Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Third Round

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NOTE: while on Aegisubs the subs are perfectly timed, I couldn’t solve that short delay on appearing / disappearing subs. It’s so frustrating, but I hope you’ll enjoy this episode anyway.

The third episode from one of my personal favorite series “Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!!” is finally done! So, first of all, be sure to have watched the previous episodes before watching this one:
Round 1 (first half) | (second half)
Round 2, part 1
Round 2, part 2
This third round is probably my favorite one, it has so many classic Gaki-no-Tsukai comedy bits I couldn’t help but watch over and over again.
I don’t want you to spoil anything, so I’ll just write few other unrelated things before leaving few notes about this episode.
First of all, as you may have already read on this post, my old videos uploaded on youtube are not available anymore, being that my whole channel has been shut down. Can’t help it, but I’m currently reuploading everything. As you can see on my complete translations list, some videos have been reuploaded on FB / MEGA or vimeo, but some are still missing. I plan on reuploading the missing skits on my Facebook page or vimeo as soon as possible, so they’ll still be available for you to watch.
About the videos on my old reupload list, I still don’t know what to do. They were on that channel too, but not only I don’t currently have on the pc I’m using (I have them on the other one), I don’t value them much ‘cause they are older and so they kinda suck in terms of subs / translation imho. I think I’ll still do something about them, maybe a MEGA folder containing them all, but I’ll think about that after I’ll deal with the main videos.
Also, for this month I’ll be uploading some Gottsu Ee Kanji skits on my FB page, so be sure to like them & watch em all! Here are some already published skits:
Gottsu Ee Kanji – Wrong Person
Gottsu Ee Kanji – Haircut
Gottsu Ee Kanji – Real Ponkikki Returns!!
Gottsu Ee Kanji – Under Construction

Lastly, here are some notes for this episode:
– This should go without saying, but I chose not to translate their names when shown on screen with colors. In other words, when there are name labels, I didn’t translate them, ‘cause you know how it is: red (Matsumoto), blue (Hamada), orange (Endo), purple (Tanaka) and green (Housei). Also, I didn’t translate the points of the Duplik round Tanaka shown on screen while Tanaka is reading them because… Tanaka is reading them.
– I kept the font color (yellow & black) for my previous episode Shoji Murakami’s Ninja Class ft. Girolamo Panzetta when more than a person is talking at the same moment. It happens few times, hope it’s not confusing.
– When Tanaka is explaining the rules for Duplik, Matsumoto mentions it’s kinda like “Ekaki-uta”. To quote this description found on imagethink.net, “Ekaki uta are children’s songs that serve as mnemonic devices to help them remember the steps involved in drawing their favorite cartoon characters or animals”. An example? The japanese ending for Kirby’s anime.
– On the very last scene, Matsumoto is mimicking the comedian Akira 100%, famous for his gag where he’s naked and he’s covering his privates with a lid he keeps on flipping. There was also a parody of him during the No Laughing Scientists Batsu Game.
– Lastly, here’s an amazon link to each game appearing in this episode: Halli Galli, Duplik (aka Identik), Gobblet Gobblers, Bamboleo.

That’s it for today.
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Episode #1431, aired 11/18/18.

12/12/2018 UPDATE

As you can see on this list, several videos are available for streaming on my youtube channel.
Well… it recently got deleted, just yesterday (11/12/2018), so if you see a youtube streaming link for a certain video, it won’t work.
While dealing with fansub, stuff like that can happen, and we do not own any sort of copyright on what we post online, so it’s not like I’m complaining about this, because it’s… actually right. Still, it saddens me to see videos such as “The Anguish of Endo Shozo” or “Matsumoto Technician’s Hip Challenge” getting deleted, they were really popular and had tons of views. They were my babieeeesssssss ;_;

Anyway, don’t worry about it. Every youtube-link will be fixed ASAP and reuploaded on MEGA or VIMEO as soon as I can. I’ll try to fix each post too, so even while searching for an individual video you’ll eventually find it.
As you can see, I already did this to the first two videos on the list, Limits: Cutlet Curry and Getting Closer to Dynamite Shikoku’s True Character, but at least right now, I don’t have time to do the same thing for the other episodes, mainly because I’m pretty damn busy, but also because the third episode of Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! is going to be released in 3 days and uploading new stuff on vimeo will compromise my new episode’s upload (‘cause there’s a 500mb weekly limit). In other words, we’ll have to wait until the next week to reupload everything else. But don’t worry: Everything’s safe and on my pc, so it’s not going anywhere. I’ll make sure to reupload em all within December.

