Animal Acting Contest (ft. Tofu Panda Fansubs)

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Heya guys, how is it going? Is the world outside still a disaster? Are human beings still a mess you’d rather not be involved with? Well, you might as well do as today’s contestant and throw away your humanity to embrace your inner animal.
Today’s episode is brought to you by your one and only Tofu Panda Fansubs, who both timed and typesetted the whole thing!
We started working on it one year ago, but we kind of forgot to release it. But here it is for you to enjoy!
Tanaka – our animal expert – is going to judge the performance of 6 comedians (Hosei, Endo, Iwao from Football Hour, Kotohge from Viking, Goto from Jaru Jaru and Haranishi from FUJIWARA) who have chosen a different wild animal to represent by acting in a jungle environment set. Who will be the best beast? Who’s gonna win the incredible 80$ prize? Find out on today’s bizarre episode!


– As you can see, there are lots of effects for this episode’s typeset, such as movements, zooms, boxes etc. Most of them (the good ones) were done by Otviss from Tofu Panda, but I wanted to rush this episode’s release so I worked on the rest of them, that’s why sometimes there are fade in / out instead of movements (I suck at moving subs). Also, Otviss did an excellent box system which I couldn’t keep during the encoding process. But I managed to find a way to have it work… differently. More than one way, actually. I tried different solutions but almost none of them worked after the encoding. This final version is way more polished than the others, but still inferior to TofuPanda’s excellent typesettings (for example, you can see a small japanese text coming out from behind my typeset at 16:02 or 17:35, but I honestly couldn’t withstand going through another revision just to fix that).
– The book you can see at 0:56 is “Zukai – Ikimono ga miteiru sekai” (“The world as seen by living beings”), an illustrated book about animals wrote by Tanaka himself (whoas you probably already know from several other gaki episode, has a huge passion for animals).
– 9:35 After Goto says that dirty-joke-sounding line and Matsumoto remarks it, he says it was just a coincidence (tama-tama). Here, Matsumoto remarks another dirty-joke-sounding line, giving that “tama” means “balls” in japanese. Then he says “you’re saying one after another”, which, of course, I had to translate differently.
– 12:54 Matsumoto could be refering to him, though I’m not sure about the relation between them. It’s also probably part of a recurring gag between Matsumoto and Kotohge (seen countless time in Wednesday Downtown), in which Matsumoto, upon seeing him, pretends to mistake him for someone else. Here’s an example: in which Matsumoto refers to him as a generic old man.
– 22:11 the last gag is a recurring gag from a comedy duo called Bambino (Fujita Yuuki & Ishiyama Daisuke), in which they show us how an ancient tribe used to hunt deers by hypnotizing them with a dance. The song he’s singing “danson” is made of nonsense words, and when the “nibura” comes when he’s going for the neck-grab. That’s why sometimes they say “he’s going for a nibura”, it’s basically that. You can watch here the original gag. Fun fact: there is also a theory on Wednesday Downtown in which they tried to prove whether the “danson” song and dance could actually lure a real deer or not. Here’s a clip from it.

Again, thanks to TofuPanda’s Patrick for timing the episode and to Otviss for typesetting the whole thing (which I then f**d up). Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for any news / upcoming project!
Hope you’ll have a great day, we’ll catch up soon with some new hot content I’m already working on…


episode #1283, aired 2015/12/06

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