Downtown Talk – One Last Cool Line for the Graduation Ceremony

Here’s a new short clip to make up for the long wait over my yet to be uploaded new full episode, which is currently 75% done.
I think it will be online around June the 15th, maybe a bit later, maybe a bit earlier! As always any news about it will be published on my facebook page, so keep an eye on it!
Man, they are really young in this clip, aren’t they…

Downtown Talk – That Time Matsumoto Didn’t Make a Joke

A new Downtown Talk to celebrate the 100 likes on my facebook page (which I know I’m being pretty obnoxious about in terms of spam 😛 ).
Short clips like this one will still be translated once in a while, though I’m focusing on full-lenght episodes at the moment.
I think I’ll leave them for FB / YT, but of course I’ll store them here too.
It’s funny how even when Matsumoto tries to act unfunny, it ends up being funny.
Comedy is to say something unexpected, and a regular answer, if you’re Matsumoto Hitoshi, could be pretty unexpected too.

Enjoy & see you next clip / episode!

Quiz: Manager Fujiwara’s 500 Questions

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Today’s episode is a long awaited one, inside the Gaki community.
I personally love the 500 questions series, and planned on translating the Manager Fujiwara one a long time ago, but never actually did it. I was actually surprised no one ever did it in the meanwhile!
Anyway, in this episode we get to know more about our beloved (former) manager… or do we?
I suggest you to keep an eye to this page (which one day I swear I’ll fix in terms of graphic) to keep an eye on this video & others: existing alternate mirrors for my videos will be listed in here.
Also, I wanted to thank again reddit user huh009 from Tofu Panda Fansub for teaching me more about typesetting (you can clearly see how the layout gets better throughout the video)!
Some notes for this episode (chronological order):
– About the gags listed on 2:38, HG (Hard Gay) refers to Razor Ramon, who appeared on other Gaki skits. “Chichi yosemasse” was Fujiwara’s gag on the 24h Tag Batsu Game. The other three, along with Fujiwara’s answer, are took from other comedians / shows.
– The kanji appearing over some numbers on the noise hairs question is “本”, which is used to count long objects (hairs, in this case).
– They found the word “phrase” strange because the speaker says it in Japanese “fureezu” instead of saying something like “serifu”, a Japanese equivalent for the English word.
– Here’s a youtube video where you can listen to Sexual Violet no.1.
– Magic Mirror No.1 refers to a series of adult videos in which the actors have a sexual intercourse inside of a van featuring a screen which acts as a normal window from the inside, but as a mirror from the outside, meaning people outside can’t see them, but from the inside it looks like they can.
– The narrator misspells “Fujiwara” as “Fujita”, confusing “Fujiwara” and “Orita” together.
– Wikipedia entry for It’s Though Being a Man (otoko wa tsurai yo).
– Wikipedia entries for Sekiguchi Hiroshi and Mino Monta.
– They find the potato tempura and mistook it for satsuma-imo for a moment. They also realize it can’t be it because it’s more like a sweet dish, so it would be weird to eat it with mayo. (btw, I did boil a potato once, dice it and tempura-fried it, and it was really good and not weird at all. I guess it’s not something they usually do in Japan, though).
– You can see at 21:51 Hamada is looking at what Endo wrote and is correcting what he just wrote. When Endo’s answer is shown, there’s a noticeable correction on what he wrote.
– I wanted to thank Twitter user @taitaitai0323 for helping me figure out what Matsumoto wrote on his last answer. It wasn’t really clear to me. You can see our conversation on this tweet.

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Our Tanaka’s Unreasonable Thai-Kicks (pt.2/2)

IMPORTANT: this part too was uploaded on vimeo because of copyright strikes. I don’t know how much I will use youtube from now on, so I suggest to follow my wordpress / keep an eye on it or liking my Facebook page Shionの使い in which I’ll post every update on upcoming translations.

