Ask The Best 5 in a Town We’ve Never Been To (part 1/2)

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Hi friends!! Merry Christmas!!
It’s been a difficult year, but I sincerely hope that you can have a peaceful and relaxing time, at least for today.
Think of today’s episode as a present from me and Mattee53, it’s the first half of a series we all love, “Ask the best 5 in a town we’ve never been to”!
Our members are going to find out what’s the best thing a small town away from Tokyo has to offer. Not going to write anything else, I don’t want to spoil anything!
Few things before I’ll leave you some notes. You can donate on Mattee53’s patreon page if you want to, he’s been helping me and other subbers with episodes typesetting and you should definitely support his activity.
We (of ourse) plan to release part 2 as well, for now we haven’t even started yet, but hopefully once the typeset will be done, I’ll work on it with the highest priority possible.
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That’s all for now, we’ll see again for a new post on December the 31st and then… well, it’ll be all written on it, you’ll see. Merry Christmas beautiful people!! ❤

– The first two piece of papers they get are “Yokohama” and “Shounan-Fukasawa”. They react the way they do because while Kanagawa (prefecture) itself is full of small and unknown towns, Yokohama, which is part of it, is not (it’s one of the most populated city in Japan and a famous tourism spot), as it’s not Shounan, being one of the most famous seaside cities in Japan. It’s crazy how they got the most popular cities of Kanagawa right off the bat.
– I left some of the on-screen text untranslated, mainly when they’re 100% the same as the narrator’s voice.
– The name of the curry shop owner is (in katakana) “GIMIRE GANESU”, which I rendered as “Gimire Ganesh”. I tried to look online for solutions, but nothing came up. I’m not sure that’s the right name, if you happen to know how it’s spelled, I’m adding it here.
– At 9:49 Matsumoto makes a pun (which I adapted). He says that in this shop, “nan-ari yatte kiitande” (literally “I heard you had difficulties”), where the word “nan-ari” means “to face difficulties”. He’s making a pun between “nan” (difficulties) and “naan”, so Endo and Hamada correct him by saying “Not difficulties, they were talking about the naan”.
– Again, MEGA ratio isn’t 16:9 (no encoding issues, I think it’s my new pc). Download / vk are in the correct 16:9 ratio, sorry for the issue.


episode #1331, aired 11/20/2016

Gottsu Ee Kanji – Cathy Tsukamoto & Gyoza

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・Streaming on VK: Gottsu Ee Kanji Skit – Cathy Tsukamoto & Gyoza

It’s been a while since my last episode, but I never stopped translating, actually. This episode of Gottsu Ee Kanji has been typesetted by Kedomas, and you may already heard of this character Matsumoto is playing if you have watched the “Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian spy” theory on Wednesday Downtown I’ve subbed a while ago.
Needless to say, Gottsu is gold, I wish I could sub literally everything from it!
A new full Gaki video is going to be released on Christmas, and another one is currently WIP, so keep an eye on this website!
Also, I’ve decided to reward all my kind patrons on patreons. If you subscribe to my patreon, you’ll be able to obtain info and softsubs + raw on upcoming episodes earlier than anyone else!
My patrons already know which episode is going to be uploaded next, and they’ve already watched it subbed 🙂
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We’ll catch up on Christmas, in the meanwhile have a wonderful day!


from Gottsu Ee Kanji, aired 03/12/1995

Tanaka’s Breakdown II

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・Streaming on VK: Tanaka’s Breakdown II

[ABOUT MEGA] For some reason, MEGA is not showing the correct 16:9 ratio. I encoded it correctly more than once, but it keeps on showing as 4:3 for the streaming. Downloading the episode should solve the issue, VLC can play it in its correct 16:9 aspect ratio.


Here we are again, with a new episode typesetted by Kedomas! Words can’t express how grateful I am to him, and… we still have lots of stuff to bring you!
This episode is marked as “2” because it’s the same concept as a previous episode (probably more known as “Stalking Tanaka”), and it’s related to something which happened during Comedy Guidelines Decision Meeting (Yamazaki’s Judgement), an episode I’ve subbed some time ago.
Tanaka hasn’t shown up in the dressing room yet, and as the other members start to worry about him, License comes in to show them a VTR which is going to change the way they look at him forever.
An hilarious episode which I hope you’ll enjoy!
Unrelated to it, quick thing which could be unclear to you. When I said I’m taking a break, I meant for October. Also, the pace has already slowed down because I’m busy, I can manage to upload another episode within this month (maybe), but I can’t do more than two (there were few months in which I even subbed more than 4 eps per month!).
In other words, for now that’s how things are going, but it could change anytime. Me, Kedomas and other typesetters have already other episodes we’re working on, and I can’t wait to finish them all. It’s going to take longer than before, but it won’t be a matter of years.
Just wait and see! In the meanwhile, please enjoy today’s episode.


