Suberanai Hanashi Clip – Anthony (Matenrou) & Sushi

I’ve recently hosted a poll on my Facebook Page asking you guys if you’d like to see more short clips / manzai / skits / konto etc. of other famous j-comedy duo / trio / comedians who appeared on Gaki no Tsukai or other related tv shows (such as Wednesday Downtown, Lincoln, Suberanai Hanashi, Freeze, Documental…), and most of you voted yes, so here’s today’s clip from Suberanai Hanashi, featuring a story told by the japanese-american comedian Anthony, from Matenrou (comedy duo along with Ootoni).
I’ve found out about him both on Documental S1 and on several Wednesday Downtown episodes (the first one being the segment in which he and Ootoni tried to build a baseball bat out of ice cream sticks), and I instantly liked him.
On this segment, Anthony talks about his past, expecially his love towards sushi and how things can become difficult for a japanese man who doesn’t look… very japanese.
I love the way he jokes about the awareness of his out-of-canon appearance (for being japanese, I mean), it’s fun to watch and makes him even more likeable than he already is.
I don’t know if the ochi (closing joke) is clear enough, but let me explain it to you real quickly: He knows a lot about japanese sushi, being raised by a japanese sushi chef, and when he goes on a date to Tsukiji Fish Market, one of the most renowed places for sushi, he wants to impress the girl he’s dating by having the chef serve them some sophisticated dishes (such as sayori or kohada – halfbeak or gizzard shard), but the chef, mistaking him for a foreigner who doesn’t know much about sushi, serves them some California Rolls, a U.S.A.-born type of sushi made by western japanese restaurants which surely isn’t traditional at all.
They’re all good to me, though.

Few quick updates:
– New full-lenght Gaki no Tsukai episode coming out 02/14!
– Another new full-lenght Gaki no Tsukai episode I’m working on will be revealed next week!
– Also an old-school full lenght Gaki no Tsukai episode is going to be released within some weeks!
– New short clips coming soon! Here are some of them: A manzai featuring Tenjiku Nezumi duo, a Jinnai Tomonori skit, a Jungle Pocket manzai skit & more!


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