Appreciation Meeting For Endo’s Movie “The Bus Hijacker Returns!”

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First of all, I wanted to thank Tiny_Paw for typesetting & quality check-ing this episode: thank you so much!
Lots of people wanted to watch this episode subtitled for a long time, I hope my translation will be good enough to make you laugh!
I personally enjoyed this episode a lot, it’s really hilarious and innovative, they should do this with lots of other movies / dark stuff from their past; it’s also a good way to exorcise something “bad” for their reputation by laughing a bit about it. I think that’s the main point of it.
I’ll leave some translations note here, after them few words about future uploads & stuff:
– The main gag for the whole episode is to say the movie is “samui” (both “cold” and “lame” in Japanese) or “kusai” (which means “stinky”, “poor”, “unskilled”, “sucky”). The クサイ word appearing on the button is for “kusai”, which I’ve translated mostly as “it sucks” but they sometimes make a pun over its meaning “to smell” (for example, when they make the joke about the air freshener).
– The movie itself (Japanese title: kaettekita basu jakku), as explained on 0:55, is the sequel for “The Bus Hijacker” (Japanese title: basu jakku), Endo’s very first movie which was heavy criticized and made fun of on the 2014 New Year’s special No Laughing Prison.
– If you’re curious about it, here you can find the original Yahoo News article for Endo’s movie, and here’s Matsumoto’s tweet about it.
– Kenji Suga’s son name is Yuusuke Suga (he surely looks a lot like him).
– As explained on the note, one of the main plot devices is the fact that the two bus companies have a similar name, Hagihara and Ogiwara, whose kanjis are mostly the same (萩 and 荻).
– You may remember Honkon (Kurano) from <Gottsu Ee Kanji. If you don’t, I suggest you to watch something he took part in, I think he’s hilarious (one of my favourite serie featuring him is the Popularity Contest, you can find every episode on this link).
– Joji Shimaki was a japanese actor & comedian, who recently passed away (here’s his Wikipedia page in Japanese).
– 12:46, Iwao says “Sanada nan da na?” which means “Sanada, is that you?”, but he says it so fast he barely pronounces any consonants. That’s why they mock him.
– I’ve kept random symbols when they talk too much over the movie’s talking scenes (according to Endo’s complaint about not being able to listen anything) because it’s impossible to hear them.


With that being said, few more things:
– The next video I’ll be working on is Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge, an 11-minutes episode, along with few other short manzai / comedy skits. I don’t currently have new plans for full-length episodes in near future after it, so if you want to, you can comment on the suggestions page on this website or send me an e-mail and let me know if there’s some yet unsubbed episode you’d like to see subtitled.
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That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the episode & see you next post!

Infos: episode #1370, aired 2017/08/27

License – Manzai: Fujiwara’s Diary

Here’s a new comedy skit brought to you by me (translation & notes) and Tiny_Paw (typesetting & quality check)!
You should already know who License is, giving their numerous appearance on Gaki no Tsukai, especially as co-hosts in most recent episodes (including the next one I’ll release).
I never actually saw Inomoto (tsukkomi) and Fujiwara (boke) perform a skit before, and I guess they actually are pretty entertaining!
This skit is pretty high-paced, hope it’s not hard enough to follow it up. It’s also pretty simple, just a few notes here:
– Florence (Firenze) is a city in Tuscany, Italy. Makuhari Station is a train station in Chiba, Japan.
– Here’s a pic of a “hazure” (lose) ice cream stick: hazure ice cream.

That’s pretty much it for now, but here’s a little extra regarding the status of my upcoming videos:
TEAM-0 Skit: 100% typesetted, 0% translated (starting soon)
“The Bus Hijacker Returns” Reaction Episode: 100% typesetted, 100% translated, currently being quality-checked (hopefully online within August the 18th)
Yamazaki’s Reverse Shichi-Henge: 30% typesetted, 30% translated, currently WIP

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Fruit Punch Skit – Fireworks Display

Yet another comedy skit brought to you by me (translation) and Tiny_Paw (typesetting & quality check)!
Fruit Punch is a comedy duo consisting of Murakami Kenji and Kentaro Watari.
They made some appearance on both Lincoln / Downtown-related comedy shows.
The setting for this skit is pretty simple, but that’s what I like about it.
Murakami’s expressions are priceless.

