Isho (“Will”) by Hitoshi Matsumoto: A Translation Project

Hey guys, how are you doing?
I’m currently living in Japan and I’ll stay here for a while.
There’s simply no time for me right now to typeset and work on new videos, as I’ve explained like a million times before, but I still want to do something for the Gaki community while I keep on practicing my japanese & translation skills.
Other than my “you typeset, I translate” plan (which is a bit far-fetched and I’m not relying on anything and neither should you), I recently bought in a Book-off in Jujo Matsumoto’s book “Isho” (“Will”), published in 1994 and refered as in lots of Downtown-related shows, such as the latest Batsu Game (Treasure Hunters) and in the legendary Wednesday Downtown episode where Downtown battles against Fans in a Downtown-related quiz show (unsubbed, but it’s here).
Isho is basically a compilation of short chapters Matsumoto wrote for several weeks for Asahi Shinbun between 1993 and 1994.
Each chapter revolves around a certain theme (mostly related to comedians and show-biz), in which Matsumoto shares his thoughts and critiques without holding back. In short, a different title for this book could have been “grumpy Matsumoto yells around” or something like that.
Anyway, since it’s an official book written by Hitoshi Matsumoto and since it hasn’t been translated nor localized anywhere but in Japan, I thought to myself “maybe I should do it, since I’m having fun reading it”.
I hosted a poll on my Twitter to ask if my followers would like to read it, and it turns out that it could still benefit the Gaki community.
So here comes a new category on this wordpress: Isho project!
A new chapter from Isho will be online every Sunday starting from 07/15 (in case it won’t be possible, I’ll make sure to let you know ahead on my Twitter, so keep an eye on it. It’s also possible you’ll get more than a chapter per week sometimes: just keep an eye on my Twitter and you’ll know.
Each chapter comes (in the original book) with a small drawing by Matsumoto, which, on my wordpress articles, will be featured in a small banner above each post (with translations when needed).
There will also be occasional translation notes when required, at the bottom of each post.
Each post will be under the same category “Isho Project”, so once it’ll be finished, you can read em all just by clicking on the category (or maybe I’ll make a pdf or such once I’ll be done with it).
I hope you’ll enjoy this small book and each chapter yet to come, we’ll catch up soon on this Sunday with chapter one.
Thanks for your support, have a good day!

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