Downtown Talk – One Last Cool Line for the Graduation Ceremony

Here’s a new short clip to make up for the long wait over my yet to be uploaded new full episode, which is currently 75% done.
I think it will be online around June the 15th, maybe a bit later, maybe a bit earlier! As always any news about it will be published on my facebook page, so keep an eye on it!
Man, they are really young in this clip, aren’t they…

Downtown Talk – That Time Matsumoto Didn’t Make a Joke

A new Downtown Talk to celebrate the 100 likes on my facebook page (which I know I’m being pretty obnoxious about in terms of spam 😛 ).
Short clips like this one will still be translated once in a while, though I’m focusing on full-lenght episodes at the moment.
I think I’ll leave them for FB / YT, but of course I’ll store them here too.
It’s funny how even when Matsumoto tries to act unfunny, it ends up being funny.
Comedy is to say something unexpected, and a regular answer, if you’re Matsumoto Hitoshi, could be pretty unexpected too.

Enjoy & see you next clip / episode!