Booby-traps Battle Royale (from Wednesday Downtown)

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Hey there! It’s been a while. A month, more or less. How are you doing? I’m fine. And by fine I mean I think I’m slowly going insane. But it’s still ok, ‘cause we’re all on the same boat.
I’ve started working on this episode a few months ago (I originally cropped it around October 2020), but I never actually got to finish it, for one reason or another.
I’ve been very slow at typesetting it, but then Kedomas reached me out and typesetted the remaining video faster than light. It literally took him one day, while, on the other hand, I’ve been spending weeks for its first half lol. Big big big big thanks to him for completing it so quickly, this episode wouldn’t be here without him.
As you’ve guessed, yep: it’s yet another Wednesday Downtown “theory”, and, again, one of my personal favorites (hope you didn’t miss my previous theories: “Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian spy” and “A person who doesn’t know golf rules will end up believing any rule they impose on”).
It’s kind of a parody of the Battle Royale series (there’s even Takeshi Kitano at the beginning of this episode!), and we’ll see 5 (+ 1 secret one?) contestants (Kotohge from Viking, Takashi from Trendy Angel, Miyazon from Anzen Manzai, Akemi Matsuno and Mari Yaguchi) trying to lead their opponents inside their own booby-traps, scattered around an open field.
A psychological warfare game full of action, twists, deception, shenanigans, idiots. I really hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂


From Wednesday Downtown, aired 04/26/2017

Hot-blooded! Hamada’s Cram School 2 (Part 2)

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It’s been a while, but here we are with a new episode by me and Kedomas.
It’s going to get harder to keep this pace, but I’ll try my best.
I’ve already subbed an episode from this series, and I’m glad we could finally complete it.


– 8:06, do I really need to tell you who Egashira 2:50 is?
– 18:33 – He’s referring to “Hige Brothers”, a pair of moustached magicians. They even made a parody of them and their dance in Tetsuo’s Shichi-Henge (one of my personal favorite shichi-henge skits).


episode #1219, aired 08/24/2014

Heipo’s Camping Trip

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Hey there folks! How are you doing?
Did you like our previous episode, Heipo’s Sleepover? Well, good news for you then: today me and Kedomas will bring you its sequel, Heipo’s Camping Trip!
Heipo sets off to a camping trip, again with Cow Cow’s Yoshi, his wife Mayo, his daughter Nikori and his son Sakuharu (and their dogs).
We’ll get to see an entire day with Heipo and the kids in a beautiful camping site, with water games by the river, bug hunting sessions, midnight strolls and everything!
We sincerely hope you’ll like this episode.
There aren’t notes needed, so I’m writing it here so you don’t have to look it up by yourself: the song which plays at the end is Bokura No Natsu No Yume, by Tatsuro Yamashita.
Thanks for watching, we’ll catch up again later with new episodes.


episode #1071, aired 09/11/2011

Heipo’s Sleepover

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Me and Kedomas are proud to present you an incredible episode starring our World Famous Heipo: Heipo’s Sleepover.
As a producer, is Heipo’s duty to learn more about comedians, how they live their life, how they behave, what they like to do and how’s their private life.
For this experiment, he’s going to stay for a night at Yoshi Yamada (from the comedy duo Cow Cow)’s house, together with his wife, kids and pets.
Believe me when I say this episode is a journey, and it’s not what you’d expect it to be. An instant classic, if you ask me.
Oh, and if you’re going to like it, then rejoice: our next episode is going to be a follow up to this one, and you can already find its raw + subs on my patreon (or just wait some more, it’s coming here soon).
There’s not even any need for notes on this episode, I’m only going to leave the song played in the end here: Yusaku Kiyama – home.
Thanks for watching, we’ll catch up soon with another Heipo-themed adventure!


episode #1067, aired 14/08/2011

Gottsu Ee Kanji – SET I (On The Road, Big Bro II, Martial Arts)

