Limits – Omurice (ft. Tofupanda Fansubs)

・Stream it now on tofupanda’s website: Limits – Omurice

I just love this series. Ohh boy.
It was a pleasure to work with Tofupanda fansubs as usual, I enjoyed working on Monster House and I can guarantee there’s still more to come in the future.
Otviss from tofupanda worked on its typeset some time ago, and we decided to team up and finish this project just few weeks ago. And here it is!
I can’t get enough of this series, really. It’s a shame they’re not doing it anymore, it’s one of my most favorite gaki series ever, not gonna lie. Omurice’s episode is a bit different than its previous ones, and I must say, I really liked the new set of rules they made.
Let me leave few notes here so we can call it a day. Huge shoutout to Tofupanda Fansub for making this subbed episode possible. Have a nice day and stay safe!

Extra notes:

– At 2:37, Matsumoto says “The bubble did burst”, refering to the japanese asset price bubble burst which had a big impact on Japan’s early 90s economy.
– 17:33 – couldn’t find a short translation to fit the subs for “sansai”, but it literally means “mountain vegetables”.
– There are few mistakes on some of Suga’s prices, as user Gao Dan made me notice. At 15:37 I mistakenly translated 10-man in 1 million yen instead of 100’000 yen (as it normally appears in 15:41). I also did the same with 30-man at 15:16, which is actually 300’000 yen, not 3 millions. Sorry for the mistake, I’m really bad at math and numbers overall.
– You can find every other “limits” series episode subbed online; between them, Limits – Cutlet Curry and Limits – Cold Noodles are available here on this wordpress!


episode #683, aired 2003/11/16

3 risposte a "Limits – Omurice (ft. Tofupanda Fansubs)"

    1. Simple: because I always mess up 万, costantly. It’s a weird way to count numbers, and I already am really bad with math and numbers in my own mother tongue, so of course it’s the same (if not worse) in japanese. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out, we didn’t notice this mistake. I’m gonna add a note about it.

      "Mi piace"


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