So, here we are again with the second part of “Our Tanaka’s Unreasonable Thai-Kicks”, which, by the way, I was requested to be translated (meaning that if there’s some clip you’d wish to see just let me know, I can consider translating it).
In this part we get to see Tanaka’s rage flowing from his heart to his leg to his victims’ butts, and as you already know, we also get to see him facing his natural born enemy.
I’m currently not working (yet) on a new translation, but I have some of them in my mind I’d like to translate, so just keep an eye on my websites.
Few notes about the episode:
– Whenever you see dots over a Japanese text flashing over a Gaki episode, is implying the person who talked has stuttered. You can see this two times, when Tanaka says “irAiro” instead of “iroiro” at 0:35 and again when he says “sandwich” instead of “sand wedge”. I’ve kept that style.
– The remarks they make about his way of speaking are mostly regarding the fact he’s referring very rudely to senpais (older colleagues), which is an alarmingly rude thing to do in Japan.
– I don’t really know if the spelling of the real name of Thai-kick man (?) is correct.
– As Reddit user theyear19xx made me notice, the term Jinbo uses when Tanaka asks him which is his favorite golf-related word is “birdie”, not “body”. I’ve mistook its japanese reading “badii” (バディー). Not that I know anything about golf, to be honest.
– Reddit user rocky_iwata pointed out the ring name of Thai-kick as Torsu Na Nontachai (“ต่อสู้ ณ นนทชัย”) as wrote on his official website. It’s the second name he says.

Stay tuned for news / updates / future clips!
Have a nice day 🙂

UPDATE: you can stream / DL the full HD rendered episode HERE | thanks to Reddit user huh009 from Tofu Panda Fansub for adapting my subs into a HD raw!

Our Tanaka’s Unreasonable Thai-Kicks (pt.1/2)

EDIT: I had to upload the video on Vimeo, because of copyright issues. Next part will be uploaded on April 10th.

For the first time ever it’s not actually been a long time since the previous video, but I intend to focus more on Gaki no Tsukai from now on, rather than other translation projects I’ve kind of lost interest in (like doujin music translations).
This is the first part of the episode from where my old “Tanaka’s Furious Thai-Kick” is took from, the second one scheduled to be released soon within the first half of this month.
I personally enjoyed this episode a lot, and it has been requested by lots of people, so I told myself “why no translating it?” and here we are, halfway through it!
While I personally don’t see this episode to be offensive in any sort of way, I think a disclaimer should be done anyways.
I clearly remember reading some comments of that one Gaki clip on Yugawara where Yamazaki was laughing out loud to a black sushi chef claiming that the scene itself was racist.
I personally never saw it like that: it was funny not because it was implying any sort of racism, but because it was unexpected.
Japanese comedy – at least Gaki no Tsukai’s – has never appeared to be offensive to anyone, if anything.
Anyone could be the subject for a prank / joke, whether it’s a Japanese person, a foreigner, a man, a woman etc.
So, I don’t think having Tanaka kicking a girl’s butt or a transexual’s butt to be offensive, neither are the other members commenting the current guest: everyone is treated equally, just for the sake of laughs. And the guests know that well too, so no one’s offended and everything’s nice!
I can see some people could still see this as offensive, but maybe it’s just the fact that me, along with other gaki fans, are more accustomed to this kind of humor.
Ok, now time for some notes for this episode:
– This episode aired in 2014, one year after the No-Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers’ Batsu Game.
– “WA GA TANAKA” – what appears on License’s shirt, means “OUR TANAKA”, but could also imply “I AM TANAKA”, giving that 我が田中 and 我は田中 (ware wa tanaka) are pretty similar.
– The original “100 things” show is hosted by Matsuko-Deluxe. They also made a sort of similar show in several Gaki skits where they asked 100~500 questions to someone from the crew.
– I’m thinking Katsumata Kunizaku is not really the answer Tanaka was expecting / maybe it’s an amateur comedian compared to other great names.
– Rubella is a type of measle. I don’t know the connection with what Kaba-chan said. Also, of course they’re talking about… genitals.
– On the upper-left section of screen several messages appear throughout the whole video. I preferred not to translate them in order to have the screen look clearer, but here’s the complete list:
. 00:07 – 00:46 – “That man has awakened again to anger”
. 00:46 – 03:11 – “The reason for the return of Tanaka’s fury is…”
. 03:20 on – “Tanaka will strike the unreasonability of thai-kicks in the arse of comedians who don’t expect it!”