Three new Gottsu Ee Kanji episodes for you!
・On The Road: vk | MEGA
・Big Bro II: vk | MEGA
・Martial Arts: vk | MEGA

More Gottsu Ee Kanji brought to you by me and Kedomas, again.
I love this series and I hope to upload more episodes in the future, between one upload and another.
Speaking of uploads, the next episode I’m going to upload is Heipo’s Sleepover, which is already available on my patreon and it’s going to be released in a couple of weeks. Hope you’re looking forward to it!
(Very quick) notes about these episodes:
– (On The Road) Hamada Shogo is a popular 80s/90s singer, I even subbed an entire Gaki episode about him a thousand years ago. Matsumoto says some line from his famous hit song Money more than once.
– (Big Bro II) Two references in this episode: Sakata Toshio is an actor and comedian, also known as aho-no-sakata (Sakata the dumb); Dark Ducks is a japanese acapella quartet, here’s a video of them
– (Martial Arts) This episode won the most useless subtitles award ever, and I’m proud of it.

See you soon with new content!

Tsukitei Hosei Produce VI

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・Streaming on VK: Yamazaki (Tsukitei) Produce VI

Here we are again, with yet another Kedomas-typesetted Shion-subbed Gaki no Tsukai episode!
Today we’re here to bring you the latest addition to a classic series, “Yamazaki Produce” (now Tsukitei Produce), in which we’ll get to see the entire creative process of our genius songwriter, from lyrics and melody creation to choreography and costumes preparations.
We hope you’ll enjoy this episode, it’s a really fun one with a lot of golden moments. And some other moments which probably need few explanatory notes, coming right up.


– I believe that right at the beginning, Matsumoto is joking on Endo’s marital life, being the episode filmed shortly after his second marriage. He also says “how can you say that in front of Tanaka?” because, at the same time, Tanaka had recently divorced. ZIP is the name of a morning show hosted by Tanaka (and I think this is like the 4th time I made a note about it).
– For more info, here’s Wikipedia’s entry for The Drifters. And here’s “Almighty Thunder (kaminari-sama)“, referenced to around 5:18. Also, Zundoko Bushi, referenced to around 6:21.
Kohaku Uta Gassen is an annual New Year’s Eve television special produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK. And it’s a big deal.
– As a general note, some lines from the lyrics are different when Hosei is reading them only because of a CPS / space problem (he’s speaking too fast and the lines are too long).
– 9:39, here’s the hardest translation for this episode, and one I’m not really satisfied with. The monk’s final line (in japanese) says “kore ga hontou no oiru shokku?” (is this the real oiru shokku?). Oiru shokku it’s the katakana for “oli shock”, which is the way Japan refers to the oil crisis which occurred during the 70s. The word “oiru” written in kanji instead of katakana (老いる instead of オイル) can also mean “to age”, “to get old”. So, the pun is between the “oil shock” and the “becoming old shock”. Of course, I couldn’t place it inside my translation, it doesn’t even sound like a joke this way. So I’ve adapted it the way I did. I couldn’t come up with anything better, but you know… my native tongue is the sounds made by Pingu, after all.
– At 13:42, Matsumoto is referring to a series of tv ads he filmed back in 2016: Townwork’s ads.
– I want to point out that at 14:34 no one says “Kenji Sawada”, but Matsumoto says “looks like Juri” (“juri-ppoi”). Julie is the nickname for Kenji Sawada, a japanese singer. I also accidentally kept it in its katakana transcription. My bad.

