Downtown’s SmartNews spots collection

Alright, this came out of the blue.
To put it simply, it’s just a serie of spots for a japanese mobile news app named SmartNews.
Put it’s the first Downtown CM in YEARS, and it’s so gay and so beautiful I just had to translate these. I’d kill to see the making of. Hope they’re gonna make a Gaki episode about these, they’re definitely gonna talk about them lol

NOTES: GYUUDON = BEEF BOWL // YOSHINOYA = Chain store of donburi dishes (aka bowl of rice + stuff on top).
KTHXBYE / alternate stream link

(PS: scroll down some more if you’ve missed today’s episode’s release)

8 risposte a "Downtown’s SmartNews spots collection"

      1. Sorry to bother you again, but I can’t find the softsubs in the usual drive. Would you mind double-checking for them when you have a minute?

        "Mi piace"

      2. Sorry for the late reply, you sure you can’t see them? I can see them clearly, but it could be some sort of only-uploader-can-see-this stuff I’m not aware of. Anyway, softsubs for short clips / skits are available here:

        You should be able to see this, otherwise just let me know. I actually have two different drives for full eps and miscellaneous shorter clips, links to both folders are here:

        Let me know if you can see the folder’s contents!

        "Mi piace"


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