Gaki no Tsukai LIMITS: Katsu-Karee (Cutlet Curry)

[edit] Youtube link is down, it was reuploaded on vimeo:

Here we are with the first new upload after a long time.
I honestly don’t understand all this thing about copyright and stuff, after all I’ve always been uploading short, LQ clips just for have a good laugh and never ever gained a cent from them.
By the way, this time round we start off with an episode of the 限界 (genkai, “Limit”) serie, in which the whole cast of Gaki no Tsukai have to order some kind of product without directly saying its name, changing it with something that sounds alike.
There’s a bit of noise at the beginning, but it won’t last long (the LQ is to blame)
You can find other episodes subbed by other fansubbers (I remember one of them being Tofu Panda‘s), including the Ice Coffee one.
There aren’t notes on the first section (because it was just a sum up), Ouyan Fifi is a model / singer and Suzuki Kyoka is an actress.
Every other note about the meaning of what they say it’s wrote in the upper section of the screen.
Also, “ketsu kere” should be more “kick MY / HIS / HER butt”, because it’s imperative, but I like “I’ll kick your butt” better, even if it’s not that correct in terms of grammar.
I choosed to keep “katsu karee” because the whole point of the show is to say something that sounds alike to the original japanese world, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit of an eyesore, but I think it’s right the way it is.
There’s also a small section on the video (roughly 5 seconds) in which I didn’t understand what they were saying, I’ll add it with captions if someone is willing to pointing that out for me!
Future uploads will be on the channel featured in the video, so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of them.

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