UPDATE: you can stream / DL the full HD rendered episode HERE | thanks to Reddit user huh009 from Tofu Panda Fansub for adapting my subs into a HD raw!

Facebook Page Opening

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Everything will still be published on wordpress / youtube, but giving that facebook is probably the most used social media, I think it may be better to have a page too, so in case anything happens to my clips, I can easily post informations about where to always find my uploads.
Also, all the informations about future releases will be posted here (I’m already working on a new clip!), along with other gaki-related contents, as well as surveys for translation requests & such.
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Master Painter Matsumoto’s Drawing Dojo

Here we are again with a sudden upload of an old clip, which I think it hasn’t been subtitled yet.
In this episode we have Downtown together with Yamazaki and the Producers / Writers / Directors of Gaki no Tsukai having a drawing competition lead by Matsumoto, in which they’ll have to choose a topic and draw it.
Matsumoto, serving as the master painter, will analyze their works and choose the worst ones. How’s the cast going to draw the given topics?
Mind that that’s the best quality I could find for this clip. Lots of parts are very lousy in terms of audio, so it was pretty hard not only understand what they said but also trying to figure out words and such.
Also, the fact that their drawings are out of focus when the camera faces them it’s not a post-production problem, I think it’s because of the overall poor quality of the clip.
Last few things I’d like to say.
First off, be sure to check out Team Gaki’s work for the 2017/2018 Batsu Game, which is going on pretty smoothly and it’s really well done. I’m helping them as a translator too!
Second, I was thinking about maybe opening a facebook page so I can share my future uploads more freely and let them being more accessible by everyone – also I’d like to get requests for not yet subbed clips, something that you might be knowing more than me. Let me know what you think about it, I may or may not open it soon. Edit: I opened it! Link is be sure to leave a like! I’d really appreciate it 🙂
Lastly, I wanted to say again something about the whole gaki no tsukai translator community, which I’m not really deep into.
I don’t think of my works to be part of a bigger mechanism, and I don’t translate to “steal” yet unsubbed stuff from other translators. I just enjoy doing what I’m doing, without any claim to be the best at it (I don’t think I am and I don’t think it really matters).
So, forgive me if I don’t know episodes numbers, air date, if my clips’ quality isn’t the best or if I happen to translate something someone else was planning to work on: I’m not doing any of this to challenge anyone, and I don’t want to be regarded as a part of a kind of translators cult.
I’m just translating because I like it, I have time to do it, and people seem to be enjoying it.
Let’s not forget, this is Gaki no Tsukai and it’s made for having fun. So let’s just have fun!

Lincoln – Quiz: Kansai Dialect VS Standard Japanese

Here we are again with yet another kansai dialect focused clip featuring Downtown (Matsumoto & Hamada), this time with Summers (Ohtake & Mimura), Kyaaen (Udo & Amano) and Ameagari Kesshitai (Miyasako & Hotohara) and Yamaguchi from Lincoln!
Like the previous one, I’ve used some part of this for my university’s project, so I told myself “why not translate the whole thing?” and here it is.
This time we have Team Kansai Dialect (Matsumoto, Hamada, Hotohara, Miyasako, Yamaguchi) versus Team Standard Japanese (Udo, Amano, Ohtake and Mimura) having a face off in a press-the-button-quiz, in which each member of each team has to say something in the dialect they don’t usually use when speaking.
Who will be the best at kansai dialect? And who will be the best at standard Japanese?
Find it out in this epic nonsensical battle of dialects!
And feel free to leave a suggestion for my next translation! Read more about it on this page.
Some notes:
– First of all, being this clip about kansai-ben (kansai dialect), it was pretty hard to arrange them in english, also because I’m not a native English speaker so I don’t really know much about slangish way of speech or such. Anyway, I think just by hearing their extravagant accents is clear enough they intend to be funny. So maybe my notes were way too much, hope I didn’t ruin anything!
– Second, the ending is abrupt and sorta cut-off, but I assure you nothing much is going on after it. On the last section Ohtake is saying “dizunii rando no chiketto wo sashiagemasu”, meaning “I’m giving you this Disney-land ticket”. I didn’t put this in because it would have been a mess to read and wouldn’t have give a feeling of “the video is ending”. So, I’m sorry for the shitty cut-off.
– Other small notes. I’ve missed the translation on the picture around 00:12, much like the standard Japanese picture (where there was the Tokyo Tower), in this one there’s the Tsuutenkyaku tower, a building in Oosaka. In the picture it says “tsuutenkyaku yan!” where “yan” is a common particle in Oosaka-ben.