episode #1109, aired 2012/06/10

9th Silent Library – Part 2/2

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: 9th Silent Library – Part 2/2
・Streaming on VK: 9th Silent Library – Part 2/2

This is part two of a two-parts episode. Part one is availabe here: 9th Silent Library – Part 1/2

Here we are, boys and girls! Most of you already know it, but bringing this episode online was truly an odyssey.
My pc died before I started dealing with it, then I retrieved its subs and fixed my pc, then it died again and I lost all the progress, then I stayed without a pc for more than a week, then I bought a new one, started translating back from scratch and it’s finally here.
Needless to say, it’s been really stressful, but I’m back on track now.
Lots of things have been changing in my personal life, so I won’t be able to keep the usual hyperfast schedule I used to have before. But I’m still going to bring you new subbed content from time to time!
Lastly (but not leastly) a huge thank you to our typesetter Kedomas for his work: if it wasn’t for him, this website would have been way emptier. Thank you so much!!
Hope you’ll enjoy this episode, and again, sorry for the long wait (it must have sucked!!).
We’ll catch up soon with new subbed content, for updates & stuff follow me on twitter or like my fb page, thank you!


episode #1397, aired 2018/03/18

Theory: A person who doesn’t know golf rules will end up believing any rule they impose on him (from Wednesday Downtown)

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Theory: A person who doesn’t know golf rules will end up believing any rule they impose on him
・Streaming on VK: Theory: A person who doesn’t know golf rules will end up believing any rule they impose on him

Long title, isn’t it? But not as long as the time it took me to work on its typeset. Oh boy, it was intense but I’m so proud of its outcome!
Today’s presenter is Kasuga from comic duo Audrey, who’s also going to be this theory’s tester together with Haranishi (Fujiwara) and Kotohge (Viking). Our victim is mr. gullible Nishimura (Viking), the perfect man to test this theory on.
This is one of my favorite Wednesday Downtown theories ever, and I really hope you’re going to enjoy it.
I’m definitely going to bring you more Wednesday Downtown subbed theories (I’ve already planned my next one), but maybe I’ll go with simpler subs for it.
Last but not least, special thanks to Kedomas for this episode’s quality check.
I don’t think there’s anything else to add here, so… grab a snack and go watch it now!
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From Wednesday Downtown, aired 10/18/2017

Food Marathon: Gyoza – Part 2/2

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Food Marathon – Gyoza (part 2/2)
・Streaming on VK: Food Marathon – Gyoza (part 2/2)

This is part two of a two-parts episode. Part one is availabe here: Food Marathon – Gyoza (1/2).

And here we are again with the Gyoza Marathon, once again brought to you by me and Kedomas.
Last time we got to see how quick one’s motivation can fade away. Hosei did great at the beginning but was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of gyoza he ate, and Tanaka – who did slightly better than his teammate – gave up too just before reaching his quota, entrusting both the sash and the take-away gyoza to Hamada, who is now leading the marathon.
How is everything going to turn out? Are the others going to be defeated by the gyoza as well? Will Endo and Matsumoto change the course of events? Or will something unexpected happen? There’s only one way to find out.
Hope you’re going to enjoy this second half! There’s no need for lengthy notes, so I’ll just write one quick thing here: tenshinmen is a sort of chinese-derived ramen with omelette and vegetables (now I’m hungry).
We’ll catch up soon with brand new subbed content, keep an eye on THIS and THIS (please <3).


episode #971, aired 2009/09/13

Food Marathon: Gyoza – Part 1/2

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Food Marathon – Gyoza (part 1/2)
・Streaming on VK: Food Marathon – Gyoza (part 1/2)

This is part one of a two-parts episode. Part two is availabe here: Food Marathon – Gyoza (2/2).

A new episode, a new Kedomas collab. I love what he’s doing for this website, and I won’t ever get tired of thanking him.
Do you like gyoza (or steamed dumpling)? I personally love them. I could eat them nonstop, for hours, for days… or at least, that’s what I used to believe before this episode.
Our members are going through all the 32 shops (as of September 2009) of Gyoza-no-ousho (Gyoza’s King – a popular japanese gyoza restaurants chain) in Tokyo, with a quota of 6 shops each. In other words, to complete this relay, each one of them has to go through at least 6 shops (meaning 36 gyoza each) and pass the sash to the next runner as they move from one shop to another, until they reach the last one before 23:30, the deadline in which the stores will be closed.
The marathon is going to start from Hosei and the sash is going to be passed to every other member, one by one. Will they be able to complete it? Or will they perish while attempting this hard task?

