World Ghost Stories Summit 2015

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This episode was made possible thanks to Kedomas‘s help on typeset & QC, big shoutout to him for all the work he’s been doing for the Gaki community! Also thanks to huh009 for helping me fix the 16:9 issue on MEGA (sorry about that, not going to happen again)!
In most regions of the world, fall is the best season for ghost stories and scary movies, mostly during Halloween. In Japan, scary stories are a summer tradition: get spooked, get chills, forget about the scorching hot weather! Clever, isn’t it?
Today’s episode is the very first episode of the World Ghost Stories Summit series, from which I’ve translated the 2016 episode few years ago (in case you missed it now you can watch them both in the right order).
I personally enjoyed a lot this episode, but let me tell you: if you hope to get spooked, you won’t be satisfied. It made me laugh a lot, mainly because of the way they’re trying not to laugh at accents, inconsistencies, poor storytelling, choices of words. I think this episode is best enjoyed if you know japanese, but I hope even if you don’t you’ll enjoy it anyway.
I’ll leave few notes here:


– [EDIT] huge translation mistake at the beginning. I translated Matsumoto’s line as “have you switched your inner channel?” but he’s actually talking about the audience watching the show. “They’re gonna switch channel, you know?” (‘cause Hamada is not shouting as usual). My bad.
– First of all, let me get back on what I said before. Our gaki members are not mocking the guests. Each one of them is speaking japanese correctly, and they were all easy to understand. But there are major reasons for why sometimes they’re trying so hard not to laugh, I think sometimes it’s clear enough but you have to keep in mind it’s funny from a japanese-speaker perspective (for example, sudden foreign words make them laugh, as well as tones of voice, face they make, slips of the tongue, etc).
– 1:46 Agnes-chan is from Hong Kong, and she’s saying that the story she’s about to tell is from this certain region of her country. She says (in japanese, or better, in katakana) “shinkai” or something like that. I don’t know what’s the right way to write it non-katakana, so I didn’t specify it, but she’s said the actual name of the region here. If you know which region she’s talking about, please let me know (I couldn’t find anything online)!
– 4:46 I couldn’t translate the whole thing because I couldn’t fit it, but when she’s talking about the gold coins given to dead people, she also said that they gave these coins to them so they “can use them in the afterlife”.
– 6:08 is a perfect example of what I just wrote before about why they’re always giggling. “The state of Winsconsin” in japanese is “winsukonshin-shu”, which sounds… dumb? I guess? From a japanese-speaker perspective at least. I mean, do you remember this?
– 11:20 “Shiroi kobito” means “white dwarf”, but at first they heard “shiroi kobito” (lit. “white lover”), which is one of the most popular sweets from Hokkaido. Check this out.
– 13:00 The fourth guest makes few slips of the tongue, and also says the word “hannichi” (“half a day”) which is not incorrect, but it’s pretty archaic and not really used nowadays. That’s why Matsumoto later remarks it.
– The main reason for why they can’t just keep a straight face when Bobby Ologon is telling his story is both because of some words and the overall dumbness of the plot (I mean, we’re talking about a 300km/h fast elbow-running granny…) and the tone he’s using as he speak. His voice is really soft and calm and it feels more as if he’s telling a nursery rhyme.
– The last guest is chaotic. His narration is fast-paced and messy, and I tried to convey this in my subs. He also says he’s in Japan since Showa period, meaning he got here before 1989.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to check out all the previous ones while you’re at it! Thanks for watching and have a nice day, we’ll catch up soon.


episode #1267, aired 2015/08/09

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