Limits – “Cold Noodles” (Hiyashi-Chuuka)

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Genkai (Limits) series is one of my all time favorites Gaki no Tsukai series, mostly because even before actually knowing about it, I used to dare my friends to order things up in cafés and restaurants by saying something different but similar-sounding; pretty much the same deal. Good times. Maybe that’s why I enjoy this series so much. Anyway, this episode is pretty damn old. It’s the second episode ever from the series (right after Ice Coffee), and there’s still no Cocorico in the main cast. It’s also my second “Limits” series translation, first one being Limits – Cutlet Curry, which is also my very first translated episode since I’ve decided to open this website, back in September 2016 (though I already translated other stuff before).
While it’s a short episode, it’s never easy to translate / adapt play on words from japanese, I tried my best and decided to use a japanese technique for it (read more in the notes).
I’m not currently working on a new episode right now, but giving the circumstances I may start working on something new pretty soon, so stay tuned for more to come (I guess?)!


– Mantaining what they’re saying in japanese adds nothing to my translation, and replacing it with its english translation makes the final product awkward and ambiguous. That’s why I’ve decided to use a sort of furigana system for this translation: I’ve kept japanese words but I also wrote above them how to “read” them in english. I hope it’s not incredibly confusing, that’s the best thing I could think of to keep both the original words and their translation.
– Of course, some of their translations are a bit off mainly due having them perfectly adapted would result in overly long sentences. Most of the terms end with “ka”, which in japanese is used to express a question (and that’s why most of them have a question mark), others were adapted in a simpler way. Here’s the full translation of each term:
・”Hiyashi-Chuuka”: Cold Noodles or Chilled Noodles, or even Hiyashi-Chuuka is fine, being the name of the dish itself. “Chuuka” means “chinese (dish / cuisine)”, so when it occurs for example with “Miyashi (name) Chuuka”, it’s actually “Chinese Miyashi”. I kept “Noodles” merely because it would make more sense (it doesn’t make much sense in japanese too, anyway).
・”Higashi Nichuu Ka”: this one is a question (ends with “ka”). It could mean lots of things, or nothing whatsoever: don’t forget their main goal is to have sentences that sound similar, not necessarily sentences that make sense (see “he get sea check car“). Higashi = east, ni = 2, chuu = center/middle. “Second-center on east”? “Is that eastern central no.2”? “Central-second, eastside”? Who knows.
・”Chuuka Hiyashi-Hiyashi”: similar to “buta indo karameshi” in Limits – Cutlet Curry. Order changed, words doubled.
・”Hikkoshi shiyou ka”: another question. “Should I move away?” or “How about we move away?”, implying “to move” as in “to change home”.
・”Oyaji chau ka”: that’s a tricky one. Can mean lots of things, like “A dad?! Me?!” or “A dad?! You?!” etc.
・”Nenjuu mukyuu ka”: another question. Nenjuu means “throughout the whole year”, while mukyuu means “no holidays”, “nonstop”. If a japanese shop says “nenjuu mukyuu”, it means they’re opened 24/7 every day. That’s why the waiter replies that way to Yamazaki.

That’s all for now; there’s really not much I can do right now under the circumstances, so I think I’ll start looking for a new to-be-subbed episode soon enough. Until then, please stay safe and stay home.


episode #337, aired 1996/09/08

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