Gaki no Tsukai – Getting Closer to Dynamite Shikoku’s True Character

alternate vk link: Getting Closer to Dynamite Shikoku’s True Character

Here we are with another Gaki-no-Tsukai clip!
First of all, I’m sorry they’re low quality (it’s not youtube fault, they’re like this to begin with!), but it’s pretty hard to find them on higher quality and also LQ videos are “safer”, meaning that they’re most likely harder to be found online and thus be removed (again, uploading is risky).
On this episode the Gaki crew gets to know more about one of the greatest wrestler of all time, the mysterious Dynamite Shikkoku. We all remember his performances started on Endo’s Shichi-Henge which made it towards the Yugawara Batsu-game and the Yamazaki vs Moriman competition.
Needless to say, of course Dynamite Shikoku is Endo.
Hope you’ll enjoy this episode! But first, some notes about translation / choices etc:
– As always, some translated sections may be a bit inaccurate, heavy kansai accent, low quality sound / audio problems won’t help much. But of course I’m talking about few sentences, not the whole video.
– Sometimes I wrote “Shikkoku” instead of “Shikoku”, but they’re both right. Should be “Shikoku”, but giving that during his signature move he says “Shikkoku”, this one is not wrong either.
– The text at the bottom section roughly starting at 1:00 says “About Dynamite Shikoku: • Escargot-man is his eternal rival • Has the habit of straining his muscles • His “SHIKKOKU SHIKKOKU” performance is famous”. I didn’t add it on the subtitles because it almost perfecly matched what the speaker was saying (and didn’t have the space to do so).
– “Sugao” means “face without make-up”, “unmasked”, “true face”. I choosed “true character” / “true colors” because they go through more “intimate” stuff of him, rather than just making him reveal his face.
– I’m guessing they’re laughing when he said he’s 33 years old because it’s the exact same age Endo had when this was filmed.
– When Shikoku answers Hamada’s question “for how long have you been watching our “Gaki no Tsukai” show?”, he actually says “from the third time”, which made them laugh because it doesn’t make much sense as an answer.
– Also, I’m guessing that when Shikoku is eating they are kind of unsettled by the fact he didn’t say “itadakimasu” and doesn’t show any sign of enjoyment.

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