Also, lastly, giving that the 3rd episode of our beloved Tabletop Games series is about to come out, make sure you’ve watched the previous ones, you can watch em here:
Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! first round
Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! second round (first half)
Let’s Play with Table Games from Around the World!! second round (second half)

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No Laughing Science Lab Extra Footage: Itao vs Hamada Shiritori Battle

Alternative streaming link available here.

Not much to add to this, I love Sukekiyo-Itao, it cracks me up every time!
Next video will be the third Tabletop Games episode, which will be online somewhen between December the 15th and Christmas. But surely before Christmas. Hope you’ll enjoy this clip & my upcoming translations! Wish you a nice day~

Shoji Murakami’s Ninja Class ft. Girolamo Panzetta

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NOTE: much like my previous upload, I had few encoding issues (small sub delay – 2 frames or such – and a different size / aspect ratio for vimeo / MEGA). Softsubs will be uploaded next week, so you’ll be able to slam them in your favorite (and better) raw file!

The Murakami Shoji’s class series is kind of underrated, both between japanese and western fans of Gaki no Tsukai, and kind of lame / pointless to begin with. I like them because that’s exactly why they’re fun to watch!
This one is different, though. Here, our Gaki no Tsukai members will have to directly face Murakami, telling their own teacher their true feelings about his series. Not only that, they’ll also try a new one with a new teacher, for a change. How will Murakami react? And how will the episode be? And what was the point of all those surveys?
Hope you’ll enjoy this crazy episode! Here are few notes about it:
– Italian words appearing in this episode: ciao = hello, amico = friend, buono = good (tasty), bambina = baby. Also, I’d like to point out that noi italiani non siamo tutti appassionati di moda (almeno a me personalmente non frega niente). Cibo sì, invece.
– Prices of received items: Endo = 700’000 yen (around 6200 USD), Hamada = 150’000 yen (around 1400 USD). Man, that stuff is expensive.
– The two girls are refering to Murakami’s “Doooing”, his signature gag.
– When Tanaka guesses the pizza, Girolamo shouts “Urrà!” (= hooray), they’re tense because it kinda sounds like an ウッラアー~~ or some yakuza-like shout. In realtà, in Italia non diciamo quasi mai “urrà” (perché è stupido), né tantomento facciamo il gesto col dito sulla guancia per dire “buono”. Più che altro sono espressioni e gesti con cui ci rivolgiamo ai bambini piccoli.
– Here’s the amazon link for the book Tanaka gives to Murakami in the end.
– I think an headcover is some kind of… hat for golf clubs? At least that’s what I found out by googling ヘッドカバー. I don’t know anything about golf, by the way. I do know Hamada and Endo loves to play it though.
– 23:04 not really sure, but I think they say “Suica”. If that’s so, the Suica is a prepad e-money card you can use in Japan for moving around and shopping. It’s so useful, it made things easier for me when I was in Japan. DISCLAIMER: this note was not sponsored by Suica (sadly).


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Infos: episode #1027, aired 2010/10/24

10th Silent Library

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NOTE: I had few issues while encoding this episode (about its size), so the vimeo video is 544p (‘cause I have a 500mb limit per episode and my 720p file was higher than that). It’s still 720p on MEGA, and I’ll publish my softsubs on this page next week, so you can just watch it on whatever HD raw you like).

