Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Second Round (part 1)

Here we are with the second round of “Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World” (in case you missed it you can watch part 1 here and part 2 here)!
This one too was split in two halves, I’ll leave them both vimeo embeds for both parts down here, but note that you can also stream it / download it from MEGA here.
Scroll down under the embeds to check out notes & credits for this episode!

First of all, as you may noticed by the ending section of this episode / post title, it’s not over yet: there’s a second part for this episode that I’ve already started translating!
Now, with that being said, few notes for this episode (timestamps are from the 24 minutes long video on MEGA, link above):
– As always, there’s a slight problem with fps. Subs appear / disappear few frames before I’ve placed them. It’s a problem I’m willing to fix for future uploads, even though I don’t think of it as a big deal tbh.
– 0:15 Matsumoto refers to a Gaki Episode aired on May the 13th. I guess he didn’t enjoy it at all.
– 1:02 there’s a mistake on the part 1 video on vimeo, in which “play” is repeated twice. If I’m not wrong, that happened in my other Tabletop Games video too. My mistake. It is fixed in the MEGA full ep though.
– As explained by the note – needless to say, I’d say – when they’re playing Deja-vù, their names are displayed, but I haven’t translated them. You know by now which color is who, right?
– 4:04 Kojimachi used to be the headquarters of Nippon TV until 2004 (now it’s in Shiodome).
– 11:10 The note already explains what Inter-High is. Should be added that it’s parted in various categories, so after Matsumoto says that, they start wondering if there’s a Speed Cups category in Inter-High.
– 12:42 I added “score” to Housei saying “pure” because that’s what he’s referring to. He made a “pure” round meaning he won them all.
– The whole egg part is about trying to hold eggs with body parts. They use the verb “hasamu”, which is more like “to sandwich something”, but couldn’t find a decent way (to me) to translate it differently than “hold” or “grip”. Maybe all the other options sounded weird to me ‘cause I’m Italian, could be. Same goes for when Matsumoto says “hasamitai-gawa no ningen” and Housei’s response “hasamasetai”, which left me puzzled on how to translate them (it’s more like, “I can’t find the right way to say it in English” rather than “I have no idea what he’s saying”). But still, hope my choices are clear enough.

That’s all for now! Keep in touch, as usual, by liking my Facebook page for upcoming videos (faster than you’d expect, I have lots of old manzai skits coming soon)!

Infos: episode #1409, aired 2018/06/10

13 risposte a "Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Second Round (part 1)"

  1. This was so good, Shion, thank you! I never thought these episodes would be that funny but the comments and how they play is pretty entertaining to watch! Matsumoto went and used his muscles for evil!! Matsumoto and Hosei combo is so great, and Hamada’s hidden talent with the speed cups game is unbelievable!!

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. Wow these are great. Only recently discovered Gaki guys and really appreciate the hard work subbing these. Not just the translation but the layout too!

    "Mi piace"

    1. Thanks! I was thinking about doing so, the problem is that I don’t really know where to check them. If there’s some website I can look up to fill the missing infos, I’d gladly add dates / ep. numbers on the “complete translations list” page of my wordpress 😉

      "Mi piace"

      1. What is the decryption key for mega links? I have to keep track of your post this is gr8 upload glad you subbed this new board game show! Are you apart of TVTS by any chance?

        "Mi piace"


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