– Tokyo is divided in 23 special wards known as “ku” in japanese (ex: Shinjuku-ku, Arawaka-ku etc.). I know it’s always hard to translate the word “ku” in english, so I simply chose the word “ward” for “ku”.
– At 5:14 Hosei talks about being hospitalized two years prior to this episode (in 2007). That’s from when they were shooting No Laughing Hospital. As you can remember, Yamazaki got recently hospitalized during its filming and had to leave halfway through it. Also – unrelated and stupid – in this hilarious clip from it, he wishes he could eat some gyoza now that he can’t eat anything because of his surgery. Foreshadowing?

That’s it for now, remember to watch part 2 of this episode. Thanks for watching, have a nice day!


episode #970, aired 2009/09/06

Shoji Murakami’s Class – Ghostbusters

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Shoji Murakami’s Ghostbusters Class
・Streaming on VK: Shoji Murakami’s Ghostbusters Class

It’s already September. Time flies when you’re having fun there’s a literal pandemic outside, huh?
But we’re not here to talk about shared and personal problems here (luckily), we’re here to watch middle aged japanese men being paid to do stuff you wish you had the right friends to do it for free with.
This episode, once again, was made possible thanks to Kedomas‘ typeset action, and we’re not even remotely done here, there’s other WIP stuff boilin’ up for ya. Huge immense titanic gigantic shoutout to him, as usual.
Do you like Shoji Murakami? That’s a question for the gaki community I still don’t have a clear answer to. I personally love him, and I love the class series (if you missed them, check out other episodes I’ve subbed: Ninja Class (ft. Girolamo) and Michael Jackson Class).
Today’s class is about Ghostbusters, and it’s full of Murakaminess. You’re gonna love it (or hate it).


– 0:44 – Matsumoto says “it’s chilling”, in japanese “samui” or “sabui”. I think I already explained this in another note, but this word can both mean “cold” and “lame” in japanese. So he’s talking about Murakami’s class series at first, but then says the weather is pretty cold too. The opposite happens at 1:52 (Matsumoto says it’s “samui”, but he’s talking about the weather).
– 6:62 – Murakami says NASU instead of NASA, and the other members mock him by saying “are you talking about the Highlands (Nasu Kogen)?”. You can read more about it on this website.
– 10:17 – The Hanshin Tigers (previously Osaka Tigers) is an Osaka-based japanese baseball team. Enatsu Yutaka used to be an ace from the team during the late 60s / early 70s, a long ago. That’s part of Murakami’s gag.
– 12:54 – Murakami makes a pun with the word “soba”, which could both refer to the popular japanese dish and could also mean “on the side”. “Soba ni iru” means “to be by your side”, but if “soba” is intended as “soba (food)”, then it means “I’m inside the soba”. I adapted the pun into a different thing, but it’s not like it’s intended to be funny or anything in japanese. Just Murakami things.
– 20:22 – On japanese TV, they refer to the timespan between 19P.M. to 22P.M. as “Golden Hour”, being the time where they usually air their most succesfull shows / drama / etc.

As always, thanks to Kedomas for typesetting the episode and to you for watching and supporting my content. I hope I (we) can bring you more subbed stuff soon!
PS: by the way, I changed my twitter @: it’s not @FGRNDNoises anymore (it still redirects to the actual account), it’s @shionnotsukai (so simple, so clear). Follow me for updates / info / drunk tweets and pics of bumblebees or such.


episode #905, aired 2008/05/25

7th Silent Library

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: 7th Silent Library
・Streaming on VK: 7th Silent Library

Should I rename this blog Kedomas-no-tsukai? Feels about right to me. Today’s episode has been typesetted by your one and only Kedomas, again. Thank you very much for everything you’ve been doing!!
So, we had Silent Library 10, 11 (also subbed by Kedomas) and now we’re taking few steps back to 2017’s episode, number 7.
In today’s episode, our main cast is joined by actor Ozawa Hitoshi, who isn’t probably ready for what he’s about to face.
Silent Library is a rather simple series with few translation lines and most of them being “keep quiet” or “that hurt” or such (no kidding). That’s why I’d like to thank Kedomas again for his outstanding work with the typesetting, that’s what makes this whole subbed episode special.
No need for notes today, hope you’ll enjoy this episode! More stuff will be released for sure, don’t know when but hopefully soon enough. Keep an eye on my fb page and my twitter for updates!
Thanks for watching, have a nice day!


