Downtown Talk – Kansai Dialect Proficiency Test

[edit 14/12/2018] this video used to be on youtube, but the whole channel got taken down.

It’s been more than a year on this channel, but here’s a new short Downtown clip!
The reason I’m translating this clip is because… I’ve actually used it for a project in my university, a research over kansai-ben (kansai dialect) and how it’s used in normal japanese (hyoujungo) to emphatize expressions / sound funnier.
While I’ve used a japanese-subbed clip (which I’ve subbed and I won’t release) for my project, I told myself “Why not translate it and upload it as well?” and so I did.
Just few notes. Kansai-ben is the dialect of the Kansai region, mainly spoke in Osaka, the city from where both Matsumoto and Hamada come from.
They use a lot of kansai-ben words and expressions during gaki no tsukai, expressions such as “meccha” or “akan” or “nan yanen” or “yabai”, if you’re a fan of Gaki n Tsukai you’ve surely heard those whether from them or Yamazaki / Cocorico.
So, in the last part when Matsumoto claims he’s from Tokyo, he’s just putting himself in the shoes of a Tokyo person attempting such “kansai proficiency level test”.
Also, the expressions Matsumoto says in kansai-ben are “NANI SHITEN NO?” which in hyoujungo would be “NANI WO SHITEIRU NO?” meaning “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” and “ITTEE DOU NANSU TARA EE NDE!” which would be “ITTAI DOUO SUREBA II NDESU KA?” in hyoujungo, meaning “WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?”.
I think that’s it for all, but for more info I suggest you to read this article, in which I’ll talk about future possible uploads / new possible content: This page!
Stay tuned anyways! Thanks as always for watching.

[EDIT] Youtube user a345 kindly explained me the “near station Osaka” thing Matsumoto is talking about at 0:37 is refering to NOVA / other type of english language school.