Shoji Murakami’s Class – Michael Jackson

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The premise for this episode is pretty much the same for a previous episode I’ve translated, Shoji Murakami’s Ninja Class ft. Girolamo Panzetta: I’m a sucker for this series!
There are lots of Gaki fans who don’t like Murakami and others that would kill to see more Classroom series episodes, but I still think that you should always give a chance to things you think you don’t like. This episode, for example, is hilarious. It’s way better than other Murakami’s Classroom episodes, even though nothing really happens (as always).
I hope you’ll enjoy this episodes for its content / humor, without being conditioned by anything that doesn’t really relate to it (because it really doesn’t, and I think most of you know what I’m talking about).
Before leaving you to some notes for this episode, a brief news about a translation project by The Wednesday Downtown Project I’ve took part in: Monster House.
You can find the first 4 episodes of this Terrace House parody love reality show on their websites: it’s one of the most requested and discussed series from Wednesday Downtown, and even though it’s extremely cringy it’s also 100% worth watching.
I’ve translated Monster House episode 2 and the first half of episode 4, and I’ve also worked on the first half of episode 6 and the second half of episode 7, which are going to be released soon along the other missing episodes.
I wanted to let you know about it so you know I’ve been working a lot to bring you more translated stuff, and that I’m more than glad to join other fansub groups. So, while there will still be new stuff subbed entirely by me, there’s going to be other stuff I’ll translate with said groups soon!

With that being said, here are today’s episode’s notes:
– 0:32: this is a recap from a previous episode, but there’s still a sentence that needs a note. I’ve translated what Murakami said as a pun between “fed up” and “feud”, the original line is “tono wa tono demo tonosama batta no hou ya nen”, which is like “I am a feudal lord (tono), but I’m more of a migratory locust (tono-sama batta)”.
– 7:57: Murakami says “shafuto” (shaft) instead of “shauto” (shout), then he makes a joke about the two terms being switched, saying that “shouts are things on boats”. Hope that was clear enough in my subs.
– 8:59: This is the song Murakami sings to practice MJ’s shouts. It’s a song for kids about a pigeon, which cries “po po” in japanese.
– 11:14: Here’s j-wikipedia entry for Finger Five, a japanese pop band from the 60s. And this is the song Murakami plays on the stereo some time later: Finger Five – Koi No Daiaru 6700.
– 12:09: Instead of the actual lyrics from the song, in which as the title suggest goes “6700”, Murakami says his own actual phone number, that’s why it’s censored. He also says the number of his residence in Osaka later.
– 13:14: Wikipedia entry for Kimchi and Jjigae (they’re both spicy korean dishes). Also, the term Murakami uses at 13:18 when he’s saying it’s “homemade Kimchi” is “omoni”, which I think it’s a way to say “mom” in korean.
– 13:45: Mah-kun is the nickname by which the popular baseball player Masahiro Tanaka is known as. Murakami seems to be jokingly refering to another Mah-kun though (someone who works in a yakitori shop).
– 13:12: Asian Wiki entry for Minoru Shiraki.
– As pointed out by reddit user josh06025, Murakami shouts “Thriller” at the end as he finds his wallet inside Matsumoto’s pocket, and that’s a pun between “thriller” (in japanese: “suriraa”) and “suri” (japanese for “pickpocketing”).

That’s all for today, and as always:
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Thank you for watching this episode and my previous ones, and thank you so much for donating and showing your support, it really means a lot to me.
We’ll catch up soon 🧡

Episode #1102, aired 04/22/2012

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