episode #1352, aired 2017/04/23

Theory: Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian spy (from Wednesday Downtown)

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Theory: Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian spy
・Streaming on VK: Theory: Matsumoto Hitoshi is a Russian spy

Alright, so, we’re setting few milestones here. First off, this is my first Wednesday Downtown subbed episode (well, a part of it) aside from the Monster House series by TofuPanda’s Wednesday Downtown project I’ve took part more than a year ago.
Secondly, this is my first full translation + typeset episode in a while, I’ve done all by myself and it was challenging and fun. The reason for why I love how other people are helping me is ‘cause it makes me save a lot of time. I want everything to look smooth and well-done in my typeset (OCD?) and – to be honest – it’s also kind of a waste of time. I could have done two full already typesetted episodes instead of this one, in terms of time. But hey, I’m satisfied about its outcome, and I hope I proved you I can actually do some typeset myself lol. Hopefully I’ll sub more stuff, but I’m glad I could keep a nice pace on my uploads thanks to all the amazing typesetters who helped me dealing with subs.
That aside, I love Wednesday Downtown and I’ve watched tons of episodes of it. There are few theories which I enjoyed a lot watching, maybe I’ll sub more of those in the future. Full episodes would be great too, but… I don’t feel like typesetting an entire episode. Kinda めんどくさい to be honest.
On today’s episode, our host Koyabu Kazutoyo is going to reveal a shocking theory about Matsumoto’s true identity and purpose. Just coincidences? I think not.
…Or maybe yes, yeah, probably yes.


– 0:39 – Toshimitsu Deyama (ToshI) is the lead singer from the j-rock band X Japan. He’s known for his high-pitched power metal tone. Koyabu is making a joke out of Matsumoto’s high pitched “ehhh?” scream, mocking the public.
– 1:58 – There are few ways to say “U.S.A.” in japanese, the most common being “Amerika” (アメリカ) or “Amerika gasshuukoku” (アメリカ合衆国, literal translation), but you can also say “beikoku” (米国), which literally means “rice country”. That’s because one of the readings for “kome” or “bei” (米, rice) is also “me”, and was once used to write “America” in kanji (亜米利加, now simply wrote in katakana アメリカ). Also note that by saying “America” in japanese, you’re talking about the U.S.A.
– 2:33 – The translation was a bit tricky here. “Osaeru” in japanese could both mean “set something aside” or “pin down”, “seize”, “subdue”. I think it’s clearer in japanese, but still not so far-fetched in my translation.
– 4:47 – Koyabu refers to Matsumoto as “koitsu”, which is very rude in japanese, while it’s not technically a curse word. There are very few curse words in japanese, simply because you can have the same extra-rude effect just by adressing someone without the proper honorifics / in a derogatory way. Calling your senpai (older colleague) “koitsu” (which implies being superior to the person you’re talking to) is rude enough.
– 6:32 – A pun I had to adapt. Koyabu says (my translation) “such a stone-cold lie“, while in japanese he says “makka-na uso” which means “a complete lie”, “a big lie”, but also literally means “deep red lie”. Then, he says “aka no hiroba yori makka-na uso”, which is the pun I had to adapt. Its literal translation would have been: “it’s a lie redder than the Red Square”, refering to the famous city square in Moscow.
– Here’s a final note with every reference + link:
Chicken Rice – a Christmas song written by Matsumoto and performed by Hamada.
WOW WAR TONIGHT – a song performed by Hamada (H Jungle with T) featuring Matsumoto.
・Kathy Tsukamoto – a recurring sketch from Downtown’s old show Gottsu Ee Kanji, where Matsumoto pretends to be a cooking show lady who always end up scattering everything around. An example.
・Big Man Japan (Dai Nipponjin) (2007) is Matsumoto’s debut movie, written, directed and starring Matsumoto himself.
Hitosi Matumoto Visualbum (Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Visualbum) is a collection of VHS (later DVDs) of comedy skits written by Matsumoto, released in three volumes.
・Wikipedia entry for Osaka’s Expo’70.
・Few russian words: boršč is a type of sour soup (and it’s not even a russian invention), “spasibo” (or “spasiba”) means “thank you”, “thanks” in russian (I kept it as Спасибо just for fun).

Alright, that’s pretty much it for today. There is going to be more stuff within August, at least a couple episodes, but I don’t think I’ll have much free time in September. Well, who knows. Hope you’ll keep on enjoying my translations, and thanks for watching!

From Wednesday Downtown, aired 07/08/2015