That’s it for now, new episodes will come for sure, but I can’t tell you which ones they’re going to be yet. Live and learn! Or you can subscribe to my patreon so you’ll always know before anyone else. PS: our next subbed episode is already there, together with some nice info about upcoming episodes and extra gottsu clips 😉


episode #1360, aired 06/18/2017

TKO Kinoshita’s Shichi-Henge

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・Streaming on VK: TKO Kinoshita’s Shichi-Henge

Happy (?) New (??) Year (again?), folks!
And welcome to the first episode of 2021, a year which started… ok, no. This is not the right place to complain and stuff.
Today’s episode, another Kedomas production, is a new Shichi-Henge, a series which I deeply love and have subbed more than once. Again, fricked up 16:9 ratio, but only for MEGA streaming. Don’t know what I’m getting wrong, I even used my other PC to encode it and it never occurred before, and now I can’t get out of this hell. But it should be fine if you download it / stream it on vk, hope that’s not a big issue.
Oh, by the way, in case you missed some episodes I’ve subbed from the same series, you can check them out here:
Tanaka (old)
Yamazaki -reverse-
Jungle Pocket Saito
Komoto Jun’ichi
Bananaman Himura
Bananaman Shitara
Today is TKO Kinoshita’s turn, you may remember him from the Batsu Games (he often plays the role of the googly-eyed man harassing Matsumoto during the Onigokko segments) or from Documental S3 (probably the best season yet).
It’s a shichi-henge with a twist and lots of non-intended gags, which is one of the things I enjoy the most when it comes to j-comedy.
Reminder! This episode has been already available on my patreon page since a couple of weeks ago, by subscribing not only you’ll support / motivate me to do more, but you’ll also get early access on my subs (which are still going to be released normally). Also, my next fully-translated Gaki episode is already available there, you know ;-)))
I’ll leave few notes here, but stay tuned. We have more stuff which – hopefully – will be released soon. And even sooner on my patreon *wink wink*


– I guess “High Tension” at 1:12 is a series within Gaki no Tsukai, at least that’s what I read from Wikipedia. Don’t actually know much about it.
– On his second-to-last transformation, Kinoshita is refering to this song, the theme tune for Kani Douraku, a chain of restaurants specialized in crustacean dishes whose major feature is probably the moving mechanical crab in front of each store’s logo. Kyobashi and Grand Chateau are two places in Osaka. Every other aspect of that skit is obscure to me (who’s Taro? Who’s the little guy behind him? Is it a parody of someone? Is he making a reference to something?).
– I’ve noticed some really dumb translation errors I’ve made, I don’t even know how. At 21:47, he doesn’t say “That doesn’t give you the right to steal it!”, he says “Didn’t you see there was a dog inside it?”. Again, at 21:57, what he’s actually saying is “I’ve been raising Popo-chan (the dog) for eight years!” (I misheard “popo” for “papa”). Matsumoto even repeats its name at 22:57 “Popo-chan is really something”.


episode #1202, aired 04/27/2014

Ask The Best 5 in a Town We’ve Never Been To (part 1/2)

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Ask The Best 5 in a Town We’ve Never Been To (part 1/2)
・Streaming on VK: Ask The Best 5 in a Town We’ve Never Been To (part 1/2)

Hi friends!! Merry Christmas!!
It’s been a difficult year, but I sincerely hope that you can have a peaceful and relaxing time, at least for today.
Think of today’s episode as a present from me and Mattee53, it’s the first half of a series we all love, “Ask the best 5 in a town we’ve never been to”!
Our members are going to find out what’s the best thing a small town away from Tokyo has to offer. Not going to write anything else, I don’t want to spoil anything!
Few things before I’ll leave you some notes. You can donate on Mattee53’s patreon page if you want to, he’s been helping me and other subbers with episodes typesetting and you should definitely support his activity.
We (of ourse) plan to release part 2 as well, for now we haven’t even started yet, but hopefully once the typeset will be done, I’ll work on it with the highest priority possible.
Raws + softsubs for every episode I’m going to upload on my wordpress will be online up to 2 weeks earlier on my patreon page, so please, consider subscribing to it if you feel like supporting my activity while also getting early access to my uploads!
That’s all for now, we’ll see again for a new post on December the 31st and then… well, it’ll be all written on it, you’ll see. Merry Christmas beautiful people!! ❤

