TEAM-0 – Manzai: Life of Yamazaki (1989)

[edit 14/12/2018] Youtube took down my channel, so every old video is currently being re-uploaded elsewhere. Here’s a Facebook link for this episode:

TEAM-0 – Manzai: Life of Yamazaki (1989)

Here’s a new comedy skit brought to you by me (translation & notes) and Tiny_Paw (typesetting & quality check)!
This is surely one of the rarest skit Tiny_Paw let me see.
TEAM-0 used to be Yamazaki’s former comedy duo, together with his partner Hiromitsu.
The skit is from almost 30 years ago (1989), and man, they sure were young (both 21 years old)!
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That aside, a small note:
– 0:36 Seijin-shiki are a serie of ceremonies held during the Seijin no Hi (coming of age day), an holiday in Japan, held on January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults. (source: Wikipedia)
Stay tuned for more! A new skit will be online hopefully within the first week of September, and new full-lenght episodes are currently WIP.

Yamazaki The Comedy Innovator

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Here’s a new full-lenght old school Gaki no Tsukai episode from 2004, back on the days when everyone still used to call him Yamazaki.
Also known – at least on reddit – as Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge, this episode focuses on Yamazaki, tired of the lack of innovation of modern comedians and ready to show everyone what is like to be a real comedian.
A chilly lame-comedy episode to help you overcome the high temperatures of this somehow still scorching hot late Summer!
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With that being said, I’ll leave here few notes about this episode:
– This episode is not part of the Shichi-Henge serie. Its actual japanese title is 破天荒芸人山崎邦正スベったらお金払います (“hatenkou geinin Yamazaki Housei subettara okane o haraimasu”, “Innovative Comedian Yamazaki Housei: If he fails, he’ll pay”. That’s why I chose “Yamazaki The Comedy Innovator” as my title translation.
– The first song Yamazaki sings is Love Is Calling Me by Judy Ongg, although he mistakenly swaps 2 stanzas from its lyrics.
– The second song Yamazaki sings is Hinageshi No Hana by Agnes-chan.
– The sounds / writings when Yamazaki starts to sing his third song are an announcement for a weak earthquake, there aren’t raw without it.
– The third song Yamazaki sings is Yogiri Yo Kon’ya Mo Arigatou by Yujiro Ishihara. The huge glass is a common gag when it comes to his parodies because of the title of one of his most successful albums, “Brandy Glass”. The man holding a gun is a tribute to his previous works as an actor for popular ’80s police dramas, such as Taiyou ni Hoero! and Seibu Keisatsu (they both appeared multiple times as parodies on Gaki no Tsukai).

That’s everything for now, see you next post (probably a skit)!

Infos: episode #729, aired 2004/10/24

Appreciation Meeting For Endo’s Movie “The Bus Hijacker Returns!”

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First of all, I wanted to thank Tiny_Paw for typesetting & quality check-ing this episode: thank you so much!
Lots of people wanted to watch this episode subtitled for a long time, I hope my translation will be good enough to make you laugh!
I personally enjoyed this episode a lot, it’s really hilarious and innovative, they should do this with lots of other movies / dark stuff from their past; it’s also a good way to exorcise something “bad” for their reputation by laughing a bit about it. I think that’s the main point of it.
I’ll leave some translations note here, after them few words about future uploads & stuff:
– The main gag for the whole episode is to say the movie is “samui” (both “cold” and “lame” in Japanese) or “kusai” (which means “stinky”, “poor”, “unskilled”, “sucky”). The クサイ word appearing on the button is for “kusai”, which I’ve translated mostly as “it sucks” but they sometimes make a pun over its meaning “to smell” (for example, when they make the joke about the air freshener).
– The movie itself (Japanese title: kaettekita basu jakku), as explained on 0:55, is the sequel for “The Bus Hijacker” (Japanese title: basu jakku), Endo’s very first movie which was heavy criticized and made fun of on the 2014 New Year’s special No Laughing Prison.
– If you’re curious about it, here you can find the original Yahoo News article for Endo’s movie, and here’s Matsumoto’s tweet about it.
– Kenji Suga’s son name is Yuusuke Suga (he surely looks a lot like him).
– As explained on the note, one of the main plot devices is the fact that the two bus companies have a similar name, Hagihara and Ogiwara, whose kanjis are mostly the same (萩 and 荻).
– You may remember Honkon (Kurano) from <Gottsu Ee Kanji. If you don’t, I suggest you to watch something he took part in, I think he’s hilarious (one of my favourite serie featuring him is the Popularity Contest, you can find every episode on this link).
– Joji Shimaki was a japanese actor & comedian, who recently passed away (here’s his Wikipedia page in Japanese).
– 12:46, Iwao says “Sanada nan da na?” which means “Sanada, is that you?”, but he says it so fast he barely pronounces any consonants. That’s why they mock him.
– I’ve kept random symbols when they talk too much over the movie’s talking scenes (according to Endo’s complaint about not being able to listen anything) because it’s impossible to hear them.


With that being said, few more things:
– The next video I’ll be working on is Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge, an 11-minutes episode, along with few other short manzai / comedy skits. I don’t currently have new plans for full-length episodes in near future after it, so if you want to, you can comment on the suggestions page on this website or send me an e-mail and let me know if there’s some yet unsubbed episode you’d like to see subtitled.
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That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the episode & see you next post!

Infos: episode #1370, aired 2017/08/27

License – Manzai: Fujiwara’s Diary

[edit 24/12/2018] My youtube channel got deleted, so I had to reupload this video on my Facebook Page. You can watch it here:

License – Manzai: Fujiwara’s Diary

Here’s a new comedy skit brought to you by me (translation & notes) and Tiny_Paw (typesetting & quality check)!
You should already know who License is, giving their numerous appearance on Gaki no Tsukai, especially as co-hosts in most recent episodes (including the next one I’ll release).
I never actually saw Inomoto (tsukkomi) and Fujiwara (boke) perform a skit before, and I guess they actually are pretty entertaining!
This skit is pretty high-paced, hope it’s not hard enough to follow it up. It’s also pretty simple, just a few notes here:
– Florence (Firenze) is a city in Tuscany, Italy. Makuhari Station is a train station in Chiba, Japan.
– Here’s a pic of a “hazure” (lose) ice cream stick: hazure ice cream.

That’s pretty much it for now, but here’s a little extra regarding the status of my upcoming videos:
TEAM-0 Skit: 100% typesetted, 0% translated (starting soon)
“The Bus Hijacker Returns” Reaction Episode: 100% typesetted, 100% translated, currently being quality-checked (hopefully online within August the 18th)
Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge: 30% typesetted, 30% translated, currently WIP

Also, if you have any suggestion for yet-untranslated episode you wish to see subtitled in the future, you can write them all here or you can send me an e-mail (you can find my adress on the right column).