Lincoln – Quiz: Kansai Dialect VS Standard Japanese

Alternate vk link: Lincoln – Quiz: Kansai Dialect VS Standard Japanese

20/07/2018 update: youtube link is down due copyright issues, the episode is available for download on MEGA here: Lincoln – Quiz: Kansai Dialect VS Standard Japanese.
27/07/2018 update: you can now stream this episode on vimeo (embed)

Here we are again with yet another kansai dialect focused clip featuring Downtown (Matsumoto & Hamada), this time with Summers (Ohtake & Mimura), Kyaaen (Udo & Amano) and Ameagari Kesshitai (Miyasako & Hotohara) and Yamaguchi from Lincoln!
Like the previous one, I’ve used some part of this for my university’s project, so I told myself “why not translate the whole thing?” and here it is.
This time we have Team Kansai Dialect (Matsumoto, Hamada, Hotohara, Miyasako, Yamaguchi) versus Team Standard Japanese (Udo, Amano, Ohtake and Mimura) having a face off in a press-the-button-quiz, in which each member of each team has to say something in the dialect they don’t usually use when speaking.
Who will be the best at kansai dialect? And who will be the best at standard Japanese?
Find it out in this epic nonsensical battle of dialects!
And feel free to leave a suggestion for my next translation! Read more about it on this page.
Some notes:
– First of all, being this clip about kansai-ben (kansai dialect), it was pretty hard to arrange them in english, also because I’m not a native English speaker so I don’t really know much about slangish way of speech or such. Anyway, I think just by hearing their extravagant accents is clear enough they intend to be funny. So maybe my notes were way too much, hope I didn’t ruin anything!
– Second, the ending is abrupt and sorta cut-off, but I assure you nothing much is going on after it. On the last section Ohtake is saying “dizunii rando no chiketto wo sashiagemasu”, meaning “I’m giving you this Disney-land ticket”. I didn’t put this in because it would have been a mess to read and wouldn’t have give a feeling of “the video is ending”. So, I’m sorry for the shitty cut-off.
– Other small notes. I’ve missed the translation on the picture around 00:12, much like the standard Japanese picture (where there was the Tokyo Tower), in this one there’s the Tsuutenkyaku tower, a building in Oosaka. In the picture it says “tsuutenkyaku yan!” where “yan” is a common particle in Oosaka-ben.


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