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“We live in a Batsu-game…” – some reddit comment which cracked me up.
Hey! Didn’t expect to see me this early, right? Well, it can’t be helped.
As soon as I saw this episode, which only aired last week, I knew someone had to translate it ASAP. And thank god we have Kedomas on this planet, to prove us there’s still hope for humanity.
This episode is part of the usual Tanaka’s Anger series, which also counts some episodes I’ve already worked on, such as Our Tanaka’s Unreasonable Thai-Kicks or Tanaka’s Breakdown II.
After reviewing some of the worst performance of the other “four idiots” (some of the featured episodes: Tanaka’s Badminton Prank, Hamada’s 2nd Aging Trial, New Year (Shinnenkai) Specials, Keep Reading Without Breathing, No Laughing Prison, Life of the “Ogoo” Endo Pteranodon, Hamada’s “No-Trick” Magic Show, Hot-Blooded! Hamada’s Cram School III, Yoshimoto Shinkigeki KOKE Challenge…), it’s finally time for Tanaka’s revenge.
Hope you’ll enjoy this fresh 神回!


episode #1570, aired 08/21/2021

First Jiji-nuki Game

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When I’m not spending my time working or harassing wild animals, I’m subbing Gaki. Yeah, I know, it took me a while to post a new episode, but what can I do about it? Harassing wild animals is a full-time job.
Anyway, this episode is an high-requested one, part of a fortunate serie which counts several episode: It’s Jiji-nuki (Old Dude) Game time, baby!
This episode wouldn’t have been possible without Mattee53‘s help, who kindly typesetted and reviewed the whole thing. Thank you so much! ❤
Now, what is jiji-nuki? It's a variant of baba-nuki, a card game in which each player draws an equal amount of cards from a deck composed of several pair of cards, except for one. Once you get a pair in your hand, you can discard it. The last person who ends up with the unpaired card on their hand, loses.
And here's the Gaki part: the loser has to face two challenges in this episode: the classic "make up a fake story" starring the celebs drawn on the jiji card, and the even more classic batsu game.

I haven't added the captions for each character name and batsu list, so here's a list of names and a picture of the translated possible batsu-games, featuring Bunny-chan. Can you guess which one is going to the one they'll get?

Celebrity Cards:
– Tatsuro Yamashita (musician)
– Miyuki Nakajima (singer)
– Oh Sadaharu (baseball player)
– Justin Bieber (singer)
– Dean Fujioka (actor)
– Hidetoshi Nakata (soccer player)
– Haruka Ayase (actress)
– Sayuri Yoshinaga (actress, first “old dude”)
– Akira Ikegami (journalist)
– Yumiko Udo (reporter)
– Kenshi Yonezu (singer)
– Tiger Woods (professional golfer)
– Bae Yong-joon (actor, second “old dude”)
– Yusaku Maezawa (entrepreneur)
– Kin’ya Kitaoji (actor)

Batsu-game list:

And that’s it for today!
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Thanks for watching, hope you’ll enjoy this episode and have a wonderful day ❤


episode #1502, aired 04/20/2019