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Bananaman Skit – Wonderful Moment

Yet another comedy skit brought to you by me (translation) and Tiny_Paw (typesetting & quality check)!
This time it’s Bananaman, comedy duo consisting of Himura and Shitara.
That skit was my first time ever watching Bananaman in action, and man, I love them!
They seem to be really close to each other and their humor is so simple and natural that I couldn’t help but feeling genuinely happy while watching it!
It was really fun to watch and translate, and I have to thank Tiny_Paw for letting me see it along with all the other amazing skits we’ve (and are going to) worked on.
Nothing much to say about this skit, it’s simple enough. And that’s the key, maybe.
…That’s also the main message from Ratatouille (2007).

Yamazaki Monomane – Death Note

This is a clip I’ve found not much time ago on reddit/GakiNoTsukai, from a japanese monomane (impersonator) show.
This excerpt is about Yamazaki only. From the context, I’m guessing he’s having a match agains Ijiri Okada (he often appeared on Gaki No Tsukai too), about who made the best performance.
I guess Ijiri did something related to a Rubik’s Cube which – I think – should be from some sort of movie (possibly titled “24”, giving that on a certain point someone seems to suggest so.
That’s not that important and kinda off-topic to my videos, I had fun watching this Yamazaki skit and wanted to focus just on this.
Also, as always there’s a slight issue with FPS which I couldn’t fix, but I’ve realized is an encoding problem with my current computer.
Once my old one will be fixed, this shouldn’t occur anymore (hopefully).
The only notes I have for this episode are already inside the clip, so there’s no need to explain them.
Just the first one cause it’s a bit harder to explain in one line: “death” is spelled as “desu” in japanese-english, but it’s also a word used in mostly every sentence to end a certain phrase. So, in a way, “desu” can also be translated as the verb “to be” (like, “watashi wa Shion desu” meaning “I (watashi wa) am (desu) Shion”). So, if “desu nooto” is “Death Note”, “nooto desu” is both “Note Death” and a pun over it, meaning “It’s a Note” as if the desu for “death” is used as the normal “desu” for “to be”.
It’s technically incorrect to say that “desu” is “to be”, but it would really get inappropriately messy to explain it further, so let’s just accept it this way.
Also of course it goes without saying it, but it’s a parody of the famous manga / anime Death Note (though, in this case, they’re all refering to the 2006 movie starring Tatsuya Fujiwara)
Anyway, stay tuned for more videos to come!

Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Second Round (part 2)

The long awaited third part of “Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World” is finally done!
This is actually the second half of the second episode.
A quick recap, cause I know it’s a bit confusing.
– The first episode is here, split in two posts: first half and second half, or alternatively, on MEGA.
– The links for stream / download for the second episode are here.
…And this is the second half from the second episode, aka the third episode!
As always it’s split in two halves on vimeo (embeds right under here), and as always you can still stream / download it from MEGA by clicking the previous text.
Scroll down under the embeds to check out notes & credits for this episode!

Usual fps problem apart (I don’t think of it as a big deal), keep in mind the timestamps for the notes are took from the full-length MEGA subtitled file:
– The first game they’re playing is also know as “Rhino Hero” and “Super Rhino”. The japanese version is called “kyaputen riino” (Captain Rhino), so I’ve decided to keep it this way being the way it’s displayed onscreen as well.
– At 2:32 Hamada refers to Rhino as “koitsu”, a japanese pronoun for third person which isn’t really friendly at all. Let’s say it’s ok in a friendly environment, but otherwise has a nuance of aversion / disdain. Tanaka remarks Hamada’s words because of the usual “let’s try to have an overall nice vibe as we play” rule. Or maybe also because it seems “offensive” towards Rhino, which, just like Tanaka stated before, is “supposed to be a loveable character”.
– 3:30 Matsumoto and Yamazaki refers to two japanese comedy manga artists, Suzuki Yoshiji/a> and Kaminaga Ichiro.
– As shown on the upper notes @ 9:30, I haven’t translated their colored names when they play Blokus. It’s easy to get as you watch the game, but I’ll write them here too anyway: Endo = green, Hamada = red, Matsumoto = blue, Housei = yellow.
– I think Hamada’s criticizing at 21:25 the fact that no one told him before he could have used the axe to strike the bark laterally, as he says again later.
– 23:51 – Daruma-Otoshi is a traditional japanese game similar to Click-Clack Lumberjack, in which the player must use a small hammer to strike down round wooden layer forming a tower. On the top of the tower sits a Daruma, a japanese good-luck doll. You’re not supposed to smack that one, it just has to fall down as you smack down the other layers.

