Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Fifth Round

・Streaming / Download on MEGA: Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Fifth Round
・Streaming on VK: Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Fifth Round

First things first, and the very first thing is a big shoutout to Mattee53 for typesetting this fantastic episode. Thank you man!!
One more important thing you should know is that this episode is part of a series, currently made of 5+ episodes mostly translated by me before (except for one). Make sure to watch the previous episodes first:
Tabletop Games ep. 1
Tabletop Games ep.2 (pt.1)
Tabletop Games ep.2 (pt.2)
Tabletop Games ep.3
Tabletop Games ep.4 (pt.1+2) (by fubiten & TeknoProasheck, no shionnotsukai involved)
I love this series and I really enjoyed this episode, is there anything else to say? It makes me wanna buy every board game they’re playing, they all look so fun.
Here’s few notes about the episode.


– Around 19:40 Yamazaki says “quattro” instead of “quarto” (actual game’s name), and that becomes a recurring gag. “Quattro” (italian word for “four”) is a pizza flavor from the popular japanese pizza chain “Pizza-La”, which is basically similar to Domino’s pizza. “Quattro” comes from the italian pizza “quattro formaggi” (lit. “four cheeses”), which is basically the same thing (but worse because le pizze delle catene sono un insulto alla vera pizza italiana).
– Around 20:25, Hamada and Matsumoto are having a quick game of janken (rock-paper-scissors) to determine who is going to place the piece first. The reason for why they start to laugh at Hamada is because he starts by saying “saisho wa guu” (“rock comes first”), the usual formula for the game which is used to get every player ready before they choose which one to play between rock, paper and scissors. When only two players are playing, there’s no need to phrase that before, and that’s why they all start to mock him.
– I’ve fixed the 16:9 aspect radio issue for vk, but MEGA player still plays it in a weird resolution. If you download it instead of stream it, it should be fine (sorry huh009, I got too lazy). Remember, you can still download every sub from my softsub archive.
– I just noticed 9:50 “to far” instead of “too far”. If you happen to notice any other typos, feel free to insult my foreigner ass in the comments.
– As usual, here’s an amazon link for each game they’ve played in this episode: Zitternix, Slide Quest, Ubongo, Quarto.

More episodes will surely come in the future, I think subbing is the only non-work pc activity I really enjoy. Don’t know when, but my FB page is there for you.
Hope you enjoyed this episode, have a great day!


episode #1474, aired 2019/09/29

4 risposte a "Let’s Play With Table Games From Around The World!! – Fifth Round"

  1. In VK vocal sound cannot be heard. Only the background sound that can be heard. I dont check in Mega btw because in mega they have limit quota.

    "Mi piace"

      1. Yeah its fine. Its all my bad. I dont realize one of the ring in my audio cut off. Im sorry about that. Its already fine. Thank you for the sub.

        "Mi piace"


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