– The first two piece of papers they get are “Yokohama” and “Shounan-Fukasawa”. They react the way they do because while Kanagawa (prefecture) itself is full of small and unknown towns, Yokohama, which is part of it, is not (it’s one of the most populated city in Japan and a famous tourism spot), as it’s not Shounan, being one of the most famous seaside cities in Japan. It’s crazy how they got the most popular cities of Kanagawa right off the bat.
– I left some of the on-screen text untranslated, mainly when they’re 100% the same as the narrator’s voice.
– The name of the curry shop owner is (in katakana) “GIMIRE GANESU”, which I rendered as “Gimire Ganesh”. I tried to look online for solutions, but nothing came up. I’m not sure that’s the right name, if you happen to know how it’s spelled, I’m adding it here.
– At 9:49 Matsumoto makes a pun (which I adapted). He says that in this shop, “nan-ari yatte kiitande” (literally “I heard you had difficulties”), where the word “nan-ari” means “to face difficulties”. He’s making a pun between “nan” (difficulties) and “naan”, so Endo and Hamada correct him by saying “Not difficulties, they were talking about the naan”.
– Again, MEGA ratio isn’t 16:9 (no encoding issues, I think it’s my new pc). Download / vk are in the correct 16:9 ratio, sorry for the issue.


episode #1331, aired 11/20/2016

Gottsu Ee Kanji – Cathy Tsukamoto & Gyoza

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・Streaming on VK: Gottsu Ee Kanji Skit – Cathy Tsukamoto & Gyoza

It’s been a while since my last episode, but I never stopped translating, actually. This episode of Gottsu Ee Kanji has been typesetted by Kedomas, and you may already heard of this character Matsumoto is playing if you have watched the “Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian spy” theory on Wednesday Downtown I’ve subbed a while ago.
Needless to say, Gottsu is gold, I wish I could sub literally everything from it!
A new full Gaki video is going to be released on Christmas, and another one is currently WIP, so keep an eye on this website!
Also, I’ve decided to reward all my kind patrons on patreons. If you subscribe to my patreon, you’ll be able to obtain info and softsubs + raw on upcoming episodes earlier than anyone else!
My patrons already know which episode is going to be uploaded next, and they’ve already watched it subbed 🙂
If you consider supporting my translations, please consider becoming a patron, it’s cheap and convenient. But don’t worry, if you can’t / don’t want to, everything is still going to be uploaded for free here in more days.
We’ll catch up on Christmas, in the meanwhile have a wonderful day!


from Gottsu Ee Kanji, aired 03/12/1995

Tanaka’s Breakdown II

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Tanaka’s Breakdown II
・Streaming on VK: Tanaka’s Breakdown II

[ABOUT MEGA] For some reason, MEGA is not showing the correct 16:9 ratio. I encoded it correctly more than once, but it keeps on showing as 4:3 for the streaming. Downloading the episode should solve the issue, VLC can play it in its correct 16:9 aspect ratio.


Here we are again, with a new episode typesetted by Kedomas! Words can’t express how grateful I am to him, and… we still have lots of stuff to bring you!
This episode is marked as “2” because it’s the same concept as a previous episode (probably more known as “Stalking Tanaka”), and it’s related to something which happened during Comedy Guidelines Decision Meeting (Yamazaki’s Judgement), an episode I’ve subbed some time ago.
Tanaka hasn’t shown up in the dressing room yet, and as the other members start to worry about him, License comes in to show them a VTR which is going to change the way they look at him forever.
An hilarious episode which I hope you’ll enjoy!
Unrelated to it, quick thing which could be unclear to you. When I said I’m taking a break, I meant for October. Also, the pace has already slowed down because I’m busy, I can manage to upload another episode within this month (maybe), but I can’t do more than two (there were few months in which I even subbed more than 4 eps per month!).
In other words, for now that’s how things are going, but it could change anytime. Me, Kedomas and other typesetters have already other episodes we’re working on, and I can’t wait to finish them all. It’s going to take longer than before, but it won’t be a matter of years.
Just wait and see! In the meanwhile, please enjoy today’s episode.


episode #1109, aired 2012/06/10