It was many years ago, I really don’t remember precisely how many.
I had already watched the Jimmy Onishi skit on No Laughing Highschool where he speaks English on youtube countless times, even years before that day, but I didn’t know anything about Gaki no Tsukai.
Then, one day I watch that skit again and got curious. “Who are these guys? Why are they getting smacked?” and found out it was from a japanese tv show called “Gaki no Tsukai”. I googled it and came across one episode of Silent Library.
That was the first time I saw a full Gaki no Tsukai episode, and I loved it so much I never actually stopped watching it after all these years. I’ve rewatched several episode countless times (I just re-watched Matsumoto Haunted Hotel again, recently), and I could keep on do it again and again.
Silent Library is the series which introduced me to this show I love so much, so as soon as I saw the chance to translate one episode of it myself, I poured my soul into it and managed to finish translating / typesetting it in less than 12 hours (started yesterday around 16:00 P.M. and finished it around midnight).
I’m already working on another episode, but that can wait. Silent Library just couldn’t! Hope you’ll enjoy this episode, let me leave few notes for you:
– You may already know who HIKAKIN is, he’s a Japanese youtuber who became famous for beatboxing, but right now he’s more like… a Japanese Pewdiepie I guess. I personally remember him for this.
– At one point, Hamada refers to a previous episode of Silent Library, this scene to be more precise.
– For the last punishment, they make a pun between the Japanese loan word “konbea” (conveyor belt) and “chinko” (penis), resulting in “chinkonbea”. I translated it as “cockveyor belt”… you do the math.


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Infos: episode #1427, aired 2018/10/21

World Ghost Stories Summit 2016

(you can also stream / download this episode on MEGA <- just click here!)

As promised, I’m finally back with a new subbed episode from 2 years ago. Think of it as a sort of Halloween special.
In this episode, our main Gaki cast will just stay silent and listen (or at least, that should be the rule) and listen to the scary stories 5 guests from around the world will tell them.
Will it be spooky? Will it be creepy? Will it be cringy? Will it be hilarious? All of them? None of them? You judge. And Hamada. And Matsumoto. Those two surely judge a lot.
I’ll leave few notes for this episode, but if you don’t want to read any spoilers about the guests’ identities, then just read them after watching the episode 💀
– This is actually part of a serie which I don’t know if has been translated before or not. I know for sure there has been a 2015 show with the same title (as shown on 0:31), but I don’t know whether there has been another episode after 2016. I think this one is the most recent from this serie.
– I wanted to make clear another thing as a disclaimer, because I happened to read strangely unreasonable comments over some gaki clips (some Yugawara skits, for example) revolving around the same topic (foreigners in Japan): no one is being racist in here. They laugh at the guests (just like in every other Gaki episode), but not to mock them. It’s much like a no-laughing situation: they know they shouldn’t laugh (whether it’s because of cliches, mispronunciations, facial expressions etc.), and that’s what make them laugh. They’re not being racist or anything at all. Just so you know.
– As explained on the notes, I don’t really know what’s the actual transcription of the names some of the guests say on their own language. If you happen to know them, please let me know: I’ll make sure to add them on the notes & credit you for your help!
– Wikipedia entry for Kokkuri-san.
– When Bobby talks about the monster from his story, I don’t know if he says it’s a “kyodai inu” (giant dog) or “kyodai ino” (giant boar). I think it’s “boar” (ino), but I’m not sure.
– Reddit user greytoshiaki made me notice that when Girolamo says “kaabu” it’s actually “curve”, and not “cabin” (from “cab”) like I’ve translated it. It makes WAY more sense and I’m sorry for this mistakes. Thanks for pointing that out!


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That’s all for today, happy Halloween!

Infos: episode #1319, aired 2016/08/28

Hamada’s AV Filming Location Report

(you can also stream / download this episode on MEGA <- just click here!)

I remember watching this episode some time ago when I was looking for drawing-related episodes (and it lead me to discover and translate the Master Painter Matsumoto episode), but I never actually got to translate this one.
Watching Hamada’s drawing is always hilarious, so that’s why I’m bringing it back once again for you to see!
It wasn’t easy to work on this episode, the audio for lots of its parts wasn’t really the clearest, and I had to listen to some parts over and over again.
In the end, I think the results aren’t bad, even though I still have few doubts on at least 2-3 bits.
I couldn’t find an higher-quality raw file. I’ve turned a 480p (I guess?) raw into a 720p 16:9 one, but it’s still pretty low in terms of resolution. Luckily, is decent enough to show Hamada’s masterpieces without problems.
If you know where I can get a better raw just tell me: I’ve recently opened a new page in which all my softsubs are stored, so now you can use them for other raws in case you have any.
I’ll upload this video’s softsubs file on next week so you’re forced to watch my hardsubbed video for now [evil laughter].
I don’t think there’s any need for notes for this episode, but here’s an update for future subs.

