Gaki no Tsukai – The Anguish of Endo Shouzo

– MEGA: The Anguish of Endo Shouzo
– VK: The Anguish of Endo Shouzo

Finally some 720p content! Even though roughly around the last 4 minutes section the audio gets a bit worse for no apparent reason. Hope youtube won’t screw up its quality again, ‘cause it was pretty good when I was done encoding it!
I loved this episode and it’s probably the funniest clip I’ve ever translated. I’m also satisfied about how everything turned out! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.
So, today we go through Endo’s head and his problems, which seem to revolve around the Tsukkomi from Downtown, Hamada. Is Endo’s life in danger? Or maybe isn’t exactly his life the thing he should be worried about the most..? We’ll find out soon.
Of course this was all a farce for the sake of a good laugh, so no one should get offended by any of its contents.
On the last section there’s a Moriman vs Yamazaki promo that I couldn’t cut away from the clip, just pretend you didn’t see it.
Man, working on 720p clips sure is something amazing… I could fit literally anything inside the screen! Also, I’m currently already working on a new clip, now that I have time. Things will get busier as times goes on, but I’ll still upload stuff, so don’t worry.
Some notes about this episode:
– 5:58 Ok, I missed this error. I meant “Can I sit?” but I wrote “Seat” instead.
– Endo in japanese says “karada wo nerau” (aiming / pointing at my body / in other words “aiming at me”). Being that the whole “body violation” thing seems to be the main gag, when the word made sense I choose to keep it, even if sometimes (at least to me) didn’t make much sense in english. After all, we’re talking about a comedy show, of course nothing you’re seeing makes much sense!
– “Horareru” is from “horu” (to dig), no doubt about this. When Endo says “Crap! I’m getting raped!” He says “Yabai, horareru!”. I did some research on the internet, it’s also a slang for “getting violated” (it’s actually a slang for “anal”, as Passer suggested), apparently. Thus this translation. I tried to translate it in different ways throughout the whole episode.
– Endo states threeo times (First at the beginning and then again two times when Hamada is rubbing Matsumoto’s shoulders) something like “That is really B!” – I don’t know what that “B” stands for, I made some research but nothing. Of course I know is something related to harassment or such (I’m guessing is like “bi”…?), but I just made it simple and vague so it would still be a good translation even if not accurate. Edit: Again, thanks to Passer who explained me “B” meaning “petting”.
– I’m not sure myself about what Yamazaki said that made Endo think he’s not interested in him. I guess it’s something trivial enough, though.
– I didn’t want to add the subs on any counter in the bottom right section of the screen when they’re playing baseball. (number)回~表/裏 = Number of current inning. I don’t know much about baseball, to be honest (and that’s my second baseball-related subbed clip…)
– Yeah, I’ve translated “tamasuji” as “curves”, it’s incorrect. “Suji” is “muscle”, “urasuji” (Endo says it when Hamada is having his ice cream) too should be, like, “prepuce”, but it felt soooo wrong… Let’s say it’s an erotic word. I just put another different translation to have it sound shorter and less weird.

6 risposte a "Gaki no Tsukai – The Anguish of Endo Shouzo"

  1. * 掘る(horu) is slang for anal sex.
    * “B” means petting.
    * “tamasuji” is the course of thrown ball, “urasuji” is frenulum. 筋(kin) means muscle, 筋(suji) means line.
    * 棒立ち(boudachi) is literally translated as “standing (still) like a stick”, means standing upright.

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. Omg, thank you a lot! That “B” was really troubling for me. And didn’t know the correct translation for “tamasuji” too. I knew “frenulum” but felt somehow out of place, so I choose to keep a vague translation.
      Thanks a lot, I’ll fix the description and credit your tips 🙂

      "Mi piace"

  2. Hey Derek from Tofu Panda Fansub here! First off thanks for the subs! Its great that there are others who are subbing gaki stuff!

    If you could give the other sub groups a heads up before you start subbing an episode that’d be great! That way no one waste time and energy by subbing the same episode!

    Alternatively, you can be added to the master spreadsheet that is shared between different gaki sub groups so that we can be up to date on who’s translating what.

    You can contact me at u/huh009 on Reddit, or the, or TPF’s facebook/twitter pages.

    -TPF Derek

    "Mi piace"

    1. Thanks for your words, and thanks for all your / your team works!
      I definitely agree with you, it’d be a waste of time to sub an already-existing clip / having two translator working on the same clip without knowing it, and if possible I’d like to prevent this.
      But what can I do to let the other subs groups know what I’m going to sub in advance? And how does the whole spreadsheet thing work?
      Please, let me know, it’d really help a lot! You can also explain me everything via mail ( if you have time! Thanks a lot again 🙂

      "Mi piace"


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