Life Of The “Ogoo” Endo Pteranodon

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Some time ago I asked r/GakiNoTsukai, and that’s how I found out about this episode.
Remember: you can always suggest me episodes you wish to see subbed; I don’t have any long-term release schedule, so I often find myself wondering what I should translate next. If you want to, you can let me know about some yet unsubbed episode you’d like to see translated. More infos on this page.
With that being said, today’s episode, as the title suggests, will be about Endo (again), performing a (roughly) 60-minutes long play about his infamous Pteranodon character, born during the 2014 Prison Batsu Game.
It’s so stupid I love it. I’m really satisfied about its outcome, I also managed to fix the old frames problem: now everything appears / disappears properly!
By this point I’m too lazy to fix the same problem on older episodes, but I like to see how video after video I actually became better at typesetting.
So that’s fine the way it is.
Now, enough of this and enough about possible spoilers, I’ll just leave some notes about it.
Be sure to read em all:
– The whole gag comes from the 2014 Prison Batsu Game, in which Endo was forced by hypnosis to act as a Pteranodon. He probably didn’t even know what a Pteranodon is (beside the fact it’s a dinosaur), as he tries to run around while having two fingers up his head resembling fangs or horns. As Hamada points out at 2:40, he probably thought the Pteranodon (flying dinosaur) was actually the Triceratops. That would explain his behaviour.
– They usually refer to Endo’s talent as comedian / actor as “kusai” or “kusami” (literally: stentch). That’s basically the same use for the word they made in my previously subtitled episode, Appreciation Meeting For Endo’s Movie “The Bus Hijacker Returns!”. You can read more about it by clicking the link.
– In a same fashion, they use the word “aku” (灰汁, “harsh taste”) which could also be a pun with “aku” (悪 “malice”) to despise his poor actor / comedian skills.
– The 3D dinosaur footage appearing around 2:25 is took from the DVD ダイナソー・キングダム (“Dinosaur Kingdom”), credited on the bottom left section of the screen.
– I chose to have the subs appearing on the upper-right screen just under the rectangle with their facecam whenever it’s displayed, so the subs won’t cover Endo’s play and they’ll be just under them. Was it good? Or not? What do you think about it? I’d love some feedback so I know what to do if such setting is going to displayed again on future episodes I’ll sub.
– Matsumoto at 3:00 points out the egg resembles the egg from Ovo (Cirque du Soleil). You can find tons of pics of it by googling it.
– At 3:48 Matsumoto states the play is already better than “Busjack” (or “The Bus Hijacker”), Endo’s first movie. Check out the link on the 2nd note for further details.
– A small mistake (not that important but I still want to point it out): I’ve translated “on its body” at 7:12 when Tanaka is talking about its body pattern, ‘cause I thought he said “karada”, but I think he’s saying “gara”, meaning “pattern”. Not really a problem, considering my translation doesn’t drift away from this meaning.
– Hamada’s concerned about Endo’s hands when he’s doing the Pteranodon impressions because they’re supposed to be fangs (as seen on the 2014 Batsu Game), but he still keeps using them to grasp objects and hold stuff, just like normal hands. That’s why he’s constantly making such remarks. On a side note, at 7:47 I’ve translated it as “he smacked em” refering to the flowers, but that’s my mistake. Hamada actually says “tsukanda” which means “he grasped them”. Again, he’s pointing out the unclear way Endo is using his hands.
– 9:07 YORUTAMORI used to be a variety show hosted every sunday 23:15-23:45 from October 2014 to September 2015 (from its entry on J-Wikipedia). This episode was aired on February the 8th (Sunday) 2015, so YORUTAMORI was still being broadcasted on TV on that same hour.
– 17:26 Wikipedia entry for hagoita. I’ve translated it as “statue” to have more fluid subs, but I couldn’t resist the urge to add a note with it.
– 21:38 here’s an example of inoki-ari-joutai (猪木アリ状態) (literally: Inoki’s Ant Stance, I guess it comes from Antonio Inoki, former MMA fighter & wrestler).

I’m already working on a new (old school) episode but I’ll may be working on something else (new) too, I’ll post every update on facebook page.
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See you next episode, hope you’ll have a good laugh 🙂

Infos: episode #1241, aired 2015/02/08

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