TEAM-0 – Manzai: Life of Yamazaki (1989)

[edit 14/12/2018] Youtube took down my channel, so every old video is currently being re-uploaded elsewhere. Here’s a Facebook link for this episode:

TEAM-0 – Manzai: Life of Yamazaki (1989)

Here’s a new comedy skit brought to you by me (translation & notes) and Tiny_Paw (typesetting & quality check)!
This is surely one of the rarest skit Tiny_Paw let me see.
TEAM-0 used to be Yamazaki’s former comedy duo, together with his partner Hiromitsu.
The skit is from almost 30 years ago (1989), and man, they sure were young (both 21 years old)!
Before leaving a note, I want to let you know that from now on, short skits like this will be uploaded on my facebook page ( one day before they’re uploaded here on youtube or elsewhere.
In short, if you like my facebook page, you’ll get to see them a bit earlier! Isn’t it great? …Maybe not that big deal, I really suck at promoting my own stuff.
That aside, a small note:
– 0:36 Seijin-shiki are a serie of ceremonies held during the Seijin no Hi (coming of age day), an holiday in Japan, held on January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults. (source: Wikipedia)
Stay tuned for more! A new skit will be online hopefully within the first week of September, and new full-lenght episodes are currently WIP.

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