I’m currently pretty damn busy (work, thesis, JLPT N1, personal stuff etc.) so I don’t think how much I can keep the “fast” pace I had before. I still want to upload and sub more Gaki stuff and I’ll try my best to do so, but I can’t promise anything.
Also, I don’t currently have a schedule, so if you want to suggest me some yet untranslated episode you’d like to see subbed, just let me know! (read more about it on this page)
Lastly, I’ve started working on a sort-of Halloween special which I hope I could post within the end of this month, but can’t promised it yet. I’ll try to use my few spare time wisely.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you’ll enjoy this episode too! See you… soon, I hope.

Infos: episode #411, aired 1998/04/05

Hitoshi Matsumoto’s 55th Birthday Special

(you can also stream / download this episode on MEGA <- just click here!)

On September the 8th 2018, the comedy genius Matsumoto Hitoshi celebrated his 55th birthday.
As a Gaki tradition, birthdays are for good memories and talks about feelings, so this time around we'll see our Gaki members together with Junior and Kimura Yuichi talking about the times in which Matsumoto helped them by saying kind words they never forgot… but maybe Matsumoto did.
It may not be the funniest episode, but it's surely interesting IMHO, I wanted to translate it as quick as possible to have it released closer to its original air date (wouldn't make much sense if it was too far away from Matsumoto's actual birthday).
That's why this subs are "simpler" in a way, I wanted to make a quicker job and focus more on what they're saying instead of how the outcome will look like. Hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

Some notes about it:
– 0:13 – Yoshimoto-zaka is a new idol group composed of 46 Yoshimoto comedians (including Endo Shozo, full member list on the link), produced by Yasushi Akimoto, the same producer behind groups such as Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46)
– 4:40 – The Rakugo Kenkyuu Kai is a show about rakugo broadcasted every third sunday of each month, in which Housei frequently took part in. The first kanji for “rakugo” (落) is the same kanji for the word “ochiru” (落ちる, “to fall”) and thus can be read as “ochi”. The word for “research” is “kenkyuu” (研究), and so Junior fuses the two readings to create the word “Ochiken” which refers to “Rakugo Kenkyuu Kai”, which, I guess, is a not-so-welcomed nickname for the show.
– 8:36 – ZIP! is a morning news / entertainment show hosted by Tanaka.
– The newspaper Endo is talking about is Sanspo.
– 19:01 – J-wikipedia entry for “Umeda Kagetsu”. I’m not sure myself if this and the Namba-Grand-Kagetsu is the same place (they both are known for being manzai-related places for Yoshimoto comedians).
– 19:07 – Here’s a no-sub youtube link for Downtown’s “abduction skit” (aka yuukai no neta).
– 20:07 – The mekuri is… basically the thing they use to show the names of punishment on Silent Library episodes. I’m talking about this object, which is commonly used to display a duo / comedian name when performing live.
– As reddit user josh06025 made me notice, when Kimura is talking about the Gottsu special and the others say “it’s just 9”, I thought he was refering to the time and making a joke about it, ‘cause he said “ohayo gozaimasu” (good morning) which of course isn’t an evening greeting. He made me notice that he’s probably talking about that Gottsu special’s audience ratings which were lower than he was expecting (9 vs 29).

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Infos: episode #1421, aired 2018/09/09

Life Of The “Ogoo” Endo Pteranodon

(you can also stream / download this episode on MEGA <- just click here!)

