7th Silent Library

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Should I rename this blog Kedomas-no-tsukai? Feels about right to me. Today’s episode has been typesetted by your one and only Kedomas, again. Thank you very much for everything you’ve been doing!!
So, we had Silent Library 10, 11 (also subbed by Kedomas) and now we’re taking few steps back to 2017’s episode, number 7.
In today’s episode, our main cast is joined by actor Ozawa Hitoshi, who isn’t probably ready for what he’s about to face.
Silent Library is a rather simple series with few translation lines and most of them being “keep quiet” or “that hurt” or such (no kidding). That’s why I’d like to thank Kedomas again for his outstanding work with the typesetting, that’s what makes this whole subbed episode special.
No need for notes today, hope you’ll enjoy this episode! More stuff will be released for sure, don’t know when but hopefully soon enough. Keep an eye on my fb page and my twitter for updates!
Thanks for watching, have a nice day!


episode #1352, aired 2017/04/23

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