A Day With Mr. Freddie

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Yet another incredible episode brought to you by Kedomas, what else should I say? Quality typeset, quality QC, quality content. Thank you, man ❤
This episode reminded me of one of my first fully translated episodes, Getting Closer to Dynamite Shikoku’s True Character, which you may remember for its glorious aspect ratio (4k HD 144p).
I love episodes where one pretends to be a character with backstories and everything and it’s basically just 24 minutes of insane and awkward bullshit. This episode cracked me up, and I think I’ve watched the final scene around 100 times (and I’m not done yet).
Did you know Freddie Mercury was born in a certain small district in Tokyo? On today’s episode we’ll get to know more about his true character by following him around his city; we’ll get to know what his favorite foods are, how and where his band – Queen – was formed, and we’ll even get to know his family.
Hope you’ll be having a good time watching today’s episode!


– Hosei / Freddie is of course talking in japanese throughout the whole episode, but with a strong (fake) foreign accent to it (sometimes he even says short lines in english, like at 8:03, marked in italics). While singing, it’s 5% actual lyrics from the songs, 85% gibberish and 10% japanese (which, of course, it’s translated whenever it occurs).
– I think Matsumoto says a joke at 2:47, but I couldn’t fit it in the translation. In the flyer for the stamp rally, it says that there’s a rice prize for the winner (which is a pretty common prize for lotteries or such in Japan), and the word used for it is “shinmai” (literally “new rice”), a term which refers to the first rice crop of the year. The same word “shinmai” can also be used to refer to someone who’s a beginner / newcomer at something, and it’s widely used in the comedy world / showbiz. That’s why Matsumoto jokingly asks him “are you a comedian?”.
– 4:10 Mitake is a variety of japanese shochu (spirit distilled from sweet potatoes). Here’s an interesting article / review about it.
– 4:42 The word “sanpo” means “walk”, “stroll”, I’ve translated it when Endo reads “Freddie’s stroll” written in the poster (it’s actually fure-sanpo, where “furedii”, “Freddy” in katakana), but I’ve kept it as “sanpo” in “Jun Sanpo” (Jun’s stroll) at 4:50. Jun Sanpo is a tv mini-series featuring comedian / tv star Junji Takada (remember him from the Newspaper Agency Batsu? He played the eccentric captain and it’s probably one of my favorite moment from one of my favorite batsu game), and it’s basically a format similar to this gaki episode: walking around a city to find hidden gems / tourism spots etc.
– 16:00 Matsumoto says “you’re a rakugo artist, aren’t you?” when the other Queen member compliments Freddie’s performance because of his intonation / voiceprint, typical of rakugo narration. Hosei himself is a rakugoka (rakugo artist) as well, so he’s also implying than the other Queen’s members are probably just rakugo artists Hosei already knew before.
– 17:34 There’s “くい~ん” (kuiin) wrote on the doghouse. The word “Queen” in katakana is wrote as “kuiin” (クイーン) in japanese, but on the dog house the same word is written in hiragana, which is usually never used for foreign words / names. That’s why I’ve translated the dog name as “Quinn” instead of “Queen”.
– 20:24 Onigokko is basically the same game as tag (of course you know this), with the only difference being that the chaser pretends to be an oni, a demon from the japanese folklore. I’m not sure there are elemental onis involved in this game, it could just be something a child would come up with.

Thanks again to Kedomas for helping me out on this episode and every other episodes we’ve worked on, we have one more episode for you coming up next week, so make sure to stay tuned! Updates are always published on twitter and facebook.
Thanks for watching, have a nice day! もうええで、帰れ。


episode #1447, aired 2019/03/17

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