Tsukitei Hosei Produce VI

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Here we are again, with yet another Kedomas-typesetted Shion-subbed Gaki no Tsukai episode!
Today we’re here to bring you the latest addition to a classic series, “Yamazaki Produce” (now Tsukitei Produce), in which we’ll get to see the entire creative process of our genius songwriter, from lyrics and melody creation to choreography and costumes preparations.
We hope you’ll enjoy this episode, it’s a really fun one with a lot of golden moments. And some other moments which probably need few explanatory notes, coming right up.


– I believe that right at the beginning, Matsumoto is joking on Endo’s marital life, being the episode filmed shortly after his second marriage. He also says “how can you say that in front of Tanaka?” because, at the same time, Tanaka had recently divorced. ZIP is the name of a morning show hosted by Tanaka (and I think this is like the 4th time I made a note about it).
– For more info, here’s Wikipedia’s entry for The Drifters. And here’s “Almighty Thunder (kaminari-sama)“, referenced to around 5:18. Also, Zundoko Bushi, referenced to around 6:21.
Kohaku Uta Gassen is an annual New Year’s Eve television special produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK. And it’s a big deal.
– As a general note, some lines from the lyrics are different when Hosei is reading them only because of a CPS / space problem (he’s speaking too fast and the lines are too long).
– 9:39, here’s the hardest translation for this episode, and one I’m not really satisfied with. The monk’s final line (in japanese) says “kore ga hontou no oiru shokku?” (is this the real oiru shokku?). Oiru shokku it’s the katakana for “oli shock”, which is the way Japan refers to the oil crisis which occurred during the 70s. The word “oiru” written in kanji instead of katakana (老いる instead of オイル) can also mean “to age”, “to get old”. So, the pun is between the “oil shock” and the “becoming old shock”. Of course, I couldn’t place it inside my translation, it doesn’t even sound like a joke this way. So I’ve adapted it the way I did. I couldn’t come up with anything better, but you know… my native tongue is the sounds made by Pingu, after all.
– At 13:42, Matsumoto is referring to a series of tv ads he filmed back in 2016: Townwork’s ads.
– I want to point out that at 14:34 no one says “Kenji Sawada”, but Matsumoto says “looks like Juri” (“juri-ppoi”). Julie is the nickname for Kenji Sawada, a japanese singer. I also accidentally kept it in its katakana transcription. My bad.

That’s it for now, new episodes will come for sure, but I can’t tell you which ones they’re going to be yet. Live and learn! Or you can subscribe to my patreon so you’ll always know before anyone else. PS: our next subbed episode is already there, together with some nice info about upcoming episodes and extra gottsu clips 😉


episode #1360, aired 06/18/2017


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