fermenting Dregs and My Dead Girlfriend lyrics and just wanted to thank you for the time and work. I’ve listened to MOTFD for years and have finally decided to try and learn their lyrics and your translations are helping a ton. I am almost getting some new meaning of the songs now that I can understand the lyrics, which is a huge win personally. Once again, thank you for everything.

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