Burning Hot Tennis Lesson

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First off, let me say a huge THANK YOU to Riddell for typesetting this episode: without him it wouldn’t be online!
Secondly… it’s been a while, isn’t it? I know I can’t make promises anymore. I can’t promise new episodes, I can’t promise Isho, I can’t promise anything at all, really. Real life is happening and it’s getting complicated to keep promises when it comes to this subbing activity I’m doing. I do still enjoy it, so – to an extent – I’d like to keep it both as a private project and as a way to constantly practice my japanese (I finally got my N1 last December in Tokyo!). So expect more, but… just that.
Now, about today’s episode… it’s a weird one. But it’s not something you haven’t seen yet. Remember one of my first subbed episodes, The Anguish of Endo Shozo? You can say this is a sequel. I think there are even other episode about this gay-endo lore which I find both incredibly stupid and hilarious.
Today, our Gaki guys will learn how to play tennis, but one of them is going to learn so much more about himself and about the greatest mystery of the world: love.


– Throughout the whole episode, when Endo is referring to himself or when the coach says his name during the daydream sequences, it says “Endo Shuuzo” and not “Endo Shozo”. This is most likely a reference to legendary japanese tennis player Shuzo Matsuoka, whose motivational videos are one of the biggest japanese internet memes.
– There are TONS of sexual innuendos and puns throughout the episodes, I tried my best to have them sound natural or at least decent in my translation. Few examples:
・Having the racket standing upright in japanese is “tataseru”, which is also the same verb you use to describe having an erection.
・When the coach is splashing water on his face, Endo says “bukkakeru”, which, contrary to popular belief, is a normal verb in japanese, and it simply means to splash (a liquid) all over yourself or something else. However, I choose to keep the infamously international word “bukkake” even on my translation, being an obvious sexual innuendo.
・”Toru” can both mean “to pick up” or “to take away” in japanese. That’s why when Yamazaki is telling the ball-boy to pick up the balls, Endo believes he’s talking about having his balls removed.
・”All-open” is the way japanese refers to the Australian Open, one of the biggest tennis tournament in the world. I kept “all” in my translation so it made more sense.
・Kei Nishikori is another famous japanese tennis player. “Mokkori” means “bulge”, that’s what Endo says right after (“Nishi Mokkori?”). I chose to adapt my pun in english instead.
– Just two notes about the costume talk section:
・Rin Ihara is Matsumoto’s wife.
・When he’s talking about Yamazaki’s six-month abstinence, it’s because he chose to become a rakugoka, and in order to do so you have to live with your master for some months and learn the arts as you do his chores (for real).
– And lastly, here’s the (semi-complete) list of songs you can hear throughout the episode (in order of appearance). Or you can check out this Youtube Playlist instead.

Once again, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Riddell, but also to every other fan who’s been sending me typesetted files / helping me uploading subbed content. I know I have my limits when it comes to written english (just look at this weird-ass sentence I just made), and I apprecciated his typeset just as much as I apprecciated his quality check, which helped me a lot.
I’m sure I can do a much better job by translating every upcoming episode in my mother tongue… but who’s going to be there to watch them? Thanks for bearing with my poor sentences and awkward lines. Really. Hope you can help me improve even more!
Thank you for watching, see you next episode(?)!


episode #1051, aired 2011/04/24

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