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Infos: episode #1410, aired 2018/06/17

FUJIWARA Skit – Aerobics

Usual big ups for reddit user Tiny_Paw for typesetting this skit!
Here’s the next manzai skit by FUJIWARA, another manzai duo employed by Yoshimoto Kougyou consisting of Fujimoto (tsukkomi) and Haranishi (boke).
While they weren’t part of the main Lincoln cast, they made several debuts on this show as well as Gaki no Tsukai (if I remember correctly, they both had a Shichi-Henge episode).
I really enjoyed this skit, it’s so random yet so funny!
Not much to say about this skit, just the few things I’ve already explained:
– A better explaination of the “Hama Hajime” joke for people who don’t speak / read japanese. ハマー wrote this way is read as “hama”, where ハ is “HA”, マ is “MA” and “ー” is a symbol used to make the vowels longer, so it’s read as an additional “A” for “MA”. Fujimoto reads it as “hamaa” (Hummer in katakana), but Haranishi says it’s read as “Hama (surname) Hajime (name)”, cause the “ー” symbol is actually “一”, the kanji for “number one”. It’s commonly read as “ichi”, but there are tons of japanese names with “special readings”, meaning one can “choose” the reading of his own name based off its meaning. “Hajime” means “beginning”, so it could be a “special reading” for “ichi”, meaning “one”, which, in a sense, is a “beginning”.
– Haranishi randomly says – in engRish – “I have a watch” without a particular reason. Fujimoto then says “tokei wo motteru” which is “to have a watch”, remarking how he doesn’t care about it.
– There are no actual translations for what he says during the aerobics session, they’re just made up words. Some of them are kinda like onomatopoeias, for example “guruguruguru” is used for things when they roll.
That’s all for now! Be sure to follow me on FB to never miss any new update (a new full episode is going to be released soon!)
Again, shoutouts to Tiny_Paw!

See you back on 07/20 for a new upload!

Kyaeen – Manzai: Ecology

First of all, as always, I wanted to thank reddit user Tiny_Paw for both letting me know about this skit / typesetting it for me!
Next skit is from Kyaeen, popular comedy duo composed off Udo (boke) and Amano (tsukkomi).
They’re part of the main Lincoln cast together with Downtown, Ameagari Kesshitai and Summers.
This episode was really funny and I’ve enjoyed it a lot, they make a really good team and seem to get along so well!
There are few notes I wrote for this episode, be sure to read em all:
– Let me explain a joke Udo makes when they’re talking about washable chopsticks. These are literally called in japanese “my-hashi” (hashi means chopsticks, and it’s pronounced as “mai-hashi”). It’s a common term for one’s own personal washable chopsticks (same goes, for example, for other utensils, such as mai-fooku being my-fork or mai-supuun being my-spoon). When Amano asks Udo if he uses them, he says “yuoa-hashi ga ii na”, literally “your-hashi would be good!”. A pun on my-hashi. Udo is literally willing to use Amano’s personal chopsticks. I couldn’t convey the pun in english, but the situation should be clear enough.
– 1:54 Amano says “miira-tori wa miira ni natta” (literally: “the mummy-hunter becomes a mummy himself”). It’s basically like “the biter is bit” or “many go out for wool and come home shorn”. I had to keep its literal translation so the joke after it would make sense.
– 2:21 As explained by the note, UFO and Peyoung are two popular japanese brands of instant ramen / yakisoba (Udo says yakisoba in this skit). Same goes for Ippe-chan. Udo is saying that he basically pours each soup into a new cup in order to save water.
– 2:54 Udo says “sore wa hontou no ofukuro no aji”. Ofukuro no aji means “taste of home-cooking”, but it literally means one’s mother (ofukuro) taste (aji). Thus, the pun he makes “tastes like home cooking” = “tastes like mom”.
– 3:03 Udo makes another pun. “udeageru” means “to boil something”, but “ude” itself also means “arm”. So, he says “ude dake ja naku, zenshin de” meaning “not only the arm, but the whole body”. It was impossible for me to translate this pun, I tried rendering it in english.