Downtown Talk – Kansai Dialect Proficiency Test

It’s been more than a year on this channel, but here’s a new short Downtown clip!
The reason I’m translating this clip is because… I’ve actually used it for a project in my university, a research over kansai-ben (kansai dialect) and how it’s used in normal japanese (hyoujungo) to emphatize expressions / sound funnier.
While I’ve used a japanese-subbed clip (which I’ve subbed and I won’t release) for my project, I told myself “Why not translate it and upload it as well?” and so I did.
Just few notes. Kansai-ben is the dialect of the Kansai region, mainly spoke in Osaka, the city from where both Matsumoto and Hamada come from.
They use a lot of kansai-ben words and expressions during gaki no tsukai, expressions such as “meccha” or “akan” or “nan yanen” or “yabai”, if you’re a fan of Gaki n Tsukai you’ve surely heard those whether from them or Yamazaki / Cocorico.
So, in the last part when Matsumoto claims he’s from Tokyo, he’s just putting himself in the shoes of a Tokyo person attempting such “kansai proficiency level test”.
Also, the expressions Matsumoto says in kansai-ben are “NANI SHITEN NO?” which in hyoujungo would be “NANI WO SHITEIRU NO?” meaning “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” and “ITTEE DOU NANSU TARA EE NDE!” which would be “ITTAI DOUO SUREBA II NDESU KA?” in hyoujungo, meaning “WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?”.
I think that’s it for all, but for more info I suggest you to read this article, in which I’ll talk about future possible uploads / new possible content: This page!
Stay tuned anyways! Thanks as always for watching.

[EDIT] Youtube user a345 kindly explained me the “near station Osaka” thing Matsumoto is talking about at 0:37 is refering to NOVA / other type of english language school.

Gaki no Tsukai – Matsumoto Technician: Hip-shaking Match

Hey there, guys! It’s been a while.
First off, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
Second, the reason why this video took me way longer than the previous ones is that I’ve been hella busy.
I’ve busy with university 5 days a week and working at the same time, and while right now I’m less busy that the previous weeks, I’m still pretty damn overwhelmed by all the things I have to do.
So, of course there’ll be new clips coming soon, but maybe not weekly as the first 4 videos I uploaded were.
Anyways, on today’s episode we get to see another great Matsumoto-Technician’s challenge, in which our heroes have to prove their manliness by shaking their hips and… maracas?
Who will win this challenge? And who will face the batsu game?
Some notes:
– Sometimes it was hard to grasp what they were saying while shouting altogether, so I simply put black texts with captions instead.
– I have no idea what the beeping section is about, the censors were so uncalled for!
Also, last thing I wanted to say, next videos could also be Gottsu Ee Kanji clips, I still kind of count them as Gaki no Tsukai (I haven’t planned them yet, though).——-
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…Also, the new batsu game bus has been spotted in Japan! That means the “no laughing” series is not over yet! This year’s theme will be “Science Laboratory”!
Read more on this reddit page: Here.
See you (not too) soon (but not too late) with a new clip!