Bare Handed Hell – No-chopsticks Battle

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This is a rather infamous episode brought to you by me and ya boy Kedomas, who has done so much for this website I’m at loss for words. Thank you so much!!
You may remember the 100Q Matsumoto episode in which they ask him what’s the funniest thing he has recently seen, and his answer was… something from today’s episode.
It’s so hot I’m melting, and subbing this episode made everything feel even hotter. How about we all suffer together?
On today’s episode, each of our gaki members + LICENSE + producer Nakamura are going to push their humanity to the limits by eating scorching hot freshly made straight-out-of-the-pot HOLY SHIT hellfire dishes without using anything, no chopsticks, no forks, nothing but their bare hands and a small water bowl to cool their fingers down a bit.
Sounds impossible? It kinda is, but there’s only one way to attempt this task: embracing your madness. Will they succeed?


– Couldn’t fit this information inside the subs, but anyway, the kanji on the wall appearing during each members’ challenge is “素手”, meaning “bare hands”.
– I made different choices about how to translate / feature the name of each dish in the subs. It may be confusing, so here’s a quick explanation:
・dish #1 Chuuka-don (kept as it is), it’s basically a large serving of rice covered in stir-fried chinese-style veggies.
・dish #2 Ika no sugata-yaki (“grilled squid”), grilled squid with teriyaki sauce. Simple as that.
・dish #3 Conbini naporitan – I’ve translated this one as “combini spaghetti” cause I thought it would have been easier to understand. It’s basically a type of tomato-sauce based spaghetti (in Japan known as “Napolitan”, which is not an italian recipe) sold in combinis (convenience stores) and ready to eat as soon as you warm it up in the microwave.
・dish #4 Boil-in-bag hamburg steak is a regular translation of the product. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Japan they’re really popular (I don’t think I ever saw any of those elsewhere).
・dish #5 Tanmen, I’ve kept it this way. It’s a type of stir-fried pork based ramen, typical of chinese cuisine.
・dish #6 Seafood paella – no problems here.
・dish #7 Kama-age udon (“boiled udon”) literally translates to straight-from-the-pot udon; it’s probably the hottest type of udon you could imagine. They’re served hot and together with a dip sauce, which you can also see here on the table.
・dish #8 UFO yakisoba – UFO is a popular brand of instant noodle / yakisoba in japan. Yakisoba – unlike cup noodles – are not served in a broth, but they still need hot water and rest to cook.
– 6:40 several horrible puns here. The japanese word for “squid” is “ika”, and the verb for “go” is “iku” or “ikimasu”, “to let someone go” would be “ikaseru” or “ikasu”, and Hamada uses this exact word to make a pun between “ikasu” and “ika”, which is why Fujiwara promptly replies “ikashite kudasai” which is both “please let me go” and “let me squid it”. An obvious series of pun which angers both Matsumoto and Hosei (can’t blame em).
– There’s also a possible (untranslated) hidden bad pun at 9:54, when Matsumoto comments “dangerous” when talking about the microwave. The word “dangerous” (in japanese pronounced as “denjarasu”) is really similar to the japanese word for “microwave” (denshi-renji), and the peculiar choice of words by Matsumoto seem to imply this bad pun.
– 13:16 If you’re accostumed to Gaki, there’s no need to explain who Mori Shinichi is. But anyway, he’s a famous japanese singer whose major feature is his very, very raspy voice which has been parodied countless times on several gaki episodes and specials.

Thanks again to Kedomas for typesetting and QC’ing this episode. He’s done so much and he’s not quite done yet: we have two new episodes ready for you, which are going to be online soon enough. Keep yourself updated on my facebook page or my twitter!
Thanks for watching, we’ll see you again soon with a new bohemian episode soon…


episode #1080, aired 2011/11/13

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