Again, shoutouts to Tiny_Paw!
And see you soon with a new translation!

Summers – Manzai: New Year Bad Puns

First of all, as usual, I wanted to thank reddit user Tiny_Paw for both letting me know about this skit / typesetting it for me!
It’s time for a manzai skit by Summers (Ohtake & Mimura), best known for their role in the variety show Lincoln together with Downtown, Kyaeen and Ameagari Kesshitai.
This manzai features a recurring gag from the duo, the “sad bad puns” (悲しいダジャレ – kanashii dajare), in which Ohtake makes horrible puns but continues talking turning the already lame situation into a sad one. I had fun translating this skit and got me so curious I’ve found a big list of their bad sad puns they made on other skits on this website.
I’ve chose to translate the puns but to leave inside the brackets how they sound. So, for instance, the first one features “Oto-san” (dad), “otoso” (new year’s saké) and “dozo” (please, which he pronounces more like “toso”).
It’s pretty obvious the puns are refering to the japanese sentence, and I didn’t feel like translating them into english. That’s the difference between fansub & official subs: I want its original meaning to be conveyed & explained, not turned into something with a same feeling. …Sounds like a criticism on official subs, but I swear it’s not like that.
Here are some notes about the video / puns:
– The very first pun it’s “shougatsu na no ni, samaazu!” – “even though it’s New Year, it’s Summers!” which is pretty obvious.
– Most of the puns involve New Year. For example, the first one Ohtake says “Oto-san, otoso o dozo” has the word “otoso”, which is a type of sake usually drank on New Year.
– 0:48 karuta is a popular card game in japan, in which someone has to read a poem and the players have to grab the card in which that poem is wrote among roughly 50 other cards on the ground. They usually feature the 50 sounds of Japanese syllabary (hiragana). Ohtake says he “only has 5 of them”, which Mimura points out they’re just enough for vowel sounds (a, i, u, e, o). Also, I made a typo there at 1:05. Should be “there would only be vowels!”.
– 1:08 pretty much as the first one, the “zouni” is a typical New Year’s soup. This pun mocks the first one he said.
– 1:19 Mikan, in different kanjis, both means “mandarin” (蜜柑) and “incomplete” (未完).
– 1:33 Ikura, in different kanjis, both means “salted samon roe” (イクラ) and “how much?” (幾ら).
– 1:45 Yuzu (citrus) vs Yuzuru (to hand over).
– 1:53 Shika (deer) vs Shikaru (to scold).
– 2:03 Ika (squid) vs Ikaru (to get mad). Also, Mimura says “naizo” (内臓, innards) and –nai zo, a stem used to stress over a negation in Japanese grammar.
– 2:25 Ushi (cow) vs Ushiro (behind).
– 2:35 Tori (bird) vs Toru (to take).
– 2:44 Carp (koi) vs Yatte-koi (go and do X).
– 2:52 Kame (turtle) vs Kamu (to bite). “Kame” is the imperative form of “kamu”.
– 3:01 Karee (curry) vs Karee (spicy). Karee (spicy) is actually Karai in kansai-ben.
– 3:09 Negi (onions) vs Negiru (to cut down a price).
– 3:28 Futon vs Futtobu (to blown away). Futtonda is the past tense for Futtobu.

It’s all for now, see you next skit / episode / clip / whatever!
Again, shoutouts to Tiny_Paw!

Ameagari Kesshitai Skit – Detectives (1993)

First of all, I wanted to thank reddit user Tiny_Paw ( for both letting me know about this skit / typesetting it for me!
This is a 1993 skit by the manzai duo Ameagari Kesshitai, consisting of Hiroyuki Miyasako and Tohru Hotohara.
As you probably already know, they’re both regular members on the Lincoln show along with Downtown (Hamda & Matsumoto), Kyaeen and Summers, and also made several cameos / appearances on Gaki no Tsukai.
This is probably not the most ingenious manzai skit, but me and Tiny_Paw are planning on releasing loads of mostly-unknown & yet unsubbed manzai skits from popular comedy duo who frequently appeared on Gaki no Tsukai.
That, of course, doesn’t mean I’m not doing Gaki no Tsukai anymore: I’m working on several new Gaki episodes ATM, and I plan on translating both old skits / new eps on a regular (?) basis.
Stay tuned for more clips!
Again, shoutouts to Tiny_Paw!