Comedy Guidelines Decision Meeting (Yamazaki’s Judgement)

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Since this worpdress started gaining popularity between Gaki fans and since I’ve been asking the viewers about which episode they’d like to see translated, “Yamazaki’s Judgement” has always been there, a yet untranslated episode wanted by lots of gaki fans.
I can see why it was like that, and the wait is finally over! This episode makes fun of japanese entertainment’s policies, which became stricter and stricter as years pass by.
If I remember correctly, Matsumoto talked about this issue even o Documental, saying something like “here on Amazon Prime we can do stuff that we can’t do on tv anymore”.
Our guinea-pig comedian Yamazaki (prior to Tsukitei) Housei will be the star of several batsu-game-like comedy experiments, some of them you’ve probably already saw on japanese television, some of them you’ve never heard of yet. It’s up to him to decide which is comedy and which is not: will Yamazaki improve the comedy indistry? Or is it bound to collapse? Or maybe will he reject his own humanity? Find it out yourself! And thanks for watching / supporting my activity. It means a lot to me.
Here are some TL notes:

– Usual fps problem (the small delay) which I still have no idea how to fix. It bothers me, but it doesn’t make the whole episode difficult to follow / read, it’s just a slight delay, that’s why I’m still not worried about fixing it. But if you happen to know how to do it (aka how to explain it to a complete dumbass), please let me know!
– You may remember the first comedy-test from this Gottsu Ee Kanji clip, which is one of my absolutely favorite skit ever. It cracks me up everytime for some reason. Also no, I have no idea why Yamazaki’s mouth is censored, but it’s probably for the best.
– At 20:05 Endo is referring to the recurring series “Goodbye Yamazaki”, in which Yamazaki pretends to leave Gaki no Tsukai. He’s referring to this scene to be more specific.
– 20:42 – Piccadilly Umeda (real name Tomio Suga) is a japanese actor & tarento. He often appears dressed in a completely white suit, that’s why Matsumoto says that a viewer who just turned on the TV and saw Yamazaki dressed in white with a towel over his head would think he could actually be Piccadilly Umeda. He also appeared on Gaki no Tsukai before.
Moriman is a female comedy duo composed of Holstein Morio (Sakagami Kana, boke) and Tanuuma Man (Masunaga Mihoko, tsukkomi). The burdock-fight and Moriman’s presence itself is a throwback to the legendary dispute between them and Yamazaki, a recurring gag in Gaki no Tsukai which had its climax with the recurring series “Yamazaki vs Moriman”.
– As explained by notes, AIR DO is an Hokkaido-based airplane company (Moriman is from Hokkaido), and the Toyota Hiace is the car model under which Yamazaki is hiding.

That’s all for today, expect more stuff soon, and remember:
– Every translation I do is no-profit. No ads, no anything. But if you want to show your support and motivate me to do more, a donation is always very welcomed and much appreciated. You can do it ko-fi or patreon, or even on paypal on my mail (as shown on the right column).
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Thanks for watching, we’ll catch up soon!

Episode #1106, aired 05/20/2012

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