Bananaman Himura’s Shichi-Henge

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Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last subbed video!
As you may remember, I’m currently in Japan (and man I wish I could stay longer), and as I stated several times but mostly on this post, I don’t have much time to typeset anymore. But as you can read on this page (which too, I mentioned countless times), I’m accepting typesetted episodes to work on, that way I can focus on translation and I can still manage to find some time for it, without feeling stressed or worried about the whole typesetting process which, to be honest, I don’t like at all.
So, before we get to this episode’s description, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to GakiDave for typesetting the whole episode. I just added few lines / notes and translated it, but the biggest part of the episode’s structure was done by him, and I’m so grateful for his help.
Alright, moving on, today’s episode is another Shichi-Henge, a series I’ve worked on several times (just search “shichi-henge” on the search bar of this website’s right column or… here). And it’s an episode featuring one of the comedians I like the most, Himura Yuuki from Bananaman!
I really enjoyed this episode and it’s easily one of the best Shichi-Henge to me, his skits are so simple and yet so effective it’s unbelievable.
Without further ado, I’ll leave few notes down here, but if you scroll down some more you can read other infos about future uploads / news! Thank you for reading up until now.


– The only song Himura plays on various instruments is Get Wild by TM NETWORK, and the song starts with the sentence “アスファルトタイヤを切りつけながら” (“as we slash asphalt tires”). “asphalt” (asufaruto in japanese) is the first word of this song, and that’s also what Himura repeats each time he completes the melody.
– At one point they talk about the Yama-no-Ishimatsu episode (aka. Samurai Yamazaki cutting 100 people), which is #842. It’s a classic and it has also been subbed before (I couldn’t find it back online though).
– The song is Just One More Kiss by BUCK-TICK. Thanks to GakiDave for the info!

I wanted to thank again GakiDave for his typeset, and also every other person who reached me out. I’ll try my best to find some time to reply to each of you. Some other users are currently typesetting other episodes for me to translate them, and I already have another user-submitted typesetted episode I’m working on which hopefully will be online before the first half of October! Isn’t it amazing? I developed the good habit of waking up early, and in the morning I have a couple of hours I can spend on subbing Gaki / translating Isho, so it shouldn’t be a problem for me to publish more, as long as I have typesetted episode to work on.
Please like my Facebook page so you can always stay updated on my upcoming releases. We’ll catch up soon with new Isho and new subbed content.
Thanks for watching!


episode #994, aired 2010/02/28

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