Hot Blooded! Hamada’s Cram School! – First Episode


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Happy St. Valentine’s day to everyone! …Or not, if you’re one of those “i hate this day” person.
Anyway, doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not, Hamada-sensei will be there for you either way: today’s episode is the legendary first round of the “hot blooded cram school” series!
I’ve seen other episodes from it subbed, but not this one. Maybe I’m just missing it, but it doesn’t look like someone has actually translated this before, and it’s strange to me ‘cause the other ones have been subbed & this particular episode is also featured in the Hamada’s Aging Trial episode which, again, has been subbed before.
Anyway, that’s the episode which started the series; Principal Hamada and Vice Matsumoto will try to teach their students – Cocorico (Tanaka & Endo), Housei , Jicho Kacho (Komoto & Inoue), Shoji and License (Fujiwara & Inomoto) – how not to become weaklings, by having them facing several challenges. If you want to become a president, don’t miss this episode!
There are no notes for this episode – at least I think so. But if something is unclear or such please let me know! It’s always nice to read some feedback.
About future uploads, I can 100% guarantee you there will be a new subbed manzai clip next week (monday or tuesday), and there will be more to come soon too. Also, my next to-be-subbed Gaki no Tsukai episodes have already been decided. One is a long-requested one, the other is a shorter episode from 1992 (I wasn’t even born yet)!

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That’s all for today, see you next episode!

Episode #1201, aired 04/20/2014

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