Shoji Murakami’s Ninja Class ft. Girolamo Panzetta

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The Murakami Shoji’s class series is kind of underrated, both between japanese and western fans of Gaki no Tsukai, and kind of lame / pointless to begin with. I like them because that’s exactly why they’re fun to watch!
This one is different, though. Here, our Gaki no Tsukai members will have to directly face Murakami, telling their own teacher their true feelings about his series. Not only that, they’ll also try a new one with a new teacher, for a change. How will Murakami react? And how will the episode be? And what was the point of all those surveys?
Hope you’ll enjoy this crazy episode! Here are few notes about it:
– Italian words appearing in this episode: ciao = hello, amico = friend, buono = good (tasty), bambina = baby. Also, I’d like to point out that noi italiani non siamo tutti appassionati di moda (almeno a me personalmente non frega niente). Cibo sì, invece.
– Prices of received items: Endo = 700’000 yen (around 6200 USD), Hamada = 150’000 yen (around 1400 USD). Man, that stuff is expensive.
– The two girls are refering to Murakami’s “Doooing”, his signature gag.
– When Tanaka guesses the pizza, Girolamo shouts “Urrà!” (= hooray), they’re tense because it kinda sounds like an ウッラアー~~ or some yakuza-like shout. In realtà, in Italia non diciamo quasi mai “urrà” (perché è stupido), né tantomento facciamo il gesto col dito sulla guancia per dire “buono”. Più che altro sono espressioni e gesti con cui ci rivolgiamo ai bambini piccoli.
– Here’s the amazon link for the book Tanaka gives to Murakami in the end.
– I think an headcover is some kind of… hat for golf clubs? At least that’s what I found out by googling ヘッドカバー. I don’t know anything about golf, by the way. I do know Hamada and Endo loves to play it though.
– 23:04 not really sure, but I think they say “Suica”. If that’s so, the Suica is a prepad e-money card you can use in Japan for moving around and shopping. It’s so useful, it made things easier for me when I was in Japan. DISCLAIMER: this note was not sponsored by Suica (sadly).


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Infos: episode #1027, aired 2010/10/24

10th Silent Library

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: 10th Silent Library
・Streaming on vk: 10th Silent Library

NOTE: I had few issues while encoding this episode (about its size), so the vimeo video is 544p (‘cause I have a 500mb limit per episode and my 720p file was higher than that). It’s still 720p on MEGA, and I’ll publish my softsubs on this page next week, so you can just watch it on whatever HD raw you like).

It was many years ago, I really don’t remember precisely how many.
I had already watched the Jimmy Onishi skit on No Laughing Highschool where he speaks English on youtube countless times, even years before that day, but I didn’t know anything about Gaki no Tsukai.
Then, one day I watch that skit again and got curious. “Who are these guys? Why are they getting smacked?” and found out it was from a japanese tv show called “Gaki no Tsukai”. I googled it and came across one episode of Silent Library.
That was the first time I saw a full Gaki no Tsukai episode, and I loved it so much I never actually stopped watching it after all these years. I’ve rewatched several episode countless times (I just re-watched Matsumoto Haunted Hotel again, recently), and I could keep on do it again and again.
Silent Library is the series which introduced me to this show I love so much, so as soon as I saw the chance to translate one episode of it myself, I poured my soul into it and managed to finish translating / typesetting it in less than 12 hours (started yesterday around 16:00 P.M. and finished it around midnight).
I’m already working on another episode, but that can wait. Silent Library just couldn’t! Hope you’ll enjoy this episode, let me leave few notes for you:
– You may already know who HIKAKIN is, he’s a Japanese youtuber who became famous for beatboxing, but right now he’s more like… a Japanese Pewdiepie I guess. I personally remember him for this.
– At one point, Hamada refers to a previous episode of Silent Library, this scene to be more precise.
– For the last punishment, they make a pun between the Japanese loan word “konbea” (conveyor belt) and “chinko” (penis), resulting in “chinkonbea”. I translated it as “cockveyor belt”… you do the math.


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Infos: episode #1427, aired 2018/10/21