Just a small notification

Just wanted to make this post to let the viewers know about what’s going on at the moment.
First of all, I’m speechless about the huge feedback (views, likes, subscribes, comments on yt / reddit etc. etc.) I got from everyone following my subbing activity, and I’m really thankful for that.
Reading comments where someone states my videos brighted up his / her day even a bit is what make me the happiest about this whole subtitling project!
With that being said, just few things about the next clip / the next ones coming up.
Right now I’m hyper busy, university lessons take me 5 days a week in which I barely have any time to go home and work on my clips, and depending on how things turn out, I may be busy on saturdays too (I’m currently trying to get in a museum apprenticeship and if I manage to be selected then I’ll only have Sundays left to work on my clips).
Next clip is about 30% done, and while tomorrow I’m pretty damn busy too, I have the day after tomorrow to work on it a bit more. If I manage to keep this pace, I think it will be done within next week / the week next next week (is that grammatically ok?).
I already have some in-list clips that I wish to translate / upload, so it’s not like I won’t bring new stuff online at all. I just need some time, which is the thing I’m lacking the most lately.
New clips may be also gottsu-ee-kanji ones, I still count them as gaki, at least in terms of “how I feel about them”. Next one is a Gaki no Tsukai 24-min episode, by the way.
By the time I’m writing this, I’ve translated / subtitle roughly 8 minutes of it, so while I can’t say for sure when it’ll come out, it’ll definitely come out, and pretty soon.
Thanks for reading / supporting my work, and see you soon with the next clip!
Write me anytime if you want, and add me on my twitter (@FGRNDNoises) if you wish to follow my translations updates! 🙂

Gaki no Tsukai – Kishibe Shiro’s Boobie Traps Hell

MEGA: Kishibe Shiro’s Boobie Traps Hell
VK: Kishibe Shiro’s Boobie Traps Hell

First of all, I would like to say thank you to reddit user Rylix for the tip about upscaling videos! I owe you one, I managed to get the original 240p file to 720p and fit the subs pretty nicely! (I should have done this with the previous Dynamite Shikoku video, though…).
Anyway, this clip starts off just like Gaki no Tsukai’s Hide’n’Seek, in which we’re tricked into thinking we’re going to see something but things goes… unexpectedly wrong.
This time we’ll have a battle between the Gaki no Tsukai’s crew and Kishibe Shiro, a drama actor from Kyoto (you may remember him on the Yugawara Batsu Game, appearing in some funny edited photos) willing to challenge our heroes to a cooking showdown.
But will the ground of this battlefield be solid enough to sustain their feet?
Some notes:
– Kishibe says “executive producer” and explains what this role is because it’s not really a japanese term. So it was funny he was searching for someone covering such a(n apparently) vague role.
– The final section in which the promo says there will be a talk is cut, I just wanted to sub this whole Kishibe vs boobie traps thing without anything else. Plus, I couldn’t find the rest of it online.
Lastly, I’m working on another clip (24 min full episode) but it’ll take me a while to finish translating / subbing it because I’ll be pretty busy from now on (expecially from 10/13 to 10/23), but I assure you it’ll come as soon as possible and within less than a month.