Some time ago I asked r/GakiNoTsukai, and that’s how I found out about this episode.
Remember: you can always suggest me episodes you wish to see subbed; I don’t have any long-term release schedule, so I often find myself wondering what I should translate next. If you want to, you can let me know about some yet unsubbed episode you’d like to see translated. More infos on this page.
With that being said, today’s episode, as the title suggests, will be about Endo (again), performing a (roughly) 60-minutes long play about his infamous Pteranodon character, born during the 2014 Prison Batsu Game.
It’s so stupid I love it. I’m really satisfied about its outcome, I also managed to fix the old frames problem: now everything appears / disappears properly!
By this point I’m too lazy to fix the same problem on older episodes, but I like to see how video after video I actually became better at typesetting.
So that’s fine the way it is.
Now, enough of this and enough about possible spoilers, I’ll just leave some notes about it.
Be sure to read em all:
– The whole gag comes from the 2014 Prison Batsu Game, in which Endo was forced by hypnosis to act as a Pteranodon. He probably didn’t even know what a Pteranodon is (beside the fact it’s a dinosaur), as he tries to run around while having two fingers up his head resembling fangs or horns. As Hamada points out at 2:40, he probably thought the Pteranodon (flying dinosaur) was actually the Triceratops. That would explain his behaviour.
– They usually refer to Endo’s talent as comedian / actor as “kusai” or “kusami” (literally: stentch). That’s basically the same use for the word they made in my previously subtitled episode, Appreciation Meeting For Endo’s Movie “The Bus Hijacker Returns!”. You can read more about it by clicking the link.
– In a same fashion, they use the word “aku” (灰汁, “harsh taste”) which could also be a pun with “aku” (悪 “malice”) to despise his poor actor / comedian skills.
– The 3D dinosaur footage appearing around 2:25 is took from the DVD ダイナソー・キングダム (“Dinosaur Kingdom”), credited on the bottom left section of the screen.
– I chose to have the subs appearing on the upper-right screen just under the rectangle with their facecam whenever it’s displayed, so the subs won’t cover Endo’s play and they’ll be just under them. Was it good? Or not? What do you think about it? I’d love some feedback so I know what to do if such setting is going to displayed again on future episodes I’ll sub.
– Matsumoto at 3:00 points out the egg resembles the egg from Ovo (Cirque du Soleil). You can find tons of pics of it by googling it.
– At 3:48 Matsumoto states the play is already better than “Busjack” (or “The Bus Hijacker”), Endo’s first movie. Check out the link on the 2nd note for further details.
– A small mistake (not that important but I still want to point it out): I’ve translated “on its body” at 7:12 when Tanaka is talking about its body pattern, ‘cause I thought he said “karada”, but I think he’s saying “gara”, meaning “pattern”. Not really a problem, considering my translation doesn’t drift away from this meaning.
– Hamada’s concerned about Endo’s hands when he’s doing the Pteranodon impressions because they’re supposed to be fangs (as seen on the 2014 Batsu Game), but he still keeps using them to grasp objects and hold stuff, just like normal hands. That’s why he’s constantly making such remarks. On a side note, at 7:47 I’ve translated it as “he smacked em” refering to the flowers, but that’s my mistake. Hamada actually says “tsukanda” which means “he grasped them”. Again, he’s pointing out the unclear way Endo is using his hands.
– 9:07 YORUTAMORI used to be a variety show hosted every sunday 23:15-23:45 from October 2014 to September 2015 (from its entry on J-Wikipedia). This episode was aired on February the 8th (Sunday) 2015, so YORUTAMORI was still being broadcasted on TV on that same hour.
– 17:26 Wikipedia entry for hagoita. I’ve translated it as “statue” to have more fluid subs, but I couldn’t resist the urge to add a note with it.
– 21:38 here’s an example of inoki-ari-joutai (猪木アリ状態) (literally: Inoki’s Ant Stance, I guess it comes from Antonio Inoki, former MMA fighter & wrestler).

I’m already working on a new (old school) episode but I’ll may be working on something else (new) too, I’ll post every update on facebook page.
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See you next episode, hope you’ll have a good laugh 🙂

Infos: episode #1241, aired 2015/02/08

Summers – Manzai: Mushroom Story

[edit 14/12/2018] Youtube took down my channel, so every old video is currently being re-uploaded elsewhere. Here’s a Facebook link for this episode:

TEAM-0 – Manzai: Life of Yamazaki (1989)

First of all, as always, I wanted to thank Tiny_Paw for both letting me know about this skit / typesetting it for me!
We have another manzai skit by Summers (Ohtake & Mimura) for you today, the previous one was posted some time ago and can be streamed here on youtube.
This time the duo talks about that one time they went picking up mushrooms… or so it seems.
Ohtake is a brilliant boke to be honest, I never expected him to be that good.
I don’t think there’s room for any note on this relatively easy to translate / convey manzai, but I just wanted to say that I tried my best trying to translate everything they said without making big sentences. I know this manzai is very high-paced and I hope that my choices are easy to read and that my translations – sometimes confined in small spaces – are clear / flowing.
With that being said, my next episodes will be two full lenght Gaki no Tsukai episodes, any updates on them, as always, will be posted on my Facebook page.
Have a